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LOT: 001

Shulchan Aruch Harav Part One Orach Chaim – in the printing press of the Shapiro Brothers, Zhitomir, 1859

Shulchan Aruch Harav part one, Orach Chaim. By the Alter Rebbe Rabbi Shneur Zalman of Liadi. Printed in the printing press of the partners Rabbi Chanina Lipa and Rabbi Yehoshua Heschel Shapiro. Zhitomir, 1859. Two title pages. First title page in red ink. [3], 169 leaves. 20.5 cm. Stains and slight worming holes. Good overall condition.
Starting at $180
LOT: 002

The first book printed by Rabbi Chanina Lipa Shapiro of Zhitomir: Haflaah on tractate Ketubot – Sudylkow, 1833 with interesting signatures

Sefer Haflaah, “Sefer Ketubah which is one part of the Sefer Haflaah, novaelle on the laws and legends of the tractate of Ketubot and the laws of Ketubah, that were composed through the in-depth study of…Rabbi Pinchas Halevi Ish Horowitz…” who is known as the Baal Haflaah after the name of this book. Rabbi of Frankfurt am Main. One of the disciples of the Maggid of Mezeritch, brother of Rabbi Shmuel Shmelke of Nikolsburg and the primary teacher of Rabbi Moshe Sofer – the Chatam Sofer. This book is rare and special because it is a chassidic edition that was printed by Rabbi Chanina Lipa Shapiro – the renowned printer from Zhitomir, son of Rabbi Shmuel Abba of Slavita, grandson of Rabbi Moshe Shapiro of Slavita and great-grandson of Rabbi Pinchas of Koritz. This book was printed by Rabbi Chanina Lipa in Sudylkow over a decade before he established his printing press in Zhitomir. Pretty and decorated title page, part of it in red ink. 1833. 5 (faulty pagination), 169 leaves. 37 cm. Pastings, stains and worming damage in several places with slight damage to text, otherwise most of the book is in good overall good condition. Front cover is partially detached. Pretty, decorated binding, possibly original, with slight blemishes. Ancient ownership signatures, not examined in-depth. “Zvi son of Yehuda Leib Stein…?” “Asher Yaakov Bretler of Satmar.”
Item sold at $300 Starting at $180
LOT: 003

Seder Azharot for Shavuot by Rabbi Yitzchak son of Reuven – Bak printing press, Jerusalem 1842

Seder Azharot – piyyutim for the festival of Shavuot “by the genius Rabbi Yitzchak son of Rabbi Reuven (Alerbglani) that were recited in all the cities of the west.” With introductions by the printer and author. A rare book: one of the first books printed in Jerusalem, 1842. In the printing press of Yisrael son of Avraham [Bak], (Shoshana Halevi 6). Ownership signature on the title page in sephardic handwriting and an additional inscription on the back cover. Without page numbers – 24 according to the Bibliography Project. Slight tear on the binding. Stains, faded binding, good overall condition. Dimensions: 10 x 15 cm.
Item sold at $600 Starting at $500
LOT: 004

Book of the Zohar printed in the Bak printing press, one of the first books printed in Jerusalem, 1844-6

The book of the Zohar on the Torah by the sage Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai. Title page with a picture of Jerusalem. The first volume has an additional title page. Printed over three years, part one in 1844, part two in 1845 and part three in 1846. One of the first books printed in Jerusalem. In the printing press of Yisrael son of Avraham [Bak] (Shoshana Halevi 22). Rebound, slight restorations in some of the bindings, worming holes, various stains, good overall condition.
Starting at $800
LOT: 005

A collection of four books printed in Jerusalem, some rare

A collection of books from the Jerusalem printing presses, important editions that were printed during their authors’ lifetimes, some of them rare. 1. The book Chukei Chaim, homilies on various commandments by Rabbi Yaakov Chaim Sofer author of the Kaf Hachaim. First edition during the author’s lifetime – 1911. Detached leaf. 2. The book Ashira L’Hashem, two parts, by Rabbi Shalom son of Rafael Gabbai, part one homilies on the Bible and part two (separate title page), pilpulim on several Talmudic tractates. First edition during the author’s lifetime – 1895. Ownership signature in Sephardic handwriting that was not examined in depth. 3. The book Refuah V’Chaim, advice, segulot, prayers and combinations of the Holy Names for a complete recovery, by Rabbi Chaim Palagi. Second edition during the author’s lifetime – 1908. 4. Volume with 3 books. 1. The book Refuah V’Chaim M’Yerushalayim “Healing, segulot, amulets and lots” by Rabbi Yitzchak son of Rabbi Eliezer. Second edition during the author’s lifetime – 1892. 2. A book with the terrible story of the spirit who “entered the body of a woman,” interesting testimony and the sequence of events of the story about removal of the dybbuk in Jerusalem in 1903, with signatures of the rabbis who testify about the story, a fascinating historical document. Written by Rabbi Ben Zion Mordechai Hazzan. First edition – 1904. 3. A book about cholera “its nature, reason, the manner it spreads, and the rules for preventing it” by Dr. A. Baham. Additional title page for “About rabies or the illness of stray animals” by Dr. Baham “from the pastoral institution for healing people bitten in Jerusalem of the union of Jewish doctors and researchers of nature for matters of health in the Land of Israel” – Jerusalem 1904. With a dedication by the author ‘For the helper of the Pastoral Institution David M (the rest is erased) by the author, Jerusalem, 10 Av 1886.” Varying conditions, good overall condition.
Item sold at $130 Starting at $120
LOT: 006

A collection of books by the Kaf Hachaim – first editions – Jerusalem 1910-1933

1. Five volumes that contain all eight parts of the book Kaf Hachaim by Rabbi Yaakov Chaim Sofer of Baghdad. A work on the Orach Chaim section of the Shulchan Aruch that was favorably received by Jewish communities throughout the world and is widely cited in halachic literature. Apart from part one [which was partially printed earlier] all of the volumes are first editions that were printed in Jerusalem. Part one, 1910. Part two 1913. Part three 1915. Part four 1920. Part five 1924. Part six 1928. Part seven 1931. Part eight 1933. Ownership inscriptions: Rabbi Gershon son of Noach Cohen. And Simcha Bunim son of … [?]. 2. The book Kol Yaakov on the laws of scribal writing by our teacher the author – Jerusalem 1910. Bindings in different conditions. Well preserved copies, good overall condition. Kaf Hachaim, the important magnum opus of the kabbalist Rabbi Yaakov Chaim son of Rabbi Yitzchak Baruch Sofer (1870-1939). Born in Iraq, a disciple of Rabbi Abdullah Somekh and Rabbi Yosef Chaim of Baghdad author of the Ben Ish Chai, one of the sages of Iraq and Jerusalem and one of the foremost poskim. He spent his days studying Torah and writing his work in the attic of the Shoshanim L’David synagogue in Jerusalem that was founded by the Ben Ish Chai. In addition to these books he wrote other books, “Chaim Ad Ha’Olam” on completing tractates, “Chukei Chaim” – homilies for various occasions. “Yagel Yaakov” – novaelle on the Torah.
Item sold at $140 Starting at $120
LOT: 007

A collection of 14 books of kabbalah from the Jerusalem printing presses, mostly first editions – 19th century

A collection of books from Jerusalem on topics of Kabbalah, from the library of the chassidic kabbalist Rabbi Mordechai Moshe Hacohen Karfman of Jersualem. The vast majority are signed with his signature and stamp. 1. The book Shaarei Rachamim I on the Siddur Harashash by Rabbi Rachamim David Sarim. Printed in the author’s lifetime in a first edition – 1926. Illustration on the back of the title page of the Beit El yeshiva of kabbalah. 2. The book Shaarei Rachamim part II, first edition in the author’s lifetime – 1928. At its end is part III, called Shaarei Derech Chaim, with a separate title page. First edition during the author’s lifetime – 1931. Ownership signature: Pinchas son of Freida.” 3. Sefer Halikutim “Hashaar Harevi’i, which is the second part of the Shaar Pesukim” by the Ari. The title page attests that this is the first edition in which this book was printed separately from Shaar Hapesukim – 1913. Interesting ownership stamp: “Mordechai Dovber son of Rabbi David Wacht Fogel son of Devorah Miriam of Biala Polan in the holy city of Jerusalem.” 4. The book Simchat Yom Tov by Rabbi Yom Tov Yedid Halevi. First edition – 1926. 5. Volume with three books. Or Halevana – kavanot in Birkat Halevana. Or Hachadash – kavanot for Hallel of Rosh Chodesh. Or Hachaim – kavanot in birkat hamazon and the blessing for circumcision. By Rabbi Yaakov Katzin. First edition – 1925. 6. The book Refuah V’Chaim Miyerushalayim, “which is a collection of segulot, amulets and lots.” Brought to the press by Eliyahu Mizrahi – 1931. 7. The book Etz Hadaat part two, “Wonderful homilies by the Ari and a commentary on the books of Mishlei, Job, Daniel and Divrei Hayamim according to the simple meaning.” By the holy kabbalist Rabbi Chaim Vital. Published from a manuscript that was hidden in the library of the Rashash’s yeshiva. First edition – 1906. Ownership inscription: Belongs to me Baruch son of Zion Shapiro…[?] in the holy city of Safed.” 8. The book Niflaot Chadashot by the kabbalist Rabbi Shimshon of Ostropoli – 1947. 9. The book Zimrat Ha’aretz by Rabbi Avigdor Azriel – 1932. With the booklet Or Hachashmal, ownership stamp: “Chaim David Surgana.” 10. The book Reyach L’yitzchak by Rabbi Yitzchak Chaim Yisrael Rafael Alfaya. First edition – 1936. Title page in purple ink. 11. The book Patura D’Abba, customs of the Ari with glosses Bnei Abba. First edition – 1905. Bound with the book Maurei Zion, first edition in the author’s lifetime – 1911. Ownership stamp: “Yosef Burd, Nachalat Ganim, Beit Levin.” 12. The book Maamar Sod Etz Hadaat “from the book written by the true kabbalist the philosopher Rabbi Yeshayahu son of Rabbi Yosef Halevi of the Liv family.” First edition – 1891-2. Two title pages. 13. The book Merkava Shleima “that contains Mishnaic teachings from the sages Rabbi Akiva and Rabbi Yishmael the high priest” first edition – 1921. 14. The book Mashsof Halavan on the Torah by the great kabbalist Rabbi Yaakov son of Massoud Abuchatzeira. First edition – 1892. Varying conditions. Some restored leaves in some of the books. Good overall condition.
Item sold at $240 Starting at $150
LOT: 008

4 parts of the book Shemen Sasson with a dedication by the author, important signatures and glosses – first edition, Jerusalem, 1869-1896

A collection of four parts of the book Shemen Sasson. A book on the kabbalah and the works of the Ari and Rabbi Chaim Vital, by Rabbi Sasson son of Moshe Parsiado. From the library of the chassidic kabbalist Rabbi Mordechai Moshe Karfman of Jerusalem. 1. Part one – printing press of Yisrael Bak, Jerusalem 1869. [1], 93 leaves. Very slight stains and blemishes. Good overall condition. Ownership stamps: “Mendel Shlezinger Sasnowitza” – a member of the family of the rebbes of Gur, the father of Shmuel Haramati who was the founder of Hapoel Hamizrachi. On page 33 are two corrections in handwriting that seems extremely similar to that of the author. 2. Part two – Gashtzeinini printing press Jerusalem, 1874. [1] 5, 95, [1] leaf. The title page appears to be a photocopy. Pages cut close to text. Good overall condition. The endpage is detached and in the book with a dedication from the author to “Rafael Naftali Halevi.” 3. Part four – Petach Einayim. Jerusalem 1889. [1], 128 leaves. Title page and first leaf are detached, tears and pastings primarily at the bottom of the first leaves and the last leaf. Otherwise mostly in good condition. Ownership signatures and stamps of Rabbi David Ladino, Rabbi Yom Tov Yedid Halevi and his son Rabbi Eliezer Yedid Halevi. Several glosses in several places in the book. 4. The book Shemen Sasson part five. Jerusalem 1896. [8], 83 leaves. Tears and pastings on the last leaf. Slight stains and blemishes. Very good overall condition. The author Rabbi Sasson Bechar Moshe (1825-1903) known as Parsiado (“dear” in Ladino), a rabbi and kabbalist from Jerusalem, leader of the kabbalistic Beit El community and yeshiva in Jerusalem.
Item sold at $400 Starting at $150
LOT: 009

The books of Rabbi Aharon Shlomo Maharil: a complete and nice set of Tomameha Chaim Zachu and the book Messilot Chochma – first edition, Jerusalem 1924-1934

A collection of the books of Rabbi Aharon Shlomo Maharil. A complete set of his book Toameha Chaim Zachu – a commentary and elucidation on the book Etz Chaim by Rabbi Chaim Vital and the book Mesilot Chochma, 32 rules in the study of kabbalah according to the Ari by Rabbi Aharon Shlomo Maharil of Zagare – first editions printed in the Jerusalem printing presses. 1. Toameha Chaim Zachu: part one: Jerusalem, 1924. [2], 6, 8 pages. [2]-103 leaves. Includes the cover title page before the title page and the back cover. Part two: Jerusalem, 1926. 8 pages, 101 [1] leaves. Part three: Jerusalem, 1927. [1], 92, [2] leaves, 12 pages. Bindings with leather spines. Very good overall condition. Negligible blemishes. 2. The book Mesillot Chochma – Jerusalem 1934. [2], 8, 33, [1] leaves. Binding printed on both sides. Lamnatzeach in the form of a menorah is printed inside. A small number of worming holes. Good overall condition. Rabbi Aharon Shlomo Maharil (died in 1939), a rabbi and kabbalist who immigrated to Jerusalem from Zagare, Lithuania. A student and contemporary of the author of ‘Leshem Shevo V’Achlama” – Rabbi Shlomo Elyashiv, and he is buried next to him on the Mount of Olives.
Item sold at $100 Starting at $100
LOT: 010

The book Beit Lechem Yehuda by Rabbi Yehuda Pataya, two parts – kabbalah, first edition, Jerusalem, 1936-1939

A volume with two parts of the book Beit Lechem Yehuda by Rabbi Yehuda Pataya, “which is an easy and short elucidation to help anybody study the book Etz Hachaim.” Part one, 1936. Part two, 1939 – Jerusalem, first edition in the printing press of Rabbi Chaim Zuckerman and Rabbi Amram Itach. [1], 135 leaves. [1], 175, 4 leaves. A nice copy in good condition. The kabbalist Rabbi Yehuda Moshe Pataya (1859-1942), born in Baghdad. In 1934 he immigrated to Israel and settled in Jerusalem, where he lived until his death. During the Holocaust he used to recite Tikkun Chatzot at Kever Rachel. He was defined by Professor Yehuda Liebes as the most important kabbalist of the twentieth century.
Starting at $80
LOT: 011

A collection of 4 of the eight she’arim of the Ari – printed in Jerusalem, some of them first editions with important stamps

A collection of 4 she’arim of the Ari from the writings of his foremost disciple Rabbi Chaim Vital. 1. The fourth sha’ar, Sha’ar Ha’pesukim. Added to this edition are glosses and novaelle by Rabbi Zev Wolf Ashkenazi – Jerusalem, 1912. At the end of the fourth sha’ar is the book Halikutim “which is the second sha’ar of the Sha’ar Hapesukim,” the first edition in which this book is printed as a separate book from Sha’ar Hapesukim – Jerusalem 1913. Arranged by Rabbi Sar Shalom Mizrahi Sharabi, the Rashash, with glosses and novaelle by Rabbi Zev Wolf Ashkenazi. A large picture of Jerusalem in red, handwritten comments. Original binding. 2. The fifth sha’ar, Sha’ar Hamitzvot. With glosses by Rabbi Zev Wolf Ashkenazi – Jerusalem 1905. An interesting ownership stamp: ‘Yonah son of Rabbi Shlomo Re’em Jerusalem.” See below. Bound with the seventh sha’ar, Sha’ar Ruach Hakodesh, Jerusalem 1912. With a map of the 48 combinations of Names, and impressive drawings of Jerusalem, and at the end the book Olat Tamid by Rabbi Chaim Vital. Brought to print by the great kabbalist Rabbi Yaakov Tzemach Chaim, Jerusalem, 1907. Bound with Alei Nahar by Rabbi Nissim Harari, known as Raful “And this book has incredibly lofty benefit for people who serve G-d with kavana in order to understand the Siddur Harashash” with glosses of Rabbi Shaul Dweck Hacohen, first edition – Jerusalem 1903. Binding appropriate to the period of printing. 3. The seventh sha’ar Sha’ar Ruach Hakodesh with the commentary Yirat Hashem by Rabbi Yosef Sidbon author of the book Ahavat Hashem first edition – Jerusalem 1874. With an ownership stamp of the Shaar Hashamayim yeshiva of kabbalah. 4. The eighth sha’ar, Sha’ar Hagilgulim. Added for the first time are glosses and elucidations of the kabbalist Rabbi Sasson Bechar Moshe. Jerusalem, 1903. Ownership stamp: “This is the book of Yitzchak Chai Slomoff.” Nice and well-preserved copies, in good condition. Rabbi Raphael Yona son of Rabbi Shlomo Re’em (1871-1922) was a rabbi from Jerusalem, a member of the Beit Din of the Perushim in Jerusalem, a dayan on the beit din for appeals and a rabbi of one of the city’s neighborhoods. As well as studying the revealed Torah, he built a close relationship with the kabbalists of Jerusalem, especially the rabbis of the Beit El yeshiva for kabbalists and the kabbalist Rabbi Shimon Zvi Horowitz and began praying from a prayer book with the kavanot of the Rashash. However, he used to conceal his study of kabbalah. He was a member of the first Council of the Chief Rabbinate.
Item sold at $180 Starting at $180
LOT: 012

A collection of important books of kabbalah from the printing presses of Jerusalem, some of them first editions

A collection of 5 books from the printing presses of Jerusalem, from the library of the chassidic kabbalist Rabbi Moshe Mordechai Karfman of Jerusalem, most of them with his signature or stamp. Most of them are first editions, some with various ownership stamps. 1. The prayer book Kavanat Sefirat Haomer, first edition 1914. With many handwritten source references and Kabbalistic comments, some long. 2. The book Tzaakat Bnei Yisrael Tefillot V’Selichot – 1910. Ownership stamp: “Y. Shimon Shpitzer Segal.” Unbound. 3. The book Me’arat Sde Hamachpela, an abridged version of the book Otzrot Chaim by the great kabbalist Rabbi Moshe Ben Zur, one of the Jews expelled from Spain. First edition, 1910. Ownership stamp: “Chaim David Sorgaga.” Unbound. 4. The book Tomer Devorah by the Ramak “printed in the printing press Masat Moshe Montefiore.” 1870. At the end is the book Toldot Moshe. 5. The book Livnat Hasapir “commentary of the Midrash Hane’elam and the Tosefta to the Zohar Hakadosh, written by Rabbi Dabid son of Rabbi Yehuda Hachassid” first edition – 1913. Bound with the book Yishrei Lev, hints and matters related to Shabbat, by the Rebbe Rabbi Yitzchak Yaakov son of Natan David of Biala. First edition – Lublin, 1906. The first two leaves are missing. Ownership stamp: Chaim David Sorgaga. Conditions vary, predominately good overall condition.
Item sold at $160 Starting at $100
LOT: 013

“Bring blessing into his home and he will have lofty protection” The prayer book of the Rashash – Siddur Tefilllah, first edition Jerusalem 1911-1912

Prayer book according to the kabbalah known as Siddur HaRashash, two parts in one volume. Printed for the first time “and printed in sanctity, ritual immersion and purity [!].” Weekday prayers with many kabbalistic kavanot and combinations of the letters of the Holy Name according to Sod in most of the prayers, “By Rabbi Shalom Sharabi…a prayer book of true kavanot to the entire order of prayer…this part was published after awakening of the sages of the Sha’ar Hashamayim yeshiva…”. The Rebbe of Munkacs Rabbi Zvi Hirsch Shapiro author of Darkei Teshuva and Be’er L’Chai Roi writes in his approbation: “…and to one who takes the prayer book happily, and please take blessing for your home, and for one who is not fluent with this wisdom, I wish to arouse him and advise him that he should bring blessing into his home and he will have lofty protection…” – first edition, Jerusalem, 1911-1912. [4], 139, 161 leaves. 2 comments in the handwriting of the chassidic kabbalist Rabbi Mordechai Moshe Karfman. Cut-off ownership signature on the title page. Incomplete copy – part two starts on page 5. A few worming holes. New binding with slight blemishes. Very good overall condition.
Item sold at $180 Starting at $150
LOT: 014

The order of Kriyat Shema al Hamita according to the kabbalah with important handwritten glosses, bound with kavanot Sefirat ha’Omer – first edition, Jerusalem 1914

Siddur Chaim V’Shalom, kavanot of Kriyat Shema al Hamitta according to the kabbalah, by the great kabbalist Rabbi Shalom Mordechai Sharabi (the Rashash), published by the kabbalistic yeshiva Sha’ar Hashamayim in Jerusalem, with a long approbation signed by the kabbalistic rabbis Rabbi Gabriel Bartinovsky, Rabbi Shimon Zvi Horowitz author of the book Shem Mishimon and Rabbi Chaim Yehuda Leib Auerbach. The copy before us is replete with long and important glosses in the handwriting of the kabbalist Rabbi Mordechai Moshe Karfman who, it is interesting to note, wrote a book named ‘B’shochvecha U’vekumecha” that also deals with the kavanot for Kriyat Shema for people who do not study kabbalah as well. Incomplete copy, the title page and two leaves at the end are missing. Without page numbers, 37 leaves. Bound with the book Siddur Kavanot Sefirat Ha’Omer, first edition, Jerusalem 1914. By the great kabbalist Rabbi Shalom Mordechai Sharabi (the Rashash). With several important glosses in the handwriting of the aforementioned kabbalist. [3], 77 leaves. Ownership stamp: Mordechai Moshe Hacohen Karfman – Jerusalem. And an additional stamp: “Yoel Zeev Shlesinger Safed.” Pastings in some pages, several leaves are detached. Good overall condition.
Starting at $120
LOT: 015

The name Vayakhel Moshe with kabbalistic illustrations – first edition, Dessau 1698

The book Vayakhel Moshe, “Someone who desires life and wishes to bask in the pleasantness of God and to visit in His palace… should study the book Vayakhel Moshe…” kabbalistic topics and teachings of the Zohar by Rabbi Moshe son of Menachem (Graff) of Prague. First edition, Dessau 1698. With approbations from the leading rabbis of the generation Rabbi David Oppenheim and Rabbi Shimshon Wertheimer of Vienna and others. Kabbalistic illustrations. In the middle of the article “Adam D’Atzilut” is a tree chart of “Hazaken Hakadosh” illustrated with the “13 Tikkunei Dikuna…Dmihemanuta.” Writing in Hebrew and other languages, 14, 58 leaves. Faded and unraveled binding, tears in the sides of the leaves with nothing missing from the text. A few worming holes, stains, moderate overall condition.
Item sold at $250 Starting at $250
LOT: 016

A volume with three important books of kabbalah from the printing presses of Izmir and Saloniki – first editions, 18th century

The book Meir Bat Ayin, a work on the book Ein Yaakov – legends of our Sages, according to the Kabbalah. By Rabbi Meir son of Chalifa Bikayim. At the end, the author added the book Erchei Hakinuim part two by Rabbi Moshe Zakut, which he writes that he managed to save from his few surviving writings – first edition, Izmir 1755. Bound with the book Magen Avot by the author – a kabbalistic commentary on tractate Avot, first edition, Saloniki, 1748, with an approbation by the rabbis of Saloniki, title page is missing. At the end is the book Otzar Shalom by Rabbi Shlomo Erdit, first edition, Saloniki, 1748. [3], 108 leaves, 12 leaves. [2], 44 leaves. 14 leaves (originally 18 leaves, 4 leaves are missing). Rebound, worming holes and various stains, moderate overall condition.
Item sold at $100 Starting at $80
LOT: 017

Aspeklaria Hameira – first edition, Furth, 1776

Aspeklaria Hameira, a commentary on the Zohar by Rabbi Zvi Hirsh Halevi Horowitz – first edition, 1776. 124 leaves. A magnificent title page with the figures of Moshe and Aharon, title page is detached and blemished. Ancient ownership signature that has not been deciphered. Faded and detached binding. Detached pages. Worming holes. Overall condition: moderate – good. Uncommon book. The author, Rabbi Zvi Hirsch Halevi Horowitz (died in 1689), rabbi in three regions of the area of Zamut, Lithuania: Keidan, Vyzuonos and Birzai, author of the book Gaon Zvi on the Talmud (Prague, 1737). The manuscript of this book was in the possession of Rabbi Dov Ber Halevi of Kamenitz, who arranged it for printing, but died before he managed to print it. Miriam, the daughter of Rabbi Dov Ber ‘tearfully’ asked her husband Rabbi Mordechai Madil Segal of Schwabach to agree to print it. He agreed and printed the book, and he was the one to give the book its name – Aspeklaria Hameira.
Starting at $80
LOT: 018

Rare: Iggerot HaRamaz [Rabbi Moshe Zakut] – first edition, Livorno, 1780

The book Iggerot HaRamaz, letters by the kabbalist Rabbi Moshe Zakut that discusses topics of kabbalah, teachings on the writings of the Ari, laws and customs on different topics. Printed at the end is ‘Elef Alfin’ – a bakasha of one thousand words that all begin with the letter alef with a commentary – first edition, Livorno, 1780. [4], 48 leaves. Worming holes and stains. Detached binding. Overall moderate binding. The kabbalist Rabbi Moshe Zakut, author of the book Shorshei Hashemot on the Holy Names, Kol HaRamaz on the Mishna and more. The Chida, in his book Shem Hagedolim wrote about him that “his wisdom and sanctity are known throughout the land.” A disciple of Rabbi Binyamin Hacohen (the Rabach), Rabbi Avraham Rovigo and others.
Item sold at $80 Starting at $70
LOT: 019

Sefer Hagilgulim by Rabbi Chaim Vital – Zolkiew, 1772, bound with Sha’arei Orah, Zolkiew 1782

Sefer Hagilgulim by “the great rabbi Rabbi Chaim Vital who learned from the great genius, the Godly light Rabbi Yitzchak Luria, who learned face to face with Elijah the Prophet who constantly revealed himself to him when he was awake” Zolkiew, 1772. Without page numbers. Restored title page, damage to text and restorations on the first leaves. Bound with the book Sha’ar Orah “that was written by the great sage and kabbalist Rabbi Yosef son of Jiktilia.” Zolkiew, 1782. [2], 70 leaves. Many stains, a few worming holes, at the end there are slight tears at the page edges, mainly without damage to the text. Rebound, good overall condition.
Starting at $120
LOT: 020

The book Mevo She’arim by Rabbi Chaim Vital – first edition, Koritz 1783

The book Mevo She’arim, an important and basic work of kabbalah by the foremost disciple of the Ari, Rabbi Chaim Vital. First edition, Koritz, 1783. [1], 118 leaves. Unbound, worming holes on the first and last leaves, the title page and several of the first leaves are restored at the bottom edge, with negligible damage to the text. Slight stains, good overall condition.
Item sold at $200 Starting at $200
LOT: 021

The book Shoshan Sodot, first edition – Koritz, 1784

Shoshan Sodot – a deep book of Kabbalah by the kabbalist Rabbi Moshe son of Yaakov [Hagoleh] of Russia – first edition, Johann Anton Krieger, Koritz, 1784. 92 leaves. The last two leaves, with the errata are missing. Ownership signature and stamp of “The Chavurat mishnayot of Kaminka” and the signature of the chassidic kabbalist Rabbi Mordechai Moshe Karfman. A few worming holes. Slight stains and blemishes, restorations in the margins of several leaves. Good overall condition. New binding. The author Rabbi Moshe son of Yaakov – one of the foremost sages of his generation. Went to study Torah in Constantinople because there was no center of Torah in Lithuania at the time. He began to write Shoshan Sodot in 1795. In the same year he was expelled from Lithuania. He was captured and brought to Karim-Sulkat, where he was redeemed by the rabbinic Jews and the Karaites. The Jews of Karim started to recite his piyyutim as part of their prayers, and for many years talked about him as one of their foremost rabbis. They referred to him as Moshe Ashkenazi or Moshe from Russia. Mentioned in Shulchan Aruch Ha’Ari: ‘Written in the book Shoshan Sodot, and he is one of the disciples of the Ramban.”
Item sold at $220 Starting at $150
LOT: 022

The book V’hashev Lo Hakohen – Kabbalah, first edition, Furth 1784

The book V’hashev Lo Hakohen, about the holy letters and their values according to the Kabbalah, by Rabbi Avraham son of Rabbi Yechiel Michel Katz of Lask. First edition, Furth 1784. On page 8 is an impressive illustration of the “At Bash” code, to help the reader use this language during the book. 14, 22 leaves. Stains and a few holes, without a spine, good overall condition.
Item sold at $100 Starting at $100
LOT: 023

The book Kol B’Rama – Kabbalah first edition, Koritz 1785

The book Kol B’Rama on the Idra Rabba of the Ari with the commentary of Rabbi Yaakov Tzemach – first edition Koritz, 1785. Ownership signature: “Belongs to Mordechai Yosef son of the deceased…[?] Yaakov Segal.” Ownership stamp: “Menachem Mendel Chaim son of Yaakov Landau” and a stamp “David Yeshayahu Freund” and the stamp of the kabbalist Rabbi Mordechai Moshe Karfman of Jerusalem. [2], 128 leaves. Good overall condition. The author Rabbi Yaakov son of Chaim Tzemach, one of the marranos of Portugal, studied medicine in Lisbon. At the age of thirty he moved to Saloniki where he was able to openly practice Judaism. He studied Torah there and later moved to Safed. He later moved to Damascus where he studied from Rabbi Shmuel Vital, son of Rabbi Chaim Vital. He wrote many books of kabbalah, including “Naggid V’Mitzva” (an abridged version of the kavanot of the Ari) “Erkei Hakinuyim” “Tiferet Adam” and many more books. He saw the writings of Rabbi Chaim Vital and used them to arrange his books. In his introduction to this book he writes about the kabbalistic works he saw. Unfortunately, he left many more works in manuscript form and we do not have them as books. At the end of his life he settled in Jerusalem, where he was one of the foremost opponents of Shabbati Zvi. His son is Rabbi Avraham, author of Brit Avraham.
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Pri Etz Chaim [Rabbi Chaim Vital] – one of the few books printed in Dobrona, 1804 – Complete, nice copy

The book Pri Etz Chaim by Rabbi Chaim Vital, with an approbation from Rabbi Uri Shraga Feivush of Dobrona (disciple and son-in-law of the Vilna Gaon) and the rabbis of Shklov-Dobrona [one of the only books printed in the city] 1804. [1], 1-3, 5-150, [1] leaf. Thick, high-quality paper. Worming holes, some restored. Some of the leaves are cut-off at the margins, perhaps inserted from another copy. Binding stuck with sellotape. Good overall condition.
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Shefa Tal—Bielzorka, 1807. Rare.

Important kabbalistic book. By the kabbalist Rabbi Shabtai Sheftel Horowitz of Prague, including various exegeses on the wisdom of the philosophy of the Ramak. “Keys for opening locked and stuck doors in the genizah of secret treasures, wisdom of kabbalah.” Many kabbalistic illustrations, printed by Shmuel the Printer. On light blue and grey paper, high quality. Moth holes, stains from moisture and mildew. Wear on the cover and white margins, no missing text. Among the only Hebrew books printed in Bielzorka. | 92 pages. 35cm. Generally ok to good condition.
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