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Auction No. 4 - 17.02.2015



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LOT: 102

Lot 2 books on Rabbies

Lot 2 books 1. "final warning", Rabbi Ben Zion Ralar Ab"d Bohsh, Romania Trtz"o, with a photograph of the author and his son, 2. "Rabbi Lipot Leion", Sighet in 1876, with the author's picture and signature, Total: 2 books, good condition.
Starting at $80
LOT: 103

Lot 9 different books in one volume

Lot 9 different books in one volume. 1. "Tzemach David" order of the ages Rabbi David Ganz, in two parts, Lemberg Trl"a. 2. "perfection of beauty," History of the rabbis were used in Lvov, Rabbi Chaim Natan Dmvicr, Kracka Trm"h. 3. "Darkei Chaim" Sarge Merabanan good leadership, Rabbi Chaim Isaiah priest, Lublin 1924. 4. "Kuntress Perek Shira," Lhn"l, 5. "Midrash Pliah", primishla Trf"b. 6. "Solshelet Kaballa" Rabbi Gedaliah the son of Yehee, Warsaw Trm"a. 7. "Dikdukei Rashi", YozefowTrl"h. 8. "Sichat Chulin T"h ", Warsaw Tr"m. Total 9 books bound together. Most of them are in good condition.
Starting at $90
LOT: 104

Masechet Sofrim with glosses HagGr"a Suvalki Trc"b

'Masechet Sofrim' with glosses HagGr"a, Suvalki Trc"b, (2) from the page, good condition-medium, without binding, (according to Winograd, only 3 books printed in Suwalki, and this book is number 1).
Starting at $70
LOT: 105

Lot 3 important books

Lot 3 books: 1. "City Lask and its sages" Lodz Trp"o. 2 "Lkutei Maamarim" from the Chafetz Chaim, Warsaw Tr"tz. 3. "Mispar Gadol Vekaved" the Rabbi Israel Slanter. Total 3 important books, good condition - medium.
Item sold at $100 Starting at $100
LOT: 106

Book biography of Rabbi Shimshon Raphael Hirsch Frankfurt Trs"h.

German biography book about Rabbi Shimshon Raphael Hirsch, with his picture, Frankfurt Trs"h, good condition.
Starting at $100
LOT: 107

Book Maase Tuvia- Yasnitz Tp"a in 1721, copy

Book Maase Tuvia [also called Sefer Haolamot], Parts I - III. Astronomy and research, medicine and anatomy, by Rabbi Tuvia Katz Harofe,Yasnitz Tp"a in 1721, second edition, drawings and diagrams to describe many different topics in the natural sciences, separated gates to second and third part, owner signature (cutoff) of Rabbi Leib Gedaliah Hidlshiimer, stamped cost of Rabbi Azriel Hildesheimer Tk"f-Trn"t student Rabbi Yaakov Ettlinger, author of "Candle editeHaaroh Laner" rabbi and leader of the Jewish community in Germany and Berlin, with his colleague Rabbi Shimshon Raphael Hirsch. Moth damage, missing 7 pages in the middle of the book.
Item sold at $250 Starting at $250
LOT: 108

Set of 3 volumes called "Ginzei Shechter"

Set of 3 volumes called "Ginzei Shechter" Geniza of Egypt, treasures that were buried and hidden in the basement of the synagogue "Ben Ezra" ancient in Cairo, discovered there manuscripts were hidden for centuries, scholar Shneor Zalman Schechter, discovered the vast scope of the repository and rare material included. He estimated that took away more than a thousand pieces, New York Trf"h published Rabbi Levi Ginzberg the three of these parts include: a. Sections of Midrash and the West. B. Passages of geniuses. C. Liturgical poems and songs, a total of three volumes, Excellent Condition.
Starting at $120
LOT: 109

Lot 6 Rambam's books

Lot 6 Rambam's books: 1. Book More Nevochim in two parts with means Perush Shem Tov, Pressburg Trt"o. 2. Book Musar Heskel Maimonides opinions and answer intelligent interpretation of Lashon Chachamim and Lashom HaZahav, Rabbi Yechezkel Faivel, the famous preacher in all ends of the earth, Dyhernfurth Tk"n, signature exchange. 3. Book eight chapters Maimonides, Ashkenazi translation, and Wayne in 1798, signing the exchange. 4. Book 'Milot Hahigayon', Jerusalem Trtz"h. 5. Book eight chapters, Warsaw Trf"h. 6. Book Commandments of Ramb"m, Tel Aviv Trtz"h. Good conditions - medium. Total of 6 books.
Item sold at $120 Starting at $120
LOT: 110

Book 'Klil Tiferet', Breslavia Tk"f

Book 'Klil Tiferet' lovely Drashas, Rabbi Zvi Hirsch of lasla, Breslavia Tk"f, with the consent of Rabbi Akiva Eiger and Rabbi Yakov of Lissa, (1) page 80, good condition, stains.
Starting at $90
LOT: 111

Book "Maggid" Ezra and Trei Asar with Rashi, Amsterdam Tn"t

Book "Maggid" Ezra and Trei Asar with Rashi and the language of Ashkenaz called Agudat Smuel, Amsterdam Tn"t (specify year), miniature, 11 \ 5.8 cm, Sm"h pages, the vast majority are in good condition, first pages are cut off, rare.
Item sold at $120 Starting at $120
LOT: 112

Book "Hamakne" and the book "Machane Levy"

Book "Hamakne" and is part two of the book 'Hapilah', innovations Laws and legends about Kiddushin, Rabbi Pinchas HaLevi Ish Horvitz, Sedilkab Tktz"h, two goals, bound together with the book "Machane Levy" on the Talmud, the son of Rabbi Zvi Hirsch Horvitz, Sdilkab 1835, a total of 2 books in Volume 1, moth damage and stains.
Starting at $100
LOT: 113

4 books: Seder Tikun Chatzot,, book Sofer Mahir, and Hagadat Leil Shikorim, Ashmoret Haboker..

3 books in Volume 1: 1. Book 'Tikun Chatzot' Slavita letters, 2 Book Sofer Mahir Tavnit Igrot, Rabbi Avraham Mendel Moher, Lviv Tri"a, 3 Mishnayot Pesahim with Haggadaht Leil Shikorim. 4. Book Ashmoret Haboker Tks"b book. Different situations.
Item sold at $150 Starting at $150
LOT: 114

Lot 2 books, by Rabbi Shimon Tzvi Horowitz.

1. "Kol Mevasser" substantial information reality distant islands, Rabbi Shimon Tzvi Horowitz (uthor of Shem Mishimshon and Or Hameir, etc.), Jerusalem Tra"g, good condition, Detached. 2. Book Sod Hakafot Yehoshuah and the secret and wonderful qualities, Rabbi Shimon Tzvi Horowitz, Jerusalem Trtz"z.
Starting at $90
LOT: 115

Book "Shulchan Hatahor" Vinn Tka"d Minature

Book "Shulchan Hatahor" Dinim from Orach Chaim and Yoreh Deah and in the end there is Tfilat Haderech, Bircat Halevana, Sfirat Haomer, to Rabbi David Pardo, Vinn Tka"d(1814), Miniature, general condition-good, original cover, 10.7 cm
Item sold at $120 Starting at $120
LOT: 116

Book "Orot Itzchak" to Rabbi Avraham Itzchak Hacohen Kook

Book Orot. A, Orot Meopal, b, Orot Hatchia, Jerusalem Tr"p with a few glosses on the authur in his handwriting in pencil and pen, This book is one of the outstandin books of Rabbi Kook Missing two pages of the book
Starting at $90
LOT: 117

book "Perush Hatorah- Tzror Hamor" Venice Rp"g pattern Daniel Bombergie

book "Perush Hatorah" interpretation and simplify on the parshas to Rabbi Abraham Sabe called Tzror Hamor, and Venice Rp"g pattern Daniel Bombergie, a copy is missing, here we have parashat Vayeira till the middle of parashat Vezot- Habracha, Total 148 page, out of 171 pages, the rest of the pages have been completed with copies, new cloth, glue repairs and stains.
Item sold at $260 Starting at $100
LOT: 118

Book "Arbaa Turim" Part Yoreh Deah, Venice Rp"b

Book "Arbaa Turim" Part Yoreh Deah, a copy is missing, 113 page from Km"h leaves (missing 35 pages), Venice Rp"b, pattern Daniel Bombergie, a number of damaged pages efecting text.
Item sold at $150 Starting at $150
LOT: 119

Book Hatishbi Aizna S"A

Book "Hatishbi" roots of words, as the number of TShB"Y, in Lashon-Hakodesh, by Rabbi Eliyahu Halevi Ashkenazi[Rabbi Eliyahu Bachur] Aizna S"a, first edition, the hebrew edition without the translation to Latin. Middle Two pages missing were corrected with a photograph on a paper from the period, general condition-good, afew glosses and corrections.
Item sold at $450 Starting at $450
LOT: 120

Book "Sea-Solet" and bok "Marpe Lenefesh Mantova Sc"a"

Book "Sea-Solet" and bok "Marpe Lenefesh" to Rabbi Refael Menortzi, Moral matters of religion. Mantova Sc"a', first edition. ("Marpe Lenefesh" on seperated title) on page 6 proof in italian handwriting, few pages restored, new cover
Starting at $500
LOT: 121

Talmud Bavli Masechet Tmura, Silia S'm - rare.

Masechet Tmura from the Babylonian Talmud, Silia of year S"m, writings and repairs in ancient Ashkenazi handwriting, Ld pages, a complete copy, glue repairs in margins, new cover, rare.
Starting at $550
LOT: 122

Book 'Toldot-Aharon", Venice yaer of SN"A

Book 'Toldot-Aharon" Mare-Makom from all the Psukim in the Torah, Neviim, and Ketuvim to Rabbi Aharon Mipisaro Venice yaer of SN"A, 159 pages, 17 cm, good condition. Cover, Viograd 766
Item sold at $500 Starting at $500
LOT: 123

"Book "Gnat Egoz Hanawa Sa"h

Book "Gnat Egoz" in the wisdom of the Kabbalah to Rabbi Yosef Giktila Hanawa Sa"h, 75 pages, first edition, illustrated gate with defect, Mizrachi cutted signature- I Itzchak.
Starting at $900
LOT: 124

Book "Maavar- Yabuk"- Mantoba

Book "Maavar- Yabuk" Yom-Hapkuda ,leadership and devided to 4 articles: Siftei Tzedek, Sfat Emet, Siftei Rananot, and Anan-Haktoret(Seder Pitom Haktoret, Korban Taanitand Mimchat Aaharon). to Rabbi Aharon Barchiafrom Madina Mantoba,first Adition, M. Ma-nh, Nz- Pd, A-Kmv, Kmt-Ksb, Knh-Keb, includes the white rare pages. 20 cm good condition, new cover, repeird gate.
Starting at $600
LOT: 125

out of sale

out of sale
Starting at $1200
LOT: 126

Fieldstones Torah in a bag, Thessaloniki, 1908.

Sefer Torah Gvil in a bag, Tsshaloniki, 1908. Torah scroll fieldstones, wrote: Spain, 42 lines, in a Torah case, fabric on wood, decorations, cutout of "Alpaka", with a caption of an amendment made in the book-in riots, 1929, the production time case: Tarsach, 1908, including a pair of grenades probably from North Africa. card size: 46 cm, case size: 70 cm. Total: Sefer Torah in a bag with grenades.
Starting at $3750