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Auction No. 4 - 17.02.2015



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LOT: 026

Lot of books-'Kaf HaChaim- whole set, first edition

Lot 9 books 'Kaf Hachaim' on the Shulchan Aruch Orach- Chaim, first edition, to the Gaon Rabbi Yaakov Chaim Sofer, first part Jerusalem Trs"h LD page, and more parts A'-CHET' complete set, on 'ORACH-CHAIM', printed in Jerusalem beween the years Tr"a-Trtz"g, original covers, most of them in great condition, The Books 'CAF-HACHAIM' turned to 'EVEN-HAYESOD' in the psika halacha and are broght in all the folowing halacha boks. Total-9 books.
Item sold at $200 Starting at $150
LOT: 027

Lot 7 books printed in jerusalem

Lot 7 books printed in jerusalem: Tehilim book with the book "Diglei Hodaya V'ehamitzva" and the book "Mamtakei Torah". 2. book "Maim Amukim" from Rabbi Yehudah Bardugo zlh"h, Tra'a. 3. Book "Mashal venimshal' Jerusalem Tra"g. 4. Book "Eretz Chaim" jerusalem. 5. Kuntress "Tikun Hayesod', by the Kaballa Jerusalem. 6 . book "Minchat Jerusalem", first part-"Mincha Chareva", on Masechet Sota. 7. Book "Oneg leShabat", Jerusalem, Tra'g
Starting at $120
LOT: 028

Beautiful Lot of 7 books of Jerusalem

Beautiful Lot of 7 books of Jerusalem: 1. book "Midrash Veyehoshua", Jerusalem Trc"t. 2. Book "Mashal venimshal" from the Ben Ish Chai, Jerusalem Tar"g. 3. The "Civat Yerushalaim", Montefiore pattern, (fake edition, important), Jerusalem Trc"b. 4. book "Samach Nefesh", Jerusalem Trs"g. 5. book "Shevet Moosar", Jerusalem Trc"g. Signatures and stamps 3 goals. 6. book "Shulchan Aruch - Tor Etz Hachaim" with the commentary of Shitley Zeitim the Gaon Mahr"z, Jerusalem Trm"o. 7. book "Kol Yaakov" - Questions and Anwers Maharam Ben chaviv, with a dedication to Rabbi Rafael Aharon Ben Shimon -Rabbi of Egypt, Jerusalem Trs"z. Total: 7 books. Size and situations.
Item sold at $240 Starting at $200
LOT: 029

Lots posters and pages of Jerusalem 6 items.

Lot 6 items from Jerusalem: 1. Postcard (letter) from Trn"d. 2. haredi community member "Ramatim Tzofim' donation beg. 3. A letter of thanks (printed) including Soblek and Lomza in Israel. 4." Shekel" Tzioni Federation of Greece received a contribution. 5. food coupon for two Challas from Shaarei Chesed general charity. 6. fund card Talmud Torah. good condition.
Starting at $120
LOT: 030

Questions and Answers (Sheelot Vetshuvot) The Reme"z Venice Tkc"a single edition

Questions and Answers (Sheelot Vetshuvot) of the Mekubal Rabbi Moshe Zcut Venice Tkc"a single edition author of "Igrot Hareme'z" and "Kol Hareme'z" on Mishnayot and more Condition- good. new cover, slight damage on the gate page, Rehabilitated signature the K' Hirsch..
Starting at $100
LOT: 031

Kuntress "Yabiah Omer" first book of Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, Jerusalem Trc"tz, rare

Kuntress "Yabiah Omer" first book of Rabbi Ovadia Yosef who wrote him at the age of 17, including: "Torah novella amoraic order of conditions and according to the Gemara issues, Jerusalem Trc"tz octavo, Hzv"i Oivadya Yoseph S'T studying at Yeshivat Porat Yosef writing a "Justice", in this pamphlet is evident his knowledge of the Talmud and rabbinic scholars largest first and last since he was a student at Porat Yosef, with the consent of Rabbi Eliyahu Lopez mentor Rabbi writes about "..since he began to study with me I knew him he was going to make progress in the Torah .., with what Rabbi wrote: ..and now i saw some novelty print on parent .... Known that the rabbi told one of his sermons was going to the Yeshiva by foot, instead of driving traffic to save travel money and this money to publish this pamphlet and the rest of his writings. on the gate signing Rabbi David Sharabanni son of the Mekubal Rabbi Joshua ShaRabbani, and student Porat Yosef in the time of Rabbi Ovadia, who later became chief rabbi in Colombia.
Item sold at $375 Starting at $100
LOT: 032

Book "Questions and Answers" Rabbi Menachem Azariah of Fano, Dyhernfurth Tkm"h

Book "Questions and Answers" and issues, Rabbi Menachem Azariah of Fano accepted, Dyhernfurth Tkm"h, on last page painting of Redemption, a signature at the gate. Good condition, new cover, second edition, (first edition was printed in Venice Shas), Shu't Chashuv. Rabbi Menachem Azariah of Fano, Italy great Kabbalist, Sh"h - Sh"f, a student of Rabbi Moshe Cordovero RAM"K), and Rabbi. Ezra of Fano, and Rabbi Israel Sruk Safed, author of: Asara Maamarot, Gilguley Neshamot, and more.
Item sold at $150 Starting at $150
LOT: 033

Lot 2 books "Yaffe Lalev" to Rabbi Itzchak Palaji

Two books "Yaffe Lalev" on the Shulchan –Aruch 'Orach Chaim' to Rabbi Chaim Palaji son of Rabbi Chaim Palaji (1). 'Yaffe Lalev' part A Azmir Trl"b, with kuntress 'Yosher Lalev' Omissions contained to the 'Yafe Lalev', and keys named 'Keys of the heart, very good condition, original cover. (2) 'Yaffe Lalev' part 6 Azmir Trn"g, on 'Orach Chaim' and 'Yoreh Deaa, 93 page. Very good condition, original cover, owners writing on the cover.
Item sold at $120 Starting at $80
LOT: 034

Book "Maase Hiya" Venice Ti"b - rare.

Book Maase Hiya innovations and responsa on the Talmud, Rabbi Chiya Harofe Venice Ti"b, with early proofreader Rabbi Moshe Zchut (Author: Roots of names and Shu"t Ha-Ram"z), First Edition, Kn"h pages (Vinograd No. 1301), new cover, wide margins, registration handwritten owners Ashkenazi handwriting , defects in the gate, moth damage, a rare book. Rabbi Hiya Harofe, Hida in the names of Gdolim writes about the author author "Rabbi authorized of safed Rabbi Shlomo Sagis student, gave consent to the book Beer sheva in Sha"b".
Item sold at $150 Starting at $150
LOT: 035

Book 'Zera Itzchak', Amsterdan Tkm"t

Book 'Zera Itzchak' sermons to three pillars the world stands on, to Rabi Itzchak ben Avraham Grenbom, Amsterdan Tkm"t attern Profs 1789, (5) 38 page, good condition, only edition. Vinograd 2171.
Item sold at $120 Starting at $120
LOT: 036

Book " Malki Bakodesh", on the Passover Haggadah, printed in Salonika, Tk"t.

Book "Malki Bakodesh", a long and comprehensive on the Passover Haggadah with the body of the Haggadah, insights on the Rambam laws of Passover, shofar, lulav, Shas Innovations, and compilations, by Rabbi Ezra Malki, Salonika Tk"t, antique leather cover (worn), some moth damage, rare. signed on gate "Yom Tov ST".
Item sold at $350 Starting at $250
LOT: 037

Book "Yafe Toar", Wilormrsdorf Ta"d

Book "Yafe Toar" on Vaikra Raba on Torat Kohanim, long and comprehensive commentary by Rabbi Shmuel Yaffe Ashkenazi, author of: Yafe Mare, Yafe Einaim, Yafe Toar. Wilormrsdorf Ta"d, (2) Kl"b pages, illustrated cover and beautiful, with wooden Moses and Aaron, owners signatures, worn wood binding, medium condition .
Item sold at $150 Starting at $150
LOT: 038

Book "Nishmat Chaim", Salonika Tk"s

Book "Nishmat Chaim" questions and answers with explanations on the Sm"g, and sermons, Rabbi Chaim ben David Abulafia, Salonika Tk"s (3) A - Z'b A - P'D pages, original cover, good condition. Rabbi Chaim ben David Abulafia, T"n - Tkl"h, nephew of Rabbi Chaim Abulafia Mh"s Etz Chaim, was the great Rabbi of Izmir "and his days were acting from his commands only", a large assay on Sm'g burned in the great Fire in Izmir in Tkl"b, and here reprinted small part of his responses and novelty that was saved, Perush Passover Haggadah printed in his student's book "Ashdot Hapisga", Nispad in the book "Yad Shlomo", and in "Kidesh Yadid".
Starting at $150
LOT: 039

Book "Maamar Melech" on the Rambam, Salonika Tks"o

Book "Maamar Melech" on the Rambam, and memories in the order of A, B,Rabbi. Raphael Avraham Matzliach, the response of Rabbi Chaim aware, Salonika Tks"o, (3) the Kl"a pages. in the gate inscription and signing "Ana Zeira Daman Chavraya on Hebrew slave friend Chai Lai cousin S"t".
Starting at $120
LOT: 040

Book 'Ner-LeDavid', Livorno Trl"g

Book 'Ner-LeDavid' on the Shas of Seder Moed, Rabbi David jig 'Tunsi, Livorno Trl"g, with a long agreement signed by 15 rabbis of Tunis, with a handwritten dedication on the gate by the grandsons author- the publishers, original cover, good condition.
Item sold at $50 Starting at $50
LOT: 041

Book "Divrei Yosef" Livorno Tk"b with proofs.

Shu"t "Divrei Yosef" to the Mekubal Rabbi Yosef Irgas (author of the book "Shomer Emunim), Livorno year Tk"b, In page M"h proof of three lines in the handwriting of the Mekubal Rabbi Asher Zelig Margaliot, in the book a long dedication of his student Rabbi Malachi Hacohen (author of "Yad Malachi") that includes Divrei Yemei of the author. New cover, water stains.
Starting at $100
LOT: 042

Shu"t "Chakakei Lev" Shaloniki Tr"g.

Shut "Chakakei Lev" on the "Choshen Mishpat" part b', to Rabbi Chaim Falag'I, Shaloniki Tr"g, No Eight on the gate as the number of the authors book, (2) Ry"h page. New cover, Moisture damage restored on the inner margins, from the rare books of Rabbi Chaim Falag'i.
Starting at $100
LOT: 043

Book 'Get-Mekushar' to Rabbi Rephael Moshe Bola, Kushtandina, Tkc"z

Book 'Get-Mekushar' to Rabbi Rephael Moshe Bola, Kushtandina, Tkc"z Book 'Get-Mekushar' in the laws of Gittin to Rabbi Rephael Moshe Bola author of the book Zcut-Moshe,Kushtandina, Tkc"z, first Edition, (1) KtzZ page, curly signatures in the gate, mothe damage
Item sold at $70 Starting at $50
LOT: 044

Book 'Get Mekushar', Livorno Tkm"h

Book 'Get Mekushar' laws of divorce to Rabbi Navon mentor Rabbi of the Chid'a, turn and go on the book 'Get Pashut' to the Mahara'm Ben Chaviv, printed in Livorno Tkm"h, with commentary supplementation of the HaRe'em, complete and beautiful. Cover and detached pages.
Item sold at $90 Starting at $90
LOT: 045

Lot 2 books, Rabbi Chaim Falagi, Livorno Tkf"h

Lot 2 books: 1.Shu"t Rashba Part 5 with glosses "Rachamim Lachaim" Rabbi Chaim Falagi, Livorno Tkf"h first edition of the Shu't of the Rashba part 5 who published under the handwriting, with the consent of the Chakrei Lev and rabbis of Izmir, the first books of Rabbi Chaim Palagi, some moth damage. 2. Book 'Birkat Moadecha Lachaim' sermons and eulogies, Izmir Trc"h, his latest book printed during his life the day before the death of the Rabbi, (2) Kn"t page, except rift gate no loss to text, in good condition, number 27 at the gate of the authors books.
Item sold at $120 Starting at $120
LOT: 046

Book "Beit Habchira" on Pirkei Avot. Second edition with the biography of the author, Wayne 1854.

Meiri commentary on Pirkei Avot, with a total opening, out on to the light of reality on the part of the cost of a biography of the author and his books beams, Rabbi Zalman Stern, Wayne, 1854,in page 11 proofing written in an eastern handwriting signed Hio"m ST (perhaps Rabbi Yosef Meyuchas) . good condition. flaw on the last page.
Item sold at $60 Starting at $50
LOT: 047

Book "Ele Hamitzvot" on the Try"g Mitzvo, Kapust Tka"h

Book "Ele Hamitzvot" on the Try"g Mitzvot, by Rabbi Moshe Chagiz, Kapust Tka"h, Ky"d pages, two gates, front cover detached, good condition. Rabbi Moshe Chagiz (Mani"ch) son of Rabbi Jacob Chagiz (Mh"s small Laws) was born in Jerusalem in Tl"b, received the Torah from his beard head of rabbis of Jerusalem Rabbi Moshe Galante (Hmg"n) and by Rabbi Avraham Yitzhaki, Rabbi Discover During five decades in the world: Italy Netherlands and Ashkenaz, and many verbs to God and His Torah, author of: Mishnat Chachamim,Shut Shtei Halrchem, Leket Hakemach, and more, was in a great friendship with the Chacham Tzvi and his son Rabbi Jacob Emden, fought a holy war Sabbateanism has spread At the time, according to the Hida short lived nearly ninety years.
Starting at $70
LOT: 048

Book "Pri Chadash" Amsterdam Ts"o - First edition.

Book "Pri Chadash" Innovations on the Shulchan Aruch and Even Haezer with some variation of the Ramba'm, Rabbi Hezekiah da Silva, Amsterdam Ts"o, First Edition, (1) `AD, the nineteenth, (1) i page, published by the author's son, good inter-signatures and drawings at the gate, some moth damage, new cover, independence and style evoked criticism, in Shu"t Ginat Vradim is mentioned that when the book arrived to Egypt decided the scholars of Egypt to boycott "not to let anyone read this book, not reading the temporary and permanent reading," while a student of the Pri Chadash, Rabbi Shlomo Elgazi was appointed to Rabbi of Egypt and served there for 45 years, and all of its provisions have known from his teacher, later generations received the book without question,and was even printed in editions of the Shulchan Aruch.
Item sold at $150 Starting at $100
LOT: 049

Lot 5 books Djerba pattern

Lot 5 books Djerba pattern, 1.Questions and Answers (Sheelot and Tshuvot) Shoel and Nishal H"g Tsc"a. 2. "Yakar Haerech" year of T"s (Moosar on seder A' and B'). 3. "Midrash Shlomo Trp"h (Drashot). 4. "Yedei Moshe" Tst"v (Memorizing laws of slaughtering on the way of Shu"t and Shir). 5. "Ayelet Ahavim" Tst"v (on the Torah) Total of Five books.
Starting at $70
LOT: 050

Lot 4 Djerba pattern books

Lot 4 Djerba pattern books: 1. Mincha and Mairiv, Djerba pattern Boaz Haddad, miniature size of 9.3 cm. 2. "Ora veSimcha", Ramba"m, Laws of monetary damages with Tafsir in Arabic, Haddad Ts"o pattern. 2. "Fraitz Alklov" Chovot Halevavot in Arabic, Djerba Tra"t. 3. Machzor Katan, Djerba Tshi"z, Total of 4 books. Good condition.
Starting at $70