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מכירה מס' 31 - 08.07.2020

מכירה מס' 31
תתקיים אי"ה ביום רביעי ט"ז בתמוז התש"פ • 08.07.2020 • בשעה 19:00 

המכירה והתצוגה המקדימה בבית מורשת רח' הרב קוק 10 בני ברק 

א-ג 05-07/07/2020
בין השעות 14:00 -20:00

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LOT: 101

Travel channukiyah equipped inside a matching wooden box—1918.

Miniature travel channukiyah, made of metal, with a back board engraved with the tablets and lions, standing on four welded legs. The shamash attaches to the body, with a hole for pouring oil into the crevasses. Matching round bottle made of metal with a screw-top for storing the oil; the side of the bottle has an engraving of a jug. There is also a matching miniature box for holding matches, with an engraving of flames, perhaps also for preserving the wicks until they are burned according to halacha. Included is a large cloth rag for wiping and cleaning, with many oil stains and dirt. The channukiyah is 9cm tall, and 11x5 (length and width). Various defects, generally good condition. Given in a wooden box for storing the items, suitable for carrying, with hinges for opening the box. Inside is sponge cushioning with depressions for each of the items. Two metal clasps are on the box, and on the inside of the cover is also screwed in a metal plate with a Yiddish inscription: “To my dear child, return as quickly as possible, your father Moshe ben Zelig.” This was probably a gift given by a family to a Jewish soldier during World War One given his presumed absence from the family during Hanukkah—the roof of the box bears an illustration of the US, English, French, and other flags of the Entente Powers from the war, with the date: 1918. Length and width: 23x15cm. Height: 8cm. Rust on the clasps, paint is flaking, stains. Generally good condition.
Starting at $700
LOT: 102

Miniature tin hanukkiyah for lighting oil wicks. 20th century.

Simply made, primitive working of cutting and welding. On the back is an engraving of a menorah and the Star of David, with a hole for hanging. The base does not open. Welded legs. 8x7.5cm. Various stains and defects, generally good condition.
Starting at $50
LOT: 103

Sefardi sefer torah on gvil parchment, inside a handsome velvet case with silver decorations and finials. Especially handsome and rare in its condition—Baghdad 1905.

Sefardi sofer script, height of the parchment: 39cm. Height of the text: 32.5cm. 48 lines per column. Not checked thoroughly and not sold as a kosher scroll. Given inside a handsome case according to the Mizrahi minhag, covered in wonderful purple velvet, with silver decorations and clasps. The upper portion has a silver bouquet with purple patterned beads. The top has silver finials with bells which split in two upon opening the case. Dedication in the silver: “This case and the sefer torah inside were made in memory of our brother, the eldest, Yaakov Shalom Mordechai, who died 1905.” The top of the inside of the case has a matching inscription on a colorful background. The original colorful cushioning for protecting the sefer is inside. The clasps are in working order. Height of the case: 84cm. Various stains, defects to the decorations, faded velvet, cracks in a number of places, overall good condition.
Starting at $1500
LOT: 104

Sefer Torah on gvil parchment in Sefardi handwriting—Syria, 19th century.

Appears to be two handwritings. Height of the text: 38.5cm. Height of the parchment itself is variable, and is on average 51.5cm. 42 lines per column. Corrections and erasures, folds at the bottom of the parchment. Overall good condition, not sold as kosher.
Starting at $1200
LOT: 105

Ashkenazi Sefer Torah with especially wide columns of writing—Romania, 18-19th century.

Sefer torah written in ink on klaf parchment. Pretty, interesting Sofer script, with very wide columns (between 20-30cm), letters written in an unusual manner (e.g. the leg of the letter kuf bends to the right), and the order of lines in a number of places is different from the accepted custom. Uniform writing throughout the sefer. Many letters are faded. Corrections in a number of places. 60 lines per column. Height of the parchment: 58cm. Writing: 48cm. Wound around Atzei Chayim which suit the period. Jacket covering with embroidery of a Star of David, which also matches the area and period. Not sold as kosher.
Starting at $700
LOT: 106

Large sefer torah in Ashkenazi handwriting—Europe, approximately 19th century.

Written in ink on klaf parchment, handwriting of an expert sofer. Uniform writing throughout, faded letters. 59 lines per column. Height of the parchment: 62cm. Height of the writing: 52cm. Wound around Atzei Chayim which suit the period. Purple embroidered jacket with the keter torah and tablets, from a later period. Corrections to the sefer in a number of places. Not sold as kosher.
Starting at $500
LOT: 107

Interesting Ashkenazi Sefer Torah with interesting letters and rare tags. Germany, 18/19th century.

Ashkenazi (Beit Yosef) script, beautiful handwriting with uniform shape to letters. In many places the sofer wrote the letter pey with an interesting swirl, with a rare tag which goes out from the bottom of the letter. There are also especially large letters in places not typical of mesorah, and other places have tags exiting letters in the shape almost of a flag. Beautiful work testifying to the expertise of the sofer. Unusual number of lines per column: 60. Height of the parchment: 63cm. Faded writing, overall good condition. Wrapped around Atzei Chayyim and given inside a red velvet jacket. Not sold as kosher.
Starting at $3000
LOT: 108

Colorfully illustrated Megillat Esther with gold lines, inside a handsome nutwood case, with silver clasps.

Sofer script (Sefardi handwriting); around the columns of text are colorful illustrations—floral patterns in yellow, blue, red, and light blue, with lines on the edges of the writing colored in gold throughout the megillah. The first column has a nice illustration of Shushan the capital, with a lake and mountains in full color. Beautiful, wonderful work. Height of the parchment: 24cm. Height of the text: 17.5cm. Missing one letter from the ten sons of Haman, can be filled in by the purchaser. Very good condition. Given inside a handsome case made from walnut wood, with two silver clasps. The vaulted cover is connected with hinges. The box stands on a stepped base, with carvings of vaulted gates. Inside the box is carved in a round manner to suit the megillah. No defects, very good condition. Length and width: 32x14.5cm. 14cm high.
Starting at $3500
LOT: 109

Megillat Esther, written by hand on gvil. Iraq/Turkey, 19th century

Sofer script, Sefardi handwriting on gvil, probably from Iraq or Turkey. 19 lines per column. Height of the parchment: 20cm. Attached to a wooden hand-held housing, defective. Scotch tape connecting each piece of parchment. Defects to the first piece of parchment with damage to text. The letters are readable and in good condition (generally). Various defects, generally ok to good condition.
Starting at $100
LOT: 110

Bibliophilic edition of the work Sefer HaZikaron by Rabbi Yishmael HaKohen of Egypt. London 1974.

Second edition, a bibliophilic edition on light-blue paper. Apart from the new title page there is also a facsimile of the Ferrara 1555 edition, as well as an endorsement by Rabbi Chanoch Dov Padova, the Av Beit Din fo London. [3], 396, [2] pages. Gold-inscribed binding, generally good condition.
Starting at $50
LOT: 111

Facsimile of the Mishnah with Rambam’s commentary, first printing (Napoli 1492); Jerusalem 1970

Handsome facsimile edition: Two volumes with the six sidrei Mishnah with Rambam’s commentary, the first edition from Napoli. First volume: “Photocopy of the copy held in the National Library.” Second volume: “Photocopy of the copy held by Dr. Mahlman, Jerusalem.” Beginning of the book: “Photocopy of the copy held by Reuben Mass, Jerusalem.” Printed by high-quality paper, Mekorot Publishers, Jerusalem 1970. Slight staining on the binding, very good condition, comes with a cardboard case for storage.
Starting at $90
LOT: 112

Lot of bibliographic works: The History of Hebrew Printing in Mediterranean Europe, and in Italy, by Dov Friedberg

1. The History of Hebrew Printing in Mediterranean Europe “from its first establishment through its development in 1513, with information about its founders, their assistants, and those who came after them. With a list of books printed by them. Based in source material.” By Haim Dov Berish Friedberg. Antwerp 1935. 2. The History of Hebrew Printing in Italy “from its first establishment through its development in approximately 1470, with information about its founders … a detailed list of all the early books (incunabula) printed until 1500 and postcard-size images of 50 of them … by Haim Dov Friedberg. Bar Yehuda publication, Tel Aviv 1956. Soft binding. No defects, good condition.
Starting at $70
LOT: 113

Lot of bibliographic works: Periodicals in Ladino, Hebrew printing in the Eastern countries

1. Periodicals in Ladino, a bibliographic work of “three hundred periodicals described by Moshe David, edited and corrected by Moshe Katan”, published by Machon Ben Zvi in Jerusalem, 1965. 143 pages. Binding preserved in a dust jacket colorfully printed, generally good condition. 2. Two volumes on Hebrew Printing in the Mizrach, by Avraham Ya’ari, first section “Tzfat, Damascus, Aleppo, Cairo, Alexandria, Aden”, printed in Jerusalem 1936. Second section: “Calcutta, Bombay, Poona, Cochin, Madras, Baghdad”, printed in Jerusalem 1940. Light defects, generally good condition.
Starting at $200
LOT: 117

Lot of bibliographic works: Otzer Biurim v’Perushim (Annotations and Commentaries), Ohel Baruch—London 1952 and 1960

1. Sifrei Baruch, “a list of books by Baruch Strauss, Part 1 the books printed in Ohel Baruch by Baruch Strauss”, printed in London 1960. Binding well-preserved in a printed dust jacket. 2. Otzer Biurim v’Perushim about the works “written and printed about the Mishna, Tosefta, the two Talmuds, on the Rishonim, the Rambam, the Tur, the Shulchan Aruch, etc.” by Pinchas Yaakov HaKohen. Printed in London 1952. Binding well-preserved in a printed dust jacket, with tears. Generally good condition.
Starting at $80
LOT: 118

Collection of documents: pictures, certificates and more, about the Jews of Bulgaria. First half of the 20th century.

Special, rare collection of around 70 documents from Bulgarian Jewry, shedding light on the lives of Jews from this region. 1. Fascinating document from the Beit Avot non-profit led by the Union of Bulgarian Jewry, “certifying that every Jew in Bulgaria above 10 years of age, from 1942 until 9/9/1944, was required to wear a yellow Star of David on his/her clothing and were limited by law for the defence of the nation”. 2. Certificates of Excellence—diplomas for Jews in various subjects 3. Workbook of a Jewish business owner; accounts and customers 4. Certificates, passports, approvals, and more. 5. Collection of 16 photographs. A Jewish soldier serving in the Bulgarian army during World War I, in various poses and episodes: wearing his uniform alongside other soldiers, with his family, etc. With additional photographs from Bulgarian Jews. 6. Various letters in Bulgarian sent to family or friends 7. Set of miniature photographs attached to one another in a chain, in a matching wooden binding, showing important sites in Bulgaria 8. Official documents of the State of Israel, belonging to Bulgarian immigrants who arrived in Israel, some with personal details. 9. The rare booklet “Returning Home” (Bachazara HaBayta), “the origins of Bulgarian Jews, from the First Temple to the end of World War II”, typewritten, printed by Shahar Rehovot. 10. Pen sketch with various figures (signed), probably Bulgarian politicians. Not checked thoroughly, various conditions, mostly good condition.
Starting at $150
LOT: 119

2 Egyptian pound notes with sequential numbers. 1941

Two £1 Egyptian notes from 1941, with motifs drawn from ancient Egypt, old and worn, generally poor condition
Starting at $50
LOT: 120

3 Egyptian pound notes with sequential numbers. 1943

Three £1 Egyptian notes from 1943, with motifs drawn from ancient Egypt, sequentially numbered 186116/7/8. Very good condition.
Starting at $150
LOT: 121

. Colorful calendar with a report on activity of the Rabbi Meir Ba’al HaNes kupah. Jerusalem 1932.

Colorful calendar for 1931-2 in Hebrew and English, by the kupah of Rabbi Meir Ba’al HaNes, with a report on activity. 28x46cm. Tears and stains, generally good condition.
Starting at $50
LOT: 122

Rare and unique: A table with times of day, handwritten. Jerusalem, 1968.

Sheet of paper written by hand and organized in a circular shape with halachic times of day: dawn, sunrise, halachic noon and midnight. The center has an additional sheet of paper matching the times with Hebrew dates in accordance with the Gregorian and Muslim calendar. At the top is written: “5628, for a machzor katan 297 28 … thousand since the destruction, 1283 in the Ishmaelite [Muslim] calendar, 1862 [seems there is a mistake here] for the Christians…” The main clock and the center are sewn together with string. Holes and creases from folding with damage to text. Wear. Overall ok condition. 46x37cm.
Starting at $300
LOT: 123

Ketubah written by hand on paper—Kabir El-Azav, Sanaa Yemen 1877.

Ketubah handwritten on a sheet of paper for a wedding which took place in Kabir El-Azav, the Jewish neighborhood of Sanaa. The groom is Haim ben Yosef ben Mansa El-Kohen El-Araki, the bride is Lulu (Margalit) of the Ratzabi family, 2nd Shvat, 1877. Signed: Ma’ari Yosef ben David Manzali (a student of the Maharitz), Shlomo Saliman Tzalach(?). The back has a shtar of the above signed with an additional signature correcting the agreement. See Encyclopedia of Yemenite Sages, p. 330 and 505. Tears and creases with light damage to text at the center of the ketubah. Stains, overall ok condition. 29x22cm.
Starting at $100
LOT: 124

Ketubah ‘Darmalta’—Jerusalem 1928.

Ketubah written on paper with a printed frame, gilded letters, printed by “Eretz Yisrael” in Jerusalem. The nusach is written entirely by hand, “the groom…Yosef…said to the bride Miriam…” The ketubah is of someone who married a widow, using a wording not common for ketubot. Creases, a few stains. Overall good condition. 30.5x46.5cm.
Starting at $100
LOT: 125

Ketubah on paper handwritten—Marrakesh, Morocco 1944.

Ketubah from Thursday, 26th of Elul, 1944, from Marrakesh. Mesader kiddushin: Rabbi Abergil and Rabbi Biton, signatures of the witnesses Rabbi Refael Mor Yosef, Rabbi Shmuel David Asachmoni, signed by the approving rabbi Moshe Zrihan, the Ra’avad of Marrakesh (Arzei HaLevanon 1646). Various stamps, creases from folding and tears with damage to text. Overall ok condition.
Starting at $100
LOT: 126

Collection of posters from the General Histadrut of Hebrew Workers in Israel—beginning of the 1940s

Collection of posters and booklets from the Histadrut, which was in practice the socialist movement in Israel. 19 documents bearing on the propaganda and struggles of the party, end of the 1930s and beginning of the 1940s. Booklet: “6,000,000 murdered, from 17 million we have been left with only 8.5”, another one on the Struma disaster from March 1942, another on the “Kaplinsky testimony”, from Tammuz 1954. Poster: Workers of Tel Aviv, from December 1942. Poster calling on the strengthening of the anti-fascist front:: “Workers of the World Unite!” May 1, 1942. Another against the P.K.P, and another for members of the Tel Aviv branch from July 1, 1938 following the court decision against Ben Yosef, “Hunger Strike!” October 1940, and a poster against the Revisionist Zionists from May 1939. Various sizes, stains, generally good condition.
Starting at $100
LOT: 127

A packet of issues from “BaMatzor”, a periodical published by the Haganah, during the outbreak of World War II—1939/40

BaMatzor, a secret periodical produced by the Haganah calling on people to join the newly established Hebrew Army, as the Shoah rages in Europe. Also called on people to oppose the other laws in the White Paper, especially the infamous law regarding land ownership, which tried to prevent the acquisition of land by Jews in certain areas of the country. Issues: 3, 6, 7, 11, and one unnumbered issue (probably the first in the series). Issue #11 has a scary survey of the level of organization of Arab gang leaders in various settlements, given the backing they received from the English government at the time. Four of these were published in 1940 and one in 1939, with no printer name or location as a result of the secrecy surrounding the publication. Light stains, generally good condition.
Starting at $80
LOT: 128

. Booklet in English with the UN partition plan and a map—Jerusalem 1947

Booklet entitled “United Nations Resolution on Partition”, the US decision on the division. The first page has a sketch of the map of Israel with explanations and symbols. 23 pages. Light tears, pages reattached to one another with glue. Generally good condition.
Starting at $100