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Auction No. 5 - 19.05.2015

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LOT: 051

Book "Birkei Yosef" with "Shiorei Bracha" to Hachid"a, Special Edition, 4 parts.

4 sections with separate gates greeting residual Book, by Rabbi Hida . Rabbi Hida zpublished his book 'Birkei Yosef' and then the book 'Shiorei Bracha" as an addition to 'birkei yosef' , the first time the book was printed integrated sign and a sign in a book birkei yosef, and this edition also was first published Shiorei Bracha and yoreh deah (Friedberg 1579). This book of Hid"a received as a Halacha book. First gate with red ink, embossed pattern Livorno, good condition.
Item sold at $120 Starting at $120
LOT: 052

Lot 7 different books

1.machzor Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur with two goals in Livorno תרכ"א -1861 Belforte pattern. 2. A book "Beit david" on the Torah and the Five Megillot, Pietrekov תרס"ו 1906. 3.A book includes novellae and Midrashim and wonders stories Rabbi Shmalka Mnikslborg etc., with a book Three books are opened Pietrekov - 1905th. 4.Sefer Hasidim Rabbi Yehuda Lemberg 1863, bound with Kedushat Levi Yitzchak of Berdichev maximum borrowers signed .5. Ramban Chidushei with ownership stamps Pressburg in 1858. 6. A book group directly Part Jozefow six hundred and thirteen - 1852. 7.A book Chovot Part II, signed (not tested). Jozefow - 1845.
Starting at $140
LOT: 053

Lot 10 different patterns of small gemaras

Lots gemaras small editions. Bizha Masechet Mizh printing ח"כקת - 1768. Rosh Hashanah Masechet Mizh printing ז"לקת - 1777. Sukkah Masechet Mizh printing Amsterdam ה"קת - 1722. Ktuvot Masechet Mizh printing Amsterdam ה"קת - 1745. Meila Masechet Warsaw ח"ירת- 1858. 2 Ta'anit Masechtas Warsaw ח"ירת - 1858. Only one of them with Two title pages (one missing title Sunday). Hagiga Masechet involves with Megillah Mizh printing Masechet Warsaw ז"ירת - 1857. Hagiga Masechet Mizh printing Warsaw ז"ירת - 1857 with only second title (Missing the first title). Bizha Masechet Mizh printing Warsaw ז"טרת - 1856. Total 10 Masechtas. different condition. Some signatures ownership have not been tested. 2 of them are known Bbilografit. 5 of them without binding. Average size 11 \ 19 cm.
Starting at $800
LOT: 054

Lot 4 books to the rescue She'erit HaPleita

Lot 4 books to the rescue She'erit HaPleita. 1. Shema Koleinu Stoklhm 1946. 2. Passover Haggadah Munich - 1947. 3. Small Format Megillah Munich, - 1947, shekels Masechet Jerusalem 21 / 14.5 cm. 4. Book Simla Chadasha Ordinance 1948. Total of 4 books
Starting at $120
LOT: 055

Book ' Afikei Yehuda' Part II -1827

Book ' Afikei Yehuda' Part II -1827. Stamps of Rabbi Meir Shapiro of Lublin and long gloss end by an unidentified author. New cover. Moth damage. Rabbi Meir Shapiro (Maharam Shapiro 1887- 1933) was among the rabbis and the leaders of the Jews in Poland before the Holocaust Agudat Israel, founder and Rosh Yeshiva of the Sages of Lublin and daily page generator.
Item sold at $500 Starting at $500
LOT: 056

Lot 2 books by Rabbi Jonathan Eibeshitz

Lot 2 books by Rabbi Jonathan Eibeshitz : 1. The book "Chasdei Yonatan" has two parts innovations and commentaries on the Talmud and the Torah, with glosses and innovations by the copier proofreader and Order Rabbi Yaakov Chaim Zelig Galgslag, Pietrekov - First Edition, good condition. 2. Book 'Yearot dvash', two parts in Lviv 1859. Good condition.
Starting at $70
LOT: 057

Book "Misgeret HaShulchan", Berlin . Only edition.

Book "Misgeret HaShulchan" Innovations on the Shulchan Aruch and Hoshen mishpat, Rabbi Binyamin Ze'ev Wolf Dayan community of Pintshov, Berlin, single edition, with the consent of Rabbi Naftali Hacohen of Pozna laying a smart, "Copy pad Darba United Dmdint Poland run a meeting of all the laws of genius and rabbis Earth". Ancient owner signature gate "Benjamin Wolf Halberstadt". And seal seminary gates of Zion which Horvat Rabbi Judah the Pious, adhesive reinforcement exchange and two first pages, except in very good condition.
Item sold at $120 Starting at $120
LOT: 058

Book 'Ruach David' and book 'Masa Chaim' rare- With registration at the gate in the handwriting of Rabbi Zundel Salant

Book 'Ruach David' Edra Rabba on derech hasod, with the nishmat David commentary on the Song of Songs on derech hasod, from the usual Rabbi David di Medina, Salonika . the gate page signed by Rabbi yom tov Eliakim - Rabbi and mentor of Rishon Lezion Rabbi Avraham Chaim Gagin Secretary-life laws in most of his humility and respect, and also brings words of Rabbi Chaim Palagi in his book 'Masa Chaim', died in Jerusalem , his answer was printed in the book Chukei Chaim . With registration at the gate in the handwriting of Rabbi Zundel Salant. Rare receipt Book, Only edition, pages thick, new cover, moth holes, missing several pages at the end of the book the soul of David, signed by Rabbi Yom Tov Eliakim slightly faded.
Item sold at $100 Starting at $100
LOT: 059

Book "Arugat Habosem" ways of 'Lashon hakodesh' letters and weights songs, Rabbi Shmuel Archevolti, Amsterdam whole pattern Profe

Book "Arugat Habosem" ways of 'Lashon hakodesh' letters and weights songs, Rabbi Shmuel Archevolti, Amsterdam whole pattern Profes, size 18.7 cm. Second edition (first edition was printed in Venice) . With charts and tables, records of ownership and steering by hand, new cover, moisture and stain throughout the book without wear on.
Starting at $100
LOT: 060

Lots Tell Rabbi Eliezer Yadid Halevi

Lots Tell Rabbi Eliezer Yadid Halevi: 1. The book "Minchat Eliezer" Commentary on the Book Etz hachaim' Lmhrc"o, Jerusalem.2. The book "Simchat Yom Tov" sermons eulogy, two sermons by Rabbi Eliezer Papo - Wonderful Counselor, "published in first manuscript," Jerusalem , signatures ownership.3. Book "Arie Shaag" tochachot and mussarim, Jerusalem .4. Book "Dvar Eliezer" Drush on Proo uRvoo, the Torah, and Tzdaka, Jerusalem.5. The book "Shivchei Maharam" great wonders and praises by Rabbi Mordechai Lebaton, Jerusalem .The author, was the second son of Rabbi Yom Tov Yadid Halevy, learned his devotion and piety extreme seclusion and great humility, one of the "individual" yeshiva Mekubalim "Streets river", "Beit-el" and Porat Yosef "died In short days and years of suffering.Total of 5 books mostly good condition.
Starting at $120
LOT: 061

Book Naggid uMitzvah, Istanbul, first edition, copy is missing - very Rare.

Book Nagid U mitzvah to Rabbi Yaakov Tzemach, with kuntres oriental Mizrachi handwriting. Missing title page and first page, and defects in both first and last pages, the rest in good condition, without binding. famous Kabbalah Book was printed in many editions, is a rare first edition.
Starting at $60
LOT: 062

Book "Chidushei Hilchot Maharsha with Maharshal", Amsterdam - Signature and Glosses of Rabbi Isaac Halevi Gibraltar.

Book "Chiddushei Halachot" Maharsha, with a book "Chochmat Shlomo" - Maharshal on the Talmud, aiming Page on page, Amsterdam first edition of these two basic books together. Signed at the gate and a few glosses and corrections in the handwritting of Rabbi Isaac Halevi - Rabbi of Gibraltar, author of 'Pat lechem veyaiin' , and Jewish religious Book, and glosses 'Yoreh Deah' were printed in the book 'Li Yeshuah' from his son Rabbi Yeshua Halevi. Excellent condition (except for a slight imperfection in the gate), leather-covered wooden cover (without buckles original).
Item sold at $180 Starting at $180
LOT: 063

Book "Brit Shalom" sermons on the Torah, five megillot and Passover Haggadah, Book "Brit Shalom" sermons on the Torah, five megillot and Passover Haggadah

Book "Brit Shalom" sermons on the Torah, five megillot and Passover Haggadah, Rabbi Pinchas Filta, Frankfurt daMain , first edition, the book has won many agreements from Genius and Rabbies that period in europe. in the gate page a few autographs early Ashkenazi hanwrting, with a few stamps at a cost of Rabbi Chaim Berlin and two corrections in his own hand. New cover good condition, few stains.
Item sold at $150 Starting at $150
LOT: 064

Lot 3 different books.

1. Twelve sermons Baharan Lviv - 1811. Fair good. 2. Ohel Yitzhak on laws of slaughtering. Lemberg - 1838. stamp of Rabbi Binyamin Ze'ev Cruise Rabbi Dabrtzin. Good condition. 3. Book Pachad Isaac Part Three begins with the letters H,T, First Edition and Initzah - 1798, ended with keys map page. Moth damage.
Starting at $100
LOT: 065

Book Rosh Yoseph on 'Masechet Chulin,Frankafort DADRA - 1794.

Book Rosh Yoseph on 'Masechet Chulin' from baal 'Pri Megadim', "first printing Frankafort DADRA - 1794.
Starting at $100
LOT: 066

Book "Hatashbetz",Amsterdam- 1738.

Book "Hatashbetz" 4 part each part a gate page in the first part 2 Gates 1 is damaged the fourth part "Chut Hameshulash" with a gate page .new bounding, in good condition Amsterdam- 1738.
Starting at $150
LOT: 067

Book 'shulchan Shlomo', DADRA 1771.

Book 'shulchan Shlomo' on 'Orach Chaim' printed under the Government of the mighty King Frederick the second in Frankfurt DADRA 1771. Generally good condition.
Starting at $100
LOT: 068

Lot 2 books published in Shersburg

Lot 2 books 1. Book 'Sefer Starim', commentaries and scores on the Masechet Aku'm, reprinted under the mighty King our Lord etc. Louis Sixteenth in Strasbourg . 2. Book 'Asifat Zkenim' 2 parts on Masechet Ktubot and method grouped with two gates in original cover detached, Starsborg .
Item sold at $80 Starting at $80
LOT: 069

Book directly Rabbeinu Tam Tosafists, Wien first edition

Book directly Rabbeinu Tam Tosafists, Wien first edition. Rabbi Eliyahu Hazan gate signing- rabbi of Alexandria in Egypt, grandson and great grandson of the Chakrei Lev, authored many books, the most famous Shu"t 'Taalumat Lev' 4 parts, Zichron Yerusalem, Neve Shalom and more, corrected many regulations, and the sages of Israel from east and west, they asked him their questions. Moth damage.
Starting at $80
LOT: 070

Book Evron Zlakwa - 1746. With the signing copy Rabbi Yosef Zundel Sallent

Book Evron matters of Jewish calendar Rabbi Eliezer ben Jacob swinger Zlakwa - 1746. Copy of Rabbi Yosef Zundel Sallent blessed memory. With his signature at the gate. Rabbi Zundel Salant (1786-1865), was the father in law of Rabbi Shmuel Salant and student of Rabbi Chaim Volozin. Was the founder of morality and teacher of Rabbi Israel Salant wrote about a "trial was carefully learning the principles he actually consumed, the study of Talmud, Beit Yosef" last all carefully. And the largest study Gra Note late. And when she learned section table is set. .. was painting in front of him as the law before it actually came. And see and well researched stood trial until judgment was. And then questioned many times that they were holding for granted. and any Bible study, Talmud, Midrash and glow foundation to seek knowledge of the act. "son in law Rabbi Shmuel Salant wrote. "As a grown size - so its size in the Torah, and like most of his knowledge revealed, it was his knowledge hidden. Torah generation was as large size, but big and wonderful his humility he was able to conceal the greatness of people "end of his life he taught teaching of the Ashkenazi community in Jerusalem.
Starting at $1150
LOT: 071

Book "Yaffe Mare" large essay on Jerusalem legends

Book "Yaffe Mare" large essay on Jerusalem legends , Rabbi Shmuel Yaffe Ashkenazi author of the book Yaffe Toar on the midrash, Berlin. On page R page A handwriting of Rabbi Chaim Berlin, Ben Hanatziv, served as the chief rabbi of Moscow and a short time as the rosh yeshiva of Voloj'in,came to Jerusalem after the death of Rabbi Shmuel Salant, recognized in his authority and Torah greatness as rabbi of the Ashkenazi community of Jerusalem, though he declined to accept it formally. good condition besides restored tear exchange, Stains on first pages.
Item sold at $150 Starting at $150
LOT: 072

Book 'Yaffe Toar', Furda - the largest and most comprehensive assay on Midrash Rabbah, very rare.

Book "Yaffe Toar' on Midrash Rabbah book Bereshit, by Rabbi Shmuel Yaffe Ashkenazi, Fura, 32 cm. This book is a comprehensive commentary and most important to the Midrash, written by the Rabbi for 25 years, this interpretation won to be published in the Diaspora of Israel be founded on knowledge petition in all books of the Sages and honesty of reason, the greatest and members of all ages in the Diaspora in Israel often learned it and bring their books frequently and established their interpretation in the comments. Investigator Emanuel Tov writes that this book is probably the largest amount then every book printed from the invention of the printing press to the present, present copy is the third and final edition, and printed in this book than to date. Rare is this thick book this early period, so in good condition.Good condition, two goals, the first goal illustrated reliefs beautiful and attractive, few stains.
Starting at $400
LOT: 073

Book 'Yam shel shlomo' 2 parts - first editions.

Book "Yam shel Shlomo" Rabbi Shlomo Luria, Volume 1 consists of 3 parts: 1. "Yam shel Shlomo" on masechet Kiddushin, Berlin, first edition, page 44. 2. "Yam shel Shlomo" on masechet Gittin, Berlin, First Edition, page 84, 3. "Yam shel Shlomo" to Masechet the egg, Furda, page 38. No. 3 parts are bound, handwritten signatures are Ashkenazi, moth damage and stains.
Starting at $100
LOT: 074

Lot 4 books on the Talmud innovations.

Lot 4 books Shas Innovations: 1. Innovation Maharam Berabbi, Dyhernfurth, First Edition (no gate page). 2. The book "Ganon Vehetzil" 2 parts, concerned to protect and save the words of our rabbis barely laid undecided Rabbi Akiva Eiger secondary schedules thereto, by Rabbi Moshe Avraham Moinashter, New york. 3. Book "Machane Levi" Rabbi Zvi Hirsch Horowitz, (son of Hafla'ah), Lviv. 4. Book "Nahalat Yosef" to Rabbi Mordechai Eliezer Av beit Din vornow and Galil, and Vornow. Total 5 volumes, good - medium.
Starting at $80
LOT: 075

Book "Atzei Arazim", Furda - Only edition.

Book "Atzei Arazim" Notes and quibbling about the laws of the Shulchan Aruch Ebenezer with a body of Shulchan Aruch, by Rabbi Noach Chaim Zvi Berlin, Furda, a single edition, Page, 35.5 cm. Good and beautiful.
Starting at $120