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.Auction No. 6 - 29.7.2015


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LOT: 301

Sefer "Michtav Elokim" Chamishey Chumshai Torah, Pisa 1818, Original Leather Bindings with latches.

Original leather bindings with latches. In the first volume, one of the latches is damaged. Moth damage on several pages.
Item sold at $80 Starting at $80
LOT: 302

Sefer "Midrash ELiyahu" Charnowitz 1860. With the Chida's Sefer "Simchat Haregel On the Haggadah, Lemberg 1862. With Signatures and Commentary.

Sefer "Midrash ELiyahu" Charnowitz 1860. With the Chida's Sefer "Simchat Haregel" on the Haggadah, Lemberg 1862. With Signatures and Commentary. Generally good condition,lite damages.
Starting at $100
LOT: 303

Tikunei HaZohar with the commentary “Kise HaMelekh”, Warsaw(?) 1883—corrections and additions

By the rabbi Shalom Bozaglo. On the reverse side of the introduction is the signature of HaRav Yaakov Katan and throughout the book there are hundreds of corrections and additions in his handwriting—from among the learned of Babylon, was the study partner of the Kabbalist HaRav Shimon Agassi. Torn page, ok condition.
Item sold at $70 Starting at $70
LOT: 304

Alshich Venice 1605 - First Edition

A book of Q&A's by the authoritative Rabbi Moshe Alshich (The Alshich Hakodosh). Published by his son, Rabbi Chaim Alshich, Venice-1605. First edition 243 Pages 20cm (Vinograd 998) Signature on title page of Rav Chizkia Refael Chaim Alfendari-from the Rabbies and Dayans of Kushta in the year ----. Signed by the head Rabbis of Kushta in the year ----. Additional signature on title page by "Yitzchak Refael Amado". New fabric cover, Badly moth damaged.
Item sold at $325 Starting at $200
LOT: 305

“Beit David” Amsterdam 1739. With stamps of ownership of the Rav Meir Shapira of Lublin, creator of the Daf Yomi.

2 sections of notes on the six sidrot of Mishna, by the Rav David Corinaldi, first edition. Rav Meir Shapira’s stamp of ownership; 1887-1934, Av Beit Din of Pietrokov and Lublin, head of the “Hokhmei Lublin” yeshiva and the creator of the Daf Yomi and one of the greats of his generation. With the stamp of the archaic library of the yeshiva. At the start of the book are two handwritten signatures in a Sefardi hand, and on page 55 there are 2 comments in Sefardi handwriting. 2 section (missing the first title page), other than that good condition.
Starting at $350
LOT: 306

Mare'eh Yechezkel - Q&A Book-Sighet

Mare'eh Yechezkel - Q&A Book-Sighet The book is in good condition. 1875. Slight blemish on title page corner. Moth holes.
Item sold at $250 Starting at $250
LOT: 307

Introduction with the handwritten signature of the Admor of Sanz on his book “Shefa Haim”

New Jersey 1983. On the page before the title a dedication is printed to the generous and honorable Yehiel Michal Weiss, with the handwritten signature of the Admor, 1905-1994, compiled questions and answers, founded Kiryat Sanz in Netanya, was anointed Admor from the year 1946 until his death.
Item sold at $550 Starting at $300
LOT: 308

Commentary of the Ra’ash and the Ra’abad, Prague 1725, rare. With signature of the Gaon HaRav Haim Yosef Pollack Av Beit Din Trebitz and student of the Hatam Sofer.

For Masechet Tamid, Kinim, and Midot, (1) 46 pages, only edition—rare—27cm. Signed on the tilte page, and on page 10, and handwritten corrections on 23 72, on his life and family history see additional material. Wide margins, ok condition, water damage in the margins, the pages are partially restored without damage to the text, the spine is worn.
Starting at $150
LOT: 309

"Tiferes Shmuel" 1696. Single edition. signature and seals of the rabbi Shmuel Salant: Rabbi and leader of Jerusalem

The Sefer "Tiferes Shmuel", Chidushim on the tractates of the Talmud, Rosh, Maharsha, Tur, Yore Deah and Choshen Mishpat. Authored by Rabbi Aharon Shmuel Kaidnober, father of the "hakav Hayashar". Frankfurt 1696. On title page signature and seals (2 types of seals) of the rabbi Shmuel Salant: 1816- 1909, great Rabbi and leader of the Ashkenazi community in Jerusalem nearly half a century. Only edition, 125 pages. 18 cm. Condition fair - well, some of the pages restored, moth damage. New cover.
Item sold at $600 Starting at $450
LOT: 310

“Artzot HaHayyim” for the Malbim, first edition, with corrections by hand of the Malbim.

On Shulchan Aruch, Halakhot of Tefillin, by Rav Meir Lebush Malbim. Warsaw 1861, first edition, 41 pages, 2 title pages. On page 17 71, correction of two words by hand by the Malbim (the writing was checked against the writing of the Malbim found at the photo institute of the National Library. In the introduction the Malbim tells the story of his life, and reminisces about his rabbi HaRav Zvi Hirsh from Zdashov. Bound with the book “Even Bohen,” Krotsin—1853. 32 pages, good condition, a few bits of moth damage, new binding.
Item sold at $200 Starting at $200
LOT: 311

Seal of ownership of the Admor HaRav Elazar Menachem of Lelov, on the Sefer Shulchan Aruch Hosen Mishpat

The Admor Elazar Menachem Mendel Biederman, the son of the Admor Moshe Biederman, the first Admor in the Chassidic movement of Lelov which started entirely in Jerusalem. He corrected the Yerushalmi dress, corrected the tradition of hanging 26 oil candles in the synagogue and more traditions of Jerusalem. Was the son-in-law of Rabbi Zvi, son of HaHoze of Lublin, tended to lengthen the prayer before the Western Wall, died during the Melave Malkha meal of Purim 1883. The copy is missing the start and end.
Item sold at $850 Starting at $180
LOT: 312

“Shomer Emunim” for HaRav Aaron Rata—with glosses and corrections in his handwriting

To strengthen hearts for belief and redemption and security, 2 sections (with two titles) and at the end a pamphlet on loving the Creator and “Ani Ma’amin” and other songs of happiness (in a separate title page) by the Admor Aaron Rata, Jerusalem 1942, first edition. Amongst the pages of the book are a number of glosses and corrections in the handwriting of the compiler. A number of the first pages are missing, no binding, pages are disconnected, dry pages.
Item sold at $120 Starting at $120
LOT: 313

“Minhat Erev” Talsho’a 1911, with signature of the Rav Leib Alter (may his death be avenged)

Sermons from the Ba’al Shemen Roke’ach, Rabbi Elazar Rokeach (4) 140 pages. On the title page is the handwritten signature and stamp of Rabbi Yehuda Aryeh Leib ben HaKadosh Rav Nehemiah Alter ben Sfat HaEmet, he was born near to the death of his grandfather and was named after Yehudah Aryeh Leib, he was his the brother-in-law to HaLev Simha and uncle of the Admor Shlita of Gur, was the son-in-law of HaRav Avraham Yaakov Yoskovitz. Managed to eulogize his father, Rav Nehemiah, printed in the book of emendations of Nehemiah, until he also met his death at the hands of the Nazis. Good condition, worn binding.
Starting at $220
LOT: 314

Dedication of the Admor of Boston on the new siddur Tefila Yeshera

“Published by the Admor of Boston HaRav Levi Yitzhak HaLevi Horowitz (Shlita) Brookline, Mass.” On the page before the title is a dedication in his handwriting and his signature. He was the second Rebbe of the Bostoner sect and a member of the Council of Torah Sages of Agudath Israel in the United States and then in Israel.
Item sold at $90 Starting at $70
LOT: 315

Masechet Zvachim Tsarnobitz, handwriting of the Gaon HaRav Zundel of Salant.

1844 masechet of the Babylonian Talmud. On the title page of the book is a handwritten dedication to the Beit Midrash Sha’arei Zion. Good condition, defect on the title page, title has writing in red ink. Generally good condition, new binding.
Item sold at $150 Starting at $150
LOT: 316

“Beit Levi” questions and answers, Vilnius, 1863. First edition and the first book he published, with the signature of the Rav Yitzhak Yaakov Wachtfoigel

By the father of the ancestry of Brisk HaRav Yosef Dver HaLevi Soloveitchik Av Beit Din Brisk, first edition. Across from the title page is the signature of the Rav Yitzhak Yaakov Wachtfoigel—Av Beit Din of the Ashkenaz community in Jerusalem and the Rosh Yeshiva of Me’a She’arim, in his youth he studied at the Volozhin yeshiva, was descended from the Maharal, was born 1887, died 1975. Defect in the title page was repaired, the rest is in good condition.
Starting at $140
LOT: 317

“Avodat HaKorbanot” with dedication of the compiler the son-in-law of HaHafetz Haim

Order of work in the Temple, Pietrokov 1913. Behind the title page is the dedication of the compiler in his handwriting and signature. Binding and pages disconnected.
Starting at $120
LOT: 318

Pamphlet “Haim v’Hesed” with a dedication by the Rabbanit Knivski

Dedication by hand of Bat Sheva Knivski, the wife of the Gaon HaRav Haim Knivski; 1994.
Item sold at $180 Starting at $180
LOT: 319

Signature of the Rav Haim Huri on the book “Tov Yerushalayim” Beregszász 1934.

Issues of the Land of Israel, articles on the burial places of the righteous, Hebrew coins, and more with tables, maps, and pictures, by the Rav Asher Anshiel Greenwald. Rav Haim Huri, whose signature is on the title page, stopped the spiritual French epidemic that had spread in Tunisia, published many books. Generally good condition, no binding.
Starting at $100
LOT: 320

19 books with the signature and stamps of ownership from the private library of the Admor HaEmori Haim of Vizhnitz

In the book of the Ba’al Shem Tov, section 2, Brooklyn 1950 is the handwritten signature, and on the book the book “Degel Mahane Ephraim” from the New York edition 1947 is a dedication by the publisher HaRav Yoel Be’er from the descendents of the compiler.
Item sold at $130 Starting at $100
LOT: 321

4 books with dedications of the compiler HaRav Shlomo Goren the Chief Rabbi of Israel.

1. “HaYerushalmi and the Gra” 2. “The Temple Mount” 3. “Mo’adei Yisrael, 4. “Mesheev Milhama”
Item sold at $130 Starting at $100
LOT: 322

“Pa’amon v’Rimon” Amsterdam 1708. First edition, kabbalah work. With a folded page with the pedigree

“Pa’amon v’Rimon” Amsterdam 1708. First edition, kabbalah work. With a folded page with the pedigree
Starting at $400
LOT: 323

Raziel Hamalach-First Edition Amsterdam 1701. Segula Book.

Raziel Hamalach-First Edition Amsterdam 1701. Segula Book. This book was given over by an angel, Raziel. contains high segula & kabbalah secrets. 45 pages 22 cm. Original last page missing, replaced by similar copy. Damages and moth damage. Professionally repaired, new cover.
Item sold at $2800 Starting at $2800
LOT: 324

First printing of Siddur HaRashash, of the Kabbalist HaRav Nahum Ratman—kabbalistic glosses. Rare.

The seventh and eighth sections, the purpose of Shema on Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. Jerusalem 1911-1912. First edition. This siddur was for many years only handwritten until the greats of the Kabbalists decided that in that generation they would print it in purity and sanctity with trips to the ritual bath, fasts, and special prayers first, and they printed only a limited number of copies, throughout the book there are glosses and comments dealing with the intentions of the text, in Ashkenazi handwriting. The siddur was owned by HaRav nahum B’Har”ar. He immigrated to Israel in the year 1922 and died there in 1933 and was buried on the Mt. of Olives. Parts are printed without a title page.
Item sold at $200 Starting at $200
LOT: 325

“Nahalat Tzvi” Book of superstitions, Lvov 1873. First edition.

On Masechet Yevamot, and a comprehensive explanation of masechet Kinin, by Rabbi Zvi Gotmacher who died during his father’s life HaRav Eliyahu Gotmacher who published his son’s book. 28, 19 page. Good condition, glue strengthens the title page.
Item sold at $140 Starting at $120