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LOT: 026

TikkuneiHaZohar, Polna 1810.

With symbol of the printers and approval of the censor. Light green/light gray paper, thick and of high quality. Page cutting in red. Last page has the names of the printers. Important endorsements. Printed by Yosef ZviHaKohen. | New, half-leather binding. | 120, 8 pages. 21cm. Generally good condition.
Starting at $180
LOT: 027

IgeretArchot Olam—Prague 1793.

Two sections, a text on cosmography and geography. By Rav Avraham ben Mordechai Pritzul. At the end is the letter of Yemen to the Rambam and YesodMoreh and Sod Torah of the Ibn Ezra. This is probably the first Jewish geographic book, dealing in Hebrew with the discovery of America, Africa south of the Sahara, and the geographic discoveries there, and the Jews of Ethiopia (the BeitaYisrael). 30 chapters in the book deal with various countries with an emphasis on Jewish settlements in each. Chapter 14 is dedicated to the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel. The book is accompanied by 3 wonderful engravings. | Rav Avraham ben Mordechai Pritzul (1451-1525) was an Italian talmidchacham, a polymath of the Renaissance period. He arranged a debate with priests in Ferrara. Following this pamphlet, he authored the Magen Avraham. Listing of ownership handwritten on the cover and page 2. Addition of a page by hand, not identified, between pages 52 and 53. At the end of the first section is an Ashkenazi handwritten page. At the beginning of YesodMoreh is a cursive signature in the local language. 1-95 pages. 16cm. Generally good condition.
Item sold at $200 Starting at $200
LOT: 028

Kartiv’Palti on YorehDe’ah—Rabbi YehonatanIvshitz. Vienna 1819. Edition not located.

Authored by the Gaon Rabbi YehonatanIvshitz. Seems probably to us that this edition has never yet appeared for sale in an auction. Printer: Anton Shamid. [2], 200 pages. 31cm. Generally good condition. A little moth damage.
Item sold at $130 Starting at $120
LOT: 029

Shot HaRosh—Zolkva 1803.

The Rosh was a student of the Maharam of Rottenburg—his ravmuvhak. One of the greatest rishonim, exilarch, dayan in Worms, Ra’avad and Rosh Yeshiva in Toledo. Printer: Gershon SegelLatris. 98, 9, 8 pages. 36cm. Generally ok to good condition. Moth damage, binding disconnected.
Starting at $120
LOT: 030

Shot KhachamZvi—second edition. Furth 1767.

First section, authored by Rabbi Zvi Ashkenazi, father of the Ya’avetz. The Rav was one of the greatest Achronim and poskim, “GadolHaMorim” (according to the Hida). Born in 1648, he grew up in the shadow of the sages of Constantinople, was a fervent fighter against the cult of Shabtai Zvi, served as a rabbi in Amsterdam, and Lviv where he died. In the introduction he writes a little of his history and praises the people of Amsterdam, especially its printing houses “the likes of which are not to be found anywhere in Israel.” Printer: Haim Ben Zvi Hirsch of Furth, with a special decoration. [1], 62 pages. 32cm. Generally ok to good condition, moth damage.
Starting at $120
LOT: 031

Pnei Yehoshua, third section, sedernezikin. Furth 1779.

By Rabbi Yaakov Yehoshua Folk, third section on Nezikin. Yaakov Yehoshua Folk (1681-1756) was the rabbi of Lviv, Berlin, and Frankfurt. Author of a series of books called Pnei Yehoshua on the Talmud Bavli. The Hida says that succeeded meeting him and described his face like that of a heavenly angel. It is said that when the Ba’al Shem Tov was told by G-d that he would serve a TalmidChacham, he went to serve the Pnei Yehoshua, and brought him a coal from the fire to light his pipe. They conversed together about the Chassidic movement. He was the direct rabbi of the Maggid of Mezeritch. | Printer: Itzik ben Leib Buchbinder. [2], 153 [supposed to be 154] pages. 31cm. Generally ok to good condition. Missing the rear binding.
Starting at $120
LOT: 032

KitzurSefer Mitzvot Gadol with the book Over Orech. Two books in one volume, with separate covers. A book that was controversial! Miniature edition. Karlsruhe, 1763.

On the 613 mitzvot and their laws with the book Over Orech. The book KitzurSamag is the product of Rabbi Moshe of Kotzi, known as the “Sar of Kotzi”, one of the Tosafot, a leader of Jewry in Kotzi (France) of the 13th century (1230s). The book appeared for the first time in Karlsruhe, published by Rabbi Shimshon bar Meir of Karlsruhe—in his introduction to the book he writes that it was written by the Sar of Kotzihaving been drawn from the original Sefer Mitzvot Gadol, and had lain in geniza for 500 years. Despite his testimony, there is testimony from a non-Jew named Sebastien Minster who learned Hebrew from Rabbi Eliyahu Bachur, a great medakdek of the time. Minster seems to have been an anti-Semite, and in 1633 he published in Basel a book called Mitzvot HaTorah, including the 613 mitzvot and their explanations with translation into Latin. At the beginning of the book is an introduction in Latin in which he insults the benighted Jews for their Oral Torah and their traditions, and he explains why they do everything. So it’s another source for the existence of the book KitzurSamag. This book is identical to the KitzurSamag printed in Karlsruhe in 1763 from the manuscript, and for which the publisher testifies that the Sar of Kotzi himself wrote, despite the void testimony of a goy. In his introduction he gives excuses for the difficulties there are regarding the authorship of the book. HaHida “in the name of gedolim” accepted his testimony, and writes that the “book printed in our time seems to be an abbreviation drawn by the author himself of the Samag.” But it seems that the first edition from Basel in 1633 he hadn’t seem, only the endorsement and introduction from the edition from his era. There are other believes that this goy was for a time a Christian priest and put Christian ideas into the book in order to lead Jews astray. | Printer: Wilhelm Friedrich Later. 188 [supposed to be 187], [5] pages. 13cm. Book Over Orech of Rabbi Yaakov Naftali Ben Rabbi Yehuda Leib includes short laws for travelers. Same printer. 124-188 [supposed to be 187], [5] pages. 13cm. Generally ok to good condition. Moth damage.
Starting at $120
LOT: 033

Lot 5 books from Salonika—first editions/stamps.

1. Rosh Mashbir on the three sections of the Shulchan Aruch. By Rabbi Yosef bar Shmuel Modiano. First edition, printed by Rabbi Betzalel Ashkenazi, 1821. 2. LekutatHaRamban on the Shas, by Rabbeinu Moshe bar Nachman. Printed by the partners Rabbi Mordechai Nachman and Rabbi David Yisraeliga, 1770. 3. Ner Mitzvah on sugiyot Shas, by Rabbi Yehuda Sid. First edition, printed by Rabbi Sa’adiHaLevi, 1811. 4. Kohelet Yaakov on the Rambam, by Rabbi Yaakov Elba’ali. First edition, printed by the partners Refael Yehuda Kalay and Mordechai Nachman, 1779. 5. ChiddusheiHaRitba on masechet Shabbat, by Rabbeinu Yom Tov ben Avraham. Printed by Rabbi Mordechai Nachman. 1806. Various sizes and conditions, generally good.
Item sold at $325 Starting at $300
LOT: 034

Lot of 2 booklets in Latin. 1697-1701.

1. Translation and commentary in Latin, IvraFimbriarvm, on halachot of tzitzit according to the Rambam. Royal Library of Bavaria 1710. Published by Sande, 1710. 36 pages, generally good condition. 2. Rabbinicaltalmud translation dictionary, LexiciRabbinico-Targumico-Talmudici Specimen, translation of words into Latin. Royal Library of Bavaria. By Georg Christian Burcklin. Wustius, 1697. 80 pages. Generally ok to good condition, moth damage.
Item sold at $200 Starting at $200
LOT: 035

Lot of 2 volumes. YalkutMe’amLo’ez in Ladino on Genesis and Numbers, including a map. Izmir, 1867-1878. Rare.

1. On Numbers, authored by Rabbi Yaakov Kuli, printed in Izmir in 1867. With map of Land of Israel and the division into the Tribes on page 158. Extremely rare. Defects on the cover and two first pages. Generally ok to good condition. 2. On Genesis, by Rabbi Yaakov Kuli. Printed in 1878. Signature of ownership on the cover in the upper portion. Missing 2 pages at the end. Generally ok to good condition.
Item sold at $180 Starting at $180
LOT: 036

YalkutMe’amLo’ez in Ladino on Exodus, Part 1. Includes the first edition of the commentary on the Pesach Haggadah, and more. Izmir 1864. Rare.

On page 87 there is the Pesach Haggadah, and on page 229 the seder Havdalah with the commentary. This is the first edition of the Haggadah with the commentary of the Me’amLo’ez. Not a common book, special, printed in Izmir. Light defects, generally good condition.
Starting at $150
LOT: 037

YalkutMe’amLo’ez in Ladino onMegillat Esther. First edition. Izmir 1864.

Special item, not common. Authored by RavRefael Haim Puntrimoli, missing the last page. Pages disconnected. Defect on the page before the last, with damage to text. Generally good condition.
Starting at $150
LOT: 038

Handsome set of mishnayot. Copy with special importance based on previous owners. Warsaw 1887.

Six volumes, with commentary TiferetYisrael. Bound together with ancient leather bindings. Stamp of ownership of Rav Shalom Azoulay, Rav in Seffrou (Morocco). Stains, generally good condition.
Starting at $150
LOT: 039

Lot of 2 books of the Gra—Europe, 19th century.

1. HaFrance, first edition by Rabbi Moshe France of Rottenburg with glosses and exegeses by the geonim Rabbi David Luria and Rabbi Moshe Shmuel Horwitz, and in the margins LikkuteiHaGra on Rambam. At the end of the book is a pamphlet Yedei Moshe by the Gaon Rabbi Moshe Shmuel Horwitz, with a separate cover. Printed by A. Z. Katznelenboygen, Vilna 1891. Stamped dedication “from the estate of Chief Rabbi ShlomoHaKohen Aaronson” (1863-1935), the 1st Chief Ashkenazi Rabbi of Tel Aviv. 2. Proverbs with exegesis of the Gra. Quality paper. Printed by Rabbi David Sachlover, Warsaw 1837. Various sizes and conditions, generally good.
Starting at $150
LOT: 040

EvelYachid, eulogy for Rabbi Yaakov Lorberbaum of Lisa, the “Netivot HaMishpat,” includes a kina for the death of Rabbi Avraham Ivli, Av Beit Din of Biely, and a kina for the death of Aaron ben Ze’ev Mintz. Warsaw 1833. First and only edition.

By Rav Avraham DovBroshFlahm, editor and publisher of the writings of the Maggid of Dovna. The Netivot HaMishpat (1770-1832) was a great posek and sage of his generation. Friend of the KetzotHaChoshen and RavAkivaEiger. Served as head of the yeshiva in Lisa, and many geonim of Poland and Russia were his students. Authored Netivot HaMishpat, HavatDa’at, Beit Yaakov, ToratGittin, Mekor Chayim, DerechHaHayyim, and more. In his book Netivot HaMishpat he tried to counter many points from the book KetzotHaChoshen, and the author of the latter wrote answers to many of his points in the pamphlet “Meshovev Netivot.” Rabbi Avraham Dov Beer Flahm (1795-1876) was born in Mastrich, an author, drashon, editor of the Maggid of Dovna, and his biographer. Even though he lived decades after the death of the Maggid, many encyclopedias and books talk about him as a “student of the Maggid” or “friend of his son” (erroneously), and some even attribute daily conversation to him, and say that he was his assistant. Flahm had a humorous style, even though most of his writings deal with pain and sadness. In his books he would explain in detailed fashion the dress, the food, and the environment of the period, and the life of the Maggid and the people he met. | Renewed binding. 24 pages. Generally good condition.
Item sold at $150 Starting at $120
LOT: 041

BavaMetziya, Augsburg 1946. Bibliographic finding, a complete copy.

With commentaries, printed by Rav Avraham David Horwitz. Printed separately and not as part of the Shas. Second cover has an inscription handwritten by the printer: “Printed with effort by Rav Avraham David Horwitz [of Grosvardin in the past, and now] Rav of Augsburg—Landsberg, to strengthen the study of those who have survived the Shoah.” [2] 119, 24, [3] pages, 32cm. Rav Avraham David Horwitz, known for many years as the rabbi of Strasburg, and then as one of the beit din heads of the Haredi community in Jerusalem. His wife and five children perished in the Shoah, and after the Shoah he served as unofficial rabbi of the Augsburg and Landsberg DP camps. In the copy of the siddur “She’eritHaPlita” printed by Rav Horowitz in Augsburg, 1946, located at the Bar Ilan Library, there is behind the cover a short introduction from him (facsimile of his handwriting) mentioning this volume and thanking God for sparing him. But until now no masechet printed from it was known. At the Hebrew Bibliographic Institute, a similar masechet is listed, without mentioning RavHorwwitz, and in that edition is a different cover in which is printed: “with all the commentaries printed from antiquity and with new additions as explained in the second cover,” but the editors of the Institute insist there is “no second cover.” However, before us is a copy with two covers, the second of which has an inscription that Rav Horwitz printed this masechet. At the National Library is a partial copy, with only a small portion of the book. | Original binding with printing of the year and location of publication, very good condition.
Starting at $250
LOT: 042

Collection of 18 books and booklets. India, end of the 19th/beginning of the 20th century.

1. TefilatHaChadash, Hebrew with Hindi translation. Bombay, India, 1934. Ok condition. 2. Pesach Haggadah, Hebrew with Hindi translation 1935. Binding disconnected. Stains, ok condition. 3. Prayers, Hebrew with Hindi translation, no cover. Ok condition. 4. Booklet for learning the alphabet and Hebrew language. Bombay, India, 1966. First cover is torn and partially missing. Pages disconnected, ok condition. 5. Tanach, Bangalore, India 1971. 6. TeudatYisrael, tape with partially missing pages. Not bound, ok condition. 7. Mo’adim. Translation of parts of prayers from the holidays. Bombay, India. 1901. Tears on the first page. Generally good condition. In addition, there are 11 books and booklets in Hindi. All in ok to good condition.
Item sold at $260 Starting at $120
LOT: 043

Portrait of the Rif, Rabbi Yitzhak Elfasi—19th century.

Printed pgae framed, with a portrait of the Rif, sitting and reading a book. The printing is from an edition of RavElfas, Pressburg 1836-1838. Below the drawing is an inscription. Rabbi Yitzhak Elfasi (1013-1103) was one of the greatest poskim of any generation, a pillar of teaching, upon which Rabbi Yosef Karo established his psika in the Beit Yosef. Stains and folds. 29x20.5cm. Generally good condition.
Starting at $120
LOT: 044

Printed old copy of a picture, framed, of Rabbi RefaelAncoa, the MalachRefael. Beginning of the 20th century.

Printed and published during the life of the figure. Around the portrait is an inscription: “This is a picture of our teacher, the famous leader of rabbis, RefaelAncoa.” 32x40cm. North Africa. Rabbi RefaelAncoa (1848-1935) was an important rabbi of Morocco in the last generation and was the first to be appointed the Chief Rabbi of Morocco. After his death and over the years many piyyutim and poems have been written about him. Light defects, generally good condition.
Starting at $200
LOT: 045

Original picture of the Talmud Torah Zichron Moshe, Etz Haim branch in Jerusalem. 1931.

From 6th of Cheshvan 1931. Many gedolim came from this yeshiva, but no children have been identified in the photo. Faded photo. 38x28cm. Ok condition.
Starting at $180
LOT: 046

Original photo of the Prime Minister David Ben Gurion, with dedication signed in his handwriting.

Framed original photograph of the first prime minister, with handwritten signed dedication from February 22, 1972 “to Dr. Ushinsky, in friendship, D. Ben-Gurion.” Size of the photo: 8x13cm, including the frame it is 21x16cm. Very good condition.
Item sold at $120 Starting at $120
LOT: 047

Copper plate, Betzalel—hammer work of the spies. Jerusalem, beginning of the 20th century.

In the center are figures of the spies bearing a grape cluster. Around the plate is the stamp “Betzalel Jerusalem,” with the symbol of the menorah, decorations of wheat, pomegranate, date, oil jug, and more. With a hook for hanging on a wall behind. Diameter 21.5cm. Generally very good condition.
Starting at $300
LOT: 048

Copper plate, damask work, with relief of Rachel’s Tomb. Beginning of the 20th century.

Delicate, professional work, with silver relief work. In the center is an engraving of Rachel’s Tomb with a matching inscription. Diameter: 15cm. Good condition.
Starting at $300
LOT: 049

Silver relief. Shows Jerusalem. Betzalel, beginning of the 20th century. Stamped.

Embossing work, original. At the top is an inscription “Jerusalem.” At the bottom is a verse from Psalms 122. Stamped Betzalel Jerusalem. Weight: 21g. 7x4.7cm. Very good condition.
Item sold at $140 Starting at $120
LOT: 050

Silver-plated platter, Jerusalem, beginning of the 20th century

In the center is an engraving of the Old City of Jerusalem, above it is the inscription “Jerusalem.” Around it are decorations of shapes and flowers. On the edge, at the top and bottom, are engravings of the seven species, and the inscription: “Shivat HaMinim.” Four corners have engravings of four fish. Additional engraving, from later, with names of the holidays and a prayer for the rebuilding of the Beit HaMikdash.” Knocks and peelings on the silver coating in a number of places. Length: 42cm. Width: 33cm. Generally ok to good condition.
Item sold at $200 Starting at $200