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מכירה מס' 31 - 08.07.2020

מכירה מס' 31
תתקיים אי"ה ביום רביעי ט"ז בתמוז התש"פ • 08.07.2020 • בשעה 19:00 

המכירה והתצוגה המקדימה בבית מורשת רח' הרב קוק 10 בני ברק 

א-ג 05-07/07/2020
בין השעות 14:00 -20:00

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LOT: 076

Tzedakah bowl “to support the poor”, made of pewter. Europe, 20th century.

With engraved inscriptions around the bowl: “Tzedakah”, “Supporting the Poor.” Erased stamp on the back. Welded on a leg for staying upright, there is a ring on top for hanging. Various defects, generally good condition.
Starting at $150
LOT: 077

“Matan B’Seter”—a large tzedakah box made of metal, with a handle. Budapest.

Large tzedakah box made of blue metal, sloping as a pyramid, with a handle for the gabbay to hold it. On the side is a welded sheet with the inscriptions: “Ahavat Re’im”, and “Budapest”, in the local language. “Matan B’Seter” in Hebrew as well. Weight: 1066g. Max length and width: 16x15.5cm, not including the handle. Height: 23.5cm. Rust and paint flaking in some parts, overall good condition.
Starting at $400
LOT: 078

Shiviti for the Chazan of a synagogue, with a stand for candles. Engraved metal, Europe 20th century.

The metal is engraved with a Star of David, the Tablets with lions; on either side are little beakers that come apart to light oil, and there is room for two more. A sheet for candles has been welded on, and a loop for hanging this item. Weight: 2097g. 23x12.5cm length and width. Height: 28cm. Various defects, overall good condition.
Starting at $350
LOT: 079

Bowl for netilat yada’im in a synagogue. Germany, 18th century.

Water tank and basin, made of pewter, for washing one’s hand in shul. Engraving work done by hand, the bracha of netilat yada’im and a vase with flowers. On the bottom is a faucet in good working condition. A matching cover for closing the basin is at the top and a matching basin is included for collecting the water. The sides of the basin feature loops for hanging onto the wall of a synagogue. Overall good condition.
Starting at $2000
LOT: 080

Hat for a bride with decorations – Afghanistan? Early 20th century

An especially large hat for a bride, made of cloth with metal decorations (nickel silver and low-quality silver) together with jewels, thread interwoven by hand with threads and beads in a range of colors. Afghanistan/Azerbaijan [?], early 20th century. Slight blemishes. Good overall condition.
Starting at $120
LOT: 081

Ancient tefillin case, embroidery. 1897.

Small, elongated tefillin case, embroidered in red, yellow, and light blue. Figures of columns and flowers on one side, with a plant on the other side, with cloth pompons on the bottom (missing one), a red frame. Embroidered date (1897). 14.5x22cm. Frayed stitches in a number of places, generally ok condition.
Starting at $50
LOT: 082

Pair of silver tefillin housings, by the artist Jan Pogorzelski—Warsaw 1865.

Handmade tefillin housings by the artist Jan Pogorzelski through cutting work, hammering, and engraving of frames and flowers. Each has the inscription S”R (Shel Rosh) and S”Y (Shel Yad), respectively. Stamped silver 84. Stamp of the maker and stamp of the place of manufacture (Warsaw, under the Russian Empire). Size of the cube: 5x5cm. Maximum size: 10x6.5cm. Total weight: 300g. Overall very good condition.
Starting at $1800
LOT: 083

Silver tobacco case with enamel work and points of gold. Stamped. Russia, 19th century.

Rectangular silver tobacco case, with enamel work in black and white, decorations and various geometric shapes, with points of gold. Very pretty work. The cover is connected via hinges and opens with a lever. Stamped Russia, 19th century. Depth: 1.8cm. Length and width: 7.5x4.5cm. Weight: 96g. Small defects in the margins from the profile perspective. Overall good condition.
Starting at $1000
LOT: 084

Collection of 5 miniature silver tobacco cases, various techniques, some stamped.

One of them has colorful enamel work, another has an engraving of conchs and other seashells, as well as other interesting shapes. Three of them are stamped, one: 1932. Various periods. Total weight: 82g. Lone, light defects in some. Overall good condition.
Starting at $400
LOT: 085

Silver mezuzah housing carved by hand with images of Jerusalem, inlaid with turquoise. Stamped silver and artist’s stamp.

Made with cutting, hammering, welding, and engraving work. Around it are floral decorations and the letter Shin. In the center is an illustration of Jerusalem with its walls and hills in the horizon. Delicate pretty work, on either edge where it is supposed to be nailed to the wall are inlaid turquoises. Stamp of the artist: “ed.bauram.” Stamped silver: “Jerusalem 2008 925.” Weight: 37g. Size 18x4cm. Good condition.
Starting at $200
LOT: 086

Silver mezuzah housing carved by hand with enamel work, on a wooden base. Stamped silver and artist’s stamp.

In the center is a vertical inscription: “Yerushalayim.” With enamel work in blue. On both sides are ellipses of turquoise and blue squares organized prettily. Screwed onto a wooden base designed for fixing to a wall. The tops of the screws are made of silver, done wonderfully by hand. Stamped silver and artist: “BR ISRAEL 925.” Total weight: 44g. Light defects, overall good condition.
Starting at $150
LOT: 087

Carved wood mezuzah housing, on a matching stand made of nutwood.

Mezuzah housing with an upper portion which opens. Carved by hand with gazelles, plants, and the letter shin. The gazelles’ eyes are in black. With a carved nut wood stand for fixing the mezuzah to a wall without needing to drill or hit with a hammer, and it is removed in the same way, which allows for easy checking and cleaning. Unique, interesting item. 17x2cm, diameter 2cm. Light defects, overall good condition.
Starting at $180
LOT: 088

Large mezuzah housing made of copper, wooden frame, made by the Hasidic artist Zalman Leib Moskowitz—Israel, 20th century

Large, pretty mezuzah housing made to look like a picture; a long piece of copper with a vertical engraving of the psalm “Shir LaMa’a lot Esah Einai El HaHarim”. Given in a wooden frame carved with decorations. On the back is a depression for putting in the scroll (diagonally), such that the picture itself can be attached to the wall in a perfectly vertical manner with needing to place it diagonally as is traditional. Professionally done, wonderful work y the well-known Chassidic artist Zalman Leib Moskowitz, son of the Admor Rabbi Yaakov of Shatz-Haifa, a descendant of Rabbi Meir of Premyslan. Signed Moskowitz. 13x50cm. Light defects and stains, generally good condition.
Starting at $150
LOT: 089

Jerusalem stamp with a olivewood carved handle—defective.

The well-known, characteristic Jerusalem stamp made of olivewood, featuring the Kotel with trees and buildings. In the center is the inscription: “Kotel HaMa’aravi, the Holy City of Jerusalem.” This style is very common and was printed in colophons of many books from Jerusalem printings. The owner’s name is in Latin script and mostly defective. One can just make out the name: “Emmanuel Kohen.” 7.5cm. Overall good condition.
Starting at $100
LOT: 090

Velvet parochet for an ark with silver threads. USA, 20th century.

Purple/red velvet with floral decorations, some in silver thread. Black fringe extension at bottom. Size: 92x116cm. Large holes at the top, faded velvet. Overall bad to ok condition.
Starting at $50
LOT: 091

Miniature wooden Holy Ark (Aron Kodesh), with silver, coated in gold, inlaid with gemstones, wonderfully beautiful.

Miniature wooden ark made by a professional artist by hand, wood integrated with silver, gold leaf, with hammer work, casting, cutting, and welding. Inside are fixed atzei hayyim (finials) or rolling a Sefer Torah as in the Mizrahi tradition. Six silver lions coated in gold lie on the roof and two additional ones on the sides. The ark stands o na stepped base with three levels. On both sides of the opening are pillars with silver and gold leaf, decorations on the steps and on the angles—plants and vines inlaid with gemstones and the Tablets. On the roof are two additional crowns attached to the finials inside. Also on the roof is a silver plate surrounded by a matching bouquet. The doors of the heichal feature unique decorations of the 12 tribes, made with silver coated in gold. Perpendicular to the profile is a silver plank in the shape of a palm tree with a pair of antelope. Wonderful work, especially pretty. Size: 39x30cm. Height: 59cm. The opening is 34x22cm. Overall very good condition.
Starting at $18000
LOT: 092

Stamped silver torah crown—Italy, 20th century.

Wonderful keter for a torah, made professionally and uniquely with welding and engravings of diamonds. 3 levels, at the top of which is another crown, with bells hanging on the sides with embossed silver decorations. Stamped silver and the name of the artist: Martella Fatto a mano [made by hand], 925, as well as a crown stamp. Weight: 1260g. Max diameter: 19cm. Height: 35cm. Light defects: bend at the top of the crown and on the lower track. Overall very good condition.
Starting at $1100
LOT: 093

Lone silver finial for a sefer torah. Iraq, 19th century.

On the side are hanging bells. Engraved dedication on the leg: “Tzlacha bat Masouda.” Height: 17cm. Weight: 199g. Generally good condition.
Starting at $100
LOT: 094

Pair of silver finials for a sefer torah, filigree work. Israel, 20th century.

Made in an exacting manner by a professional artist: filigree, hand-welded, with screwing in and casting work. At the top is a crown, six branches with decorations and 12 hanging bells on each rimon. Stamped silver 925. Weight: 1150g. Height: 29cm. Max diameter: 9cm. Overall very good condition.
Starting at $600
LOT: 095

Pair of silver finials for a sefer torah, Iraqi style. Israel, 1980s

Pieces screw together, with hammer work and welding. In the center are the figures of lions with the Tablets. Metal pomegranates hang on the sides, at the top is a metal Star of David. Engraving of a dedication from 1964. Height: 30cm. Weight: 354g. Light defects, generally good condition.
Starting at $150
LOT: 096

Pair of finials for a sefer torah, Turkmen style. 20th century.

Metal integrated with silver and gemstones. Gilded pomegranates hang on the sides of the finials. Height: 26cm. Weight: 680g. Generally very good condition.
Starting at $350
LOT: 097

Pair of finials for a sefer torah, Kurdistan style. Israel, 1970s.

Tall, handsome finials, unique style. Made by hand with filigree, welding and the placement of gemstones. Engraving on 2 places of each finial: “In memory of our dear mother … 1967.” Metal chain for hanging. Height: 35cm. Weight: 660g. Various defects, generally good condition.
Starting at $250
LOT: 098

Silver yad for a sefer torah, Kurdistan style. Israel, 1970s.

Unique, handmade, with screwing, welding, and placement of gemstones. Dedication from 1979. Light crack and various defects. Generally good condition. Length: 30cm. Weight: 110g.
Starting at $100
LOT: 099

Handmade stamped silver channukiyah. Poland? 19th century.

Wall channukiyah made of silver by hand with screwing in pieces, cutting work, casting, and hammering, decorated with floral patterns and deep impressions. The beakers are shaped to look like oil jugs and are surrounded by a fence, on a sheet standing on four pillars made to look like legs. There is also a matching shamash on the top, and there is a ring for hanging it. Wonderful work, stamped silver 12. Weight: 607g. Height: 24cm. Length and width: 19x5.5cm. Good condition.
Starting at $1800
LOT: 100

Handmade channukiyah made of metal and velvet, with silver and gemstones. End of the 20th century.

The wall and beakers are made of metal and silver decorations, upon a wooden background covered in green velvet. In the center is a Star of David charm with a hanging scythe engraved “HaNerot Halalu Kodesh Hem.” Inlaid with large turquoise gemstones and agates. Height: 23cm. Length and width: 21.5x5cm. Various defects, overall good condition.
Starting at $200