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LOT: 276

Sefer"Divrei Chaim" On the Torah, Rabbi Chaim MiTzanz. Cracow 1892.

Sefer"Divrei Chaim" On the Torah, Rabbi Chaim MiTzanz. Cracow 1892. Good condition
Item sold at $200 Starting at $150
LOT: 277

2 books: “De’at Kdoshim” and “Mishmeret HaKodesh” first edition, Lvov 1871.

“De’at Kdoshim,” a wonderful compilation on the laws of ritual slaughter and unkosher meat by the Rav Avraham David Wahrman, Av Beit Din Buczacz, student of Rabbi Levi Yitzhak of Berdichov and Rabbi Moshe Leib of Sasov. (2) 146 31 pages. Bound with the book “Mishmeret HaKodesh” of the same author, Lemberg 1879. In total two books bound together in excellent condition, original binding.
Item sold at $260 Starting at $200
LOT: 278

“Even Pina” by the Admor HaRav Aryeh Leib Av Beit Din Strizob, Lemberg 1804. First edition.

Exegeses, emendations, and wordplay of the Shulchan Aruch Even HeAzar. (2) 115 (3) pages (Stefanski Chassidut 3). Middling condition, pages with professionally repaired defects.
Starting at $450
LOT: 279

“Yishrei Lev” to the Admor of Bialy, Lublin 1906. First edition.

On issues of Shabbat as viewed in the Kabbalah and chassidut, by the Admor HaRav Yitzhak Yaakov of Bialy. 43 pages, good condition, new binding, a torn page.
Item sold at $160 Starting at $90
LOT: 280

“Ahavat Shalom” from the Admor HaRav Menachem Mendel of Kasob, Lemberg 1850.

Commentaries on the order of the Torah. Second edition. (2) 82 pages, 23cm. Original binding. Water stains and wearing.
Starting at $80
LOT: 281

“House of Samuel” (Beit Shmuel) the Last—4 sections. Nowy Dwor 1806. First edition.

The last book, 4 sections in one volume including 4 separate title pages. Questions and answers on the Shulchan Aruch Even Haezer, commentaries and simple interpretations on the Five Books of Moses, by HaRav Shmuel Felkenfeld from his relative HaRav Shmelka of Nikolsburg, one of the agreed owners of the holy book, on page 36 72 the compiler brings divrei Torah from HaMaggid of Maastricht, of whom the sages of Israel testified that since Rav Heshel of Krakow there was no one like him (8) 60, 12, (1) 6, (1) 12 (1) 10 (2), (1) 41 page. 32cm (Stefanski Chassidut 89). Handwritten signature and seals of ownership “Yehoshua Klaveer bar Zvi Aryeh.” Moth marks on the title page and a number of pages. New binding.
Item sold at $180 Starting at $180
LOT: 282

“Shivhei Ha Ba’al Shem Tov” (Praises of the Ba’al Shem Tov) 1850

Terrible and wonderful stories in honor of the light of Israel and its sanctity. 25 pages. Worn original binding, moth damage
Item sold at $100 Starting at $100
LOT: 283

“Baruch Ta’am” Lvov 1841, first edition.

Emendations and wordplay on issues in the Shas, by the Rav Baruch Frenkel Te’umim, with glosses by his son-in-law the Gaon Admor HaRav Haim Helberstem the Divrei Haim of Sanz. (3) 40 46 pages (Stefanski Chassidut 93). Title page and first page have defects and are professionally restored, moth damage, new binding.
Item sold at $240 Starting at $220
LOT: 284

Tzemach Tzadik 3 Volumes with Sefer Totzot Ha'chaim and signed by Rabbi Akiva Hakohen Liber

Lot of 2 books: 1.Tzemach Tzadik (3 volumes bound together). printed in 1901 2.Totzot Ha'chaim. printed in 1899. Different conditions, general good condition.
Item sold at $1200 Starting at $350
LOT: 285

Eretz Hatzvi Prague 1786

Eretz Hatzvi Prague 1786 In some places along the book there are corrections with ancient Ashkenazi handwriting; Ashkenazi handwritten signature on title page. Detached cover. Title page and first few pages with damage on edges and text.
Starting at $200
LOT: 286

4 Books of Chassidut

1. “Lashon HaZahav” emendations on masechet brachot, Shabbat, and eruvin, by the Gaon HaRav Ze’ev Wolf Av Beit Din of Lizansk. Warsaw 1899, first edition, excellent condition. 2. “HaMidot” by HaRav Nachman of Breslev, with cross references for everything said by HaRav Nachman from Tsarin and for the first time from HaRav Tzadok HaCohen of Lublin, Lublin 1915. 3. “Nice and Pleasant” (Nehmad v’Na’im) by the Rav Baruch of Kasov. Yozefof, 1884. 4. “No’am Elimelech” Warsaw 1881. In total four important works of chassidut, good condition, different sizes.
Item sold at $130 Starting at $130
LOT: 287

“Nishmat Haim” with seals of ownerships of the Admor Sadigur

Written by HaRav Menashe ben Yisrael of Amsterdam, Lvov 1858. On the title page of the book are selas of ownership of the Admor HaRav Nahum Dover Friedman with a symbol of a lion in the middle. The Admor died in 1883, son of the Admor Rabbi Shalom Yosef of Ruzhin and son-in-law of the Admor Rabbi Avraham Yaakov of Sadigur. With stamp of the Admor “HaRav Shlomo Friedman of Chortkov.” Good condition, leather binding with golden decorations, the book is given in a new box that fits it; moth damage.
Item sold at $200 Starting at $200
LOT: 288

Mishnat Chachamim Ostraha-1796

Mishnat Chachamim Ostraha-1796. Signed by the son of Ha'aruch Laner. Rare. 57A copy is missing, there is only the first gate Total 57 pages. One of the first books printed in Ostraha. Title page with nice etches. General good condition. On first page ownership stamp by Rabbi Ben Tzion Etlinger; the son of Rabbi Yaakov Etlinger Ba'al Ha'aruch Laner.
Item sold at $325 Starting at $300
LOT: 289

6 Books of Chassidut, First editions.

1. “Se’ach Yitzhak” by the Rav Haim Yitzhak Gangmal of Karlin, Pietrokov 1890, first edition, two title pages, 80 pages. 2. “Yesod HaDa’at by HaRav El’azar Heshel of Maglnitza, Warsaw 1912, only edition, with certificates of many Admorim (around 35), chapters on Kabbalah and mysticism of the Omer, 96 pages, bound with the book “Toldot Menachem,” biography of Nahum Rabad Hordna, Pietrokov 1913. 3. “HaNoten Bayam Derekh” by HaRav Yehuda Leib HaCohen Fischmann, Berdichev 1913, first edition. 4. “Imrei Kodesh” complete, by HaRav Uri Hasraf of Starlisk, Lvov 1928, with new additions. First edition of the additions. Bound with the book “Rabbeinu Elazar of Gremiza,” life story of the Ba’al HaRoke’ach, by the Rav Yisrael Kimmler. 5. “Matzme’ach Yeshu’ot” by HaRav Menachem Mendel Ravinsky, Krakow 1909, first edition, certificates from Admorim (missing a title page and the lats page). 6. “Sha’arei Yitzhak” by the Rav Yitzhak Zaller, Warsaw 1915, Yiddish, certificates of Admorim. Generally good condition.
Item sold at $170 Starting at $150
LOT: 290

Pedigree of the Ba’al Shem Tov

Wall Poster for hanging, lithographic work of the pedigree of the Ba’al Shem Tov, dynasties and branches of his descendants and students. At the bottom is a list of the Admorim in print: “Dear Reader! Cast your eyes and see the tree of life…on which you will find sitting at the yeshiva of the heavens all of the righteous and their followers…their families and the house of their fathers and their students and their students students since the days of the Ba’al Shem Tov until today. 56x67cm, defects in the margins and signs of folding.
Item sold at $120 Starting at $120
LOT: 291

.Signature And Hand Written Insertions Of The "Saba Kadisha", The Gaon Harav Shlomo Eliezer Alfandari, Av Beit Din, Kushta, Damascus, Tzfat, Jerusalem, On The Sfarim Of "Zchor Leavraham", Full Set.

Sefer "Zachor Liavraham", 3parts(full set), systems and rules in halacha in the 4 parts of the Shulchan Aruch, by Harav Avraham Alkalai, Yosefof 1840. On the title page of the 3rd section,is the handwritten signature, with a few hand written insertions of the Saba Kadisha, Hagaon Harav Eliezer Alfandari: Born in 1813 and passed away in 1930, one of the great rabbis of Turkey. In his youth He was in Halachic correspondence with Rabbi Akiva Eiger, he served as rav rashi of Kushta for many years and afterwards in Damascus. At and extremely old age of approximately 100 he immigrated to Israel and served as rabbi of Tzfat. In his last years, he came to live in Jerusalem, where he died at an extremely old age of 118. During his years in Jerusalem, He was busy at home with Torah, divrei halacha,ubichochmat as hanistar(kaballah)with a small group of holy tzadikim, "Nikyei Hadaat Shebiyerushalayim", who were regulars at his house. During the last year of his life The Admor Baal "Minchat Elazar" from Munkatch to Eretz Yirael for an historical meeting that was planned by them both for over a year, in order to visit him and learn together Torat hasod(Kaballah) in confidentiality. Most of his books and thousands of his tshuvot about the Pardes Hatorah(Kaballah) were lost during his travels and whereabouts. Amongst his (writings, Sheelot vitshuvot,( Q &A )Maharsha, sheelot vitshuvot hasaba kadisha ect. In the second part, on the page before the title page, there is a full page on dinei chalitzah in Ladino. Signature of ownership of rabbis from the Giron family(famous rabbinic family). With a signature of ownership of the researcher Dr. Meir Benayahu Nissim. 3 volumes, generally good condition, original worn bindings.
Item sold at $1200 Starting at $1200
LOT: 292

“Pnei David” with the book “Tzavarei Shlal” by HaHida, Livorno 1792—with glosses by the Rav Moshe Azoulay, the grandson of HaHida. With glosses by a few other rabbis.

Hints and commentaries on the order of the parshiot of the five books of Moses and the Haftarot, by HaHida, printed by the compiler, (1) 144 page, from page 110 and onwards the book “Tzavarei Shlal” (with a different title page), on the Haftarot including commentaries on the Passover Hagaddah, very rare. Throughout the book a number of glosses signed by HaRav Moshe Azoulay, of the rabbis of Ancona, the grandson of HaHida, who published the book “Lehem Min HaShamayim” (Bread from the Sky) with emendations signed without injuries, some of which have been chopped. In addition 2 glosses, one of which is signed HaMetzitz—one of the rabbis of Oran, compiler of the book “Gur Aryeh,” emendations to the Shas, Rambam, and others in general, printed in Livorno in 1846. With the signature of Shlomo Bechor Hutzin of the rabbis of Baghdad, a student of the Gaon HaRav Ovadia Somech, 1843-1893, chopped glosses, title page and first pages are defective, moth damage.
Starting at $400
LOT: 293

Glosses of the Kabbalist of the Great Sages of Tunis in the 19th century—HaRav Yehuda Gaz, on the Yom Kippur Machzor

Yom Kippur Machzor Livorno edition 1864. Throughout the machzor are halakhic comments and additions, one of which is signed Yagan (Yehuda Gaz)—the Kabbalist of Tunis in the 19th century, at the end of his life he immigrated to Jerusalem and was a judge in the religious court for the Western sect, he compiled the book “Nahal Yehuda,” 3 sections of exegesis on the Torah and mysticism, printed in Jerusalem between the years 1911 and 1937. Good condition, original binding.
Starting at $180
LOT: 294

“Lev Merapeh” with dedication of the first compiler to Zion HaRav Meir Fanigel, Jerusalem 1887

Research into halakha alphabetically with commentaries on different issues by the Rav Refael Meir Fanigel HaRishon LeZiyyon. Across from the title page the dedication is printed in gold ink handwritten by the compiler to Rav Gavriel Shabtai (of Jerusalem) and his signature. The compiler: 1804-1893, anointed the Rishon LeZiyyon after Rav Avraham Ashkenazi in 1880, his son-in-law was the Rav Haim Moshe Alisher. In his visit to Tunis in 1863 there was a drought and a year of famine, the rabbis of the area asked him to pray for rain, and before he finished his prayer the skies opened up and plentiful rain fell. He fixed many mistakes of the communities to which he travelled, one of the fixes is printed in this book in its introduction. Generally good condition, defects in the title page with a little damage to the text.
Starting at $120
LOT: 295

Rare glosses from the days of Rav Ovadia Yosef’s youth in his handwriting on questions and answers in “Sha’arei Rahamim,” the personal copy of the Kabbalist HaRav Shaul Doyk HaCohen.

Questions and answers of “Sha’arei Rahamim” printed in Jerusalem 1902. Published by the son of the compiler HaRav Meir Rabbeinu Franco. There are three glosses with writing in the handwriting of a Mizrahi Jerusalemite, 2 of which are signed by the youthful signature of Ovadia Yosef (according to the testimony of Rav Shaltiel Amar, he would use the signature only until he reached age 20) during his time at the Porat Yosef yeshiva in the Old City. Very rare for there to be writings of his from such an early age. Original binding, the copy is missing the title page and first page, a few defects and uses glue for strengthening.
Item sold at $1500 Starting at $300
LOT: 296

Questions and Answers “Zekhut Avot” Pisa 1817. Signature handwritten by the Gaon HaRav Yaakov Roke’ach of Tripoli.

Written by HaRav Avraham Koriyat, with commentaries by his father HaRav Yehudah Koriyat, only edition, 65, 12 page. The title of the book has HaRav Yaakov Roke’ach’s signature, as well as on page 36 there is a halakhic comment in his handwriting. He compiled 14 books of which his mastery of the Torah is well known, he was in contact with the greats of the generation on issues of halakha. New, handsome leather binding, moth damage.
Starting at $180
LOT: 297

“Erekh HaShulchan” Tunis 1891. Glosses by HaRav Yitzhak Ashkenazi

By HaRav Yitzhak Tayeb, (2) 150 pages. Between the pages of the book are 3 scholarly glosses signed by HaRav Yitzhak Ashkenazi: 1859-1916, of the great sages and legalists of the Sephardi sect in his generation, son of the Rishon LeZiyyon Rav Avraham Ashkenazi, compiled many decisions and left behind many handwritten notes, after the departure of the Rishon LeZiyyon he was suggested as a replacement but because of his humbleness he refused to accept it, died in anguish in Alexandria, Egypt. Excellent condition.
Starting at $150
LOT: 298

“Lev Shalem” (A complete heart) Amsterdam 1773, with signatures of the rabbis of Tiberias.

Emendations and cross references alongside strengthening of the Rambam by the Av Beit Din of Amsterdam HaRav Shlomo Shalem, the only edition. (3) 64 pages. On the title page the signatures of the rabbis of Tiberias: Yosef David Abulafiya; Haim El-Hadif; Yaakov Hai Zarihen. Loose binding, and some of the pages have moth damage.
Starting at $120
LOT: 299

Sefer Sheelot Vetshuvot "Shma Avraham" with hakdashat hamichaber Rabbi Avraham Falaji, Soloniki 1850.

Sefer "Shma Avraham" sheelot vetshuvot on Choshen Mishpat, by Harav Avraham Falaji with an introduction by the father of the michaber(author) Harav Chaim Falaji. And towards the end of the sefer there's a drash lenisuin. Saloniki, daf taf reysh yud,(8) kuf samech bet and lamed alef. On the title Page there's a dedication by the author (without his signature) Amongst the pages are signed commentaries nun alef hay and daled raysh samech(naam ani hatzair David Refael Saban)by The Rabbi of Turkey. Genearlly good condition. A few moth holes.
Item sold at $130 Starting at $120
LOT: 300

Sefer "Shulchan Gavohah" Jerusalem 1884. With The Signature of Harav Yosef Falaji

Sefer "Shulchan Gavohah" Jerusalem 1884. With the signature of Harav Yosef Falaji. Sefer Shulchan Gavohah is a sefer written about Yoreh Deah, Shulchan Orech. It includes inside Harav Yosef Malko's writing on Hilchot Trefot.With an introduction "Geonei Yerushalayim" written by Harav Refael Meir Fanijal and Hayisah Brachah(Harav Yaakov Shaul Elyashar) Jerusalem 1884, second edition, daf kuf Yud Daled.(Halevi 471) Aside for a defect on the title page, it's in very good condition.
Starting at $80