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מכירה אינטרנטית מבוססת זמן מס' 2 - 07.01.2019

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LOT: 101

Lot of 2 sections of ChiddusheiHaRim. Warsaw 1877-1886.

1. On masechetGittin. By the Rim of Gur. First edition, 1877. [1] 150 pages. Good condition. 2. ChiddusheiHaRim on masechtotketubot and kiddushin. By the ChiddusheiHARim of Gur. 1886. [1] 116 pages. Good condition.
Starting at $60
LOT: 102

Lot, 2 books of the Minchat Elazar of Munkatch—first editions.

1. NimukeiOrechHayyim, halacha on the Shulchan AruchOrechHayyim. By the Admor Rabbi Hayim Elazar Shapira of Munkatch. Printed by Glantz, Tarnov, Slovakia 1930. Rabbinical stamp of ownership, last page missing. 2. DarcheiHayyimv’Shalom, minhagim and psakim of the Admor Rabbi Haim Elazar Shapira of Munkatch. By Yehiel Michal Gold. Teichman printing, Munkatch 1940. Various sizes and conditions, generally ok to good.
Starting at $100
LOT: 103

Psalms, TefilaL’Moshe by Admor the Yismach Moshe—Berlin 1929.

With exegesis Metzudat David and Metzudat Zion. With commentary TefilaL’Moshe by the Admor Rabbi Moshe Teitelbaum, Av Beit Din of Ujhel, the Yismach Moshe. Printed by Pardes Berlin. | The Admor Rabbi Moshe Teitelbaum (1759-1841) was the Rebbe of Ujhely (Sátoraljaújhely) in Hungary. According to Leopold Löw, he signed his name "Tamar", this being the equivalent of Teitelbaum, which is the Yiddish for "palm-tree" (compare German "Dattelbaum"). An adherent of the Polish Hasidic Rebbe, the Chozeh of Lublin (as well as of Rabbi Sholom Rokeach of Belz), Rabbi Teitelbaum was instrumental in bringing Hasidic Judaism to Hungary. Though initially opposed to Hassidism, after his son-in-law introduced him to the Chozeh of Lublin, he soon became an adherent to Hassidism.Teitelbaum first served as a rabbi in Przemyśl, and later in Ujhely, where he was called in 1808. In Ujhely he founded a Hassidic congregation which was independent of the Galician leaders. In 1822 Teitelbaum was suspected of having supplied amulets to certain Jewish culprits who had been cast into prison for libel, in order to assist them in escaping. When called upon to vindicate himself he declared that the amulets in question served only as substitutes for the mezuzah and that their only purpose was to protect their bearers against demons. Teitelbaum enjoyed an enviable reputation, with even Rabbi Moses Sofer paying him homage. Stamp of ownership, taping on the cover. | 354 pages. 18cm. Generally good condition.
Item sold at $60 Starting at $60
LOT: 104

BateiAvot, 3 sections. From the Admorim of Kerstir. Jerusalem 1965. Extremely rare.

Stories and deeds from the Admorim of Kerstir, by Rav Moshe Yosef Friedlander. Section 1 BateiAvot: [4] 358 pages. Section 2 ChazonYeshaya, with stories from Maran RabbeinuYeshaylaKrestirer. 359-400 pages. Section 3, families of their forefathers. 56 pages. Section 1 has two covers. Additional cover for each section. Extremely rare item, very good condition.
Starting at $100
LOT: 105

Kinot for Tisha B’Av—probably the copy of the Admor Rabbi Yehezkel of Radomsk.

With Yiddish translation. Printed by Yosef Reuven Ram, Vilna 1853. Cover page has listing of “Maran Yehezkel Rabinowitz,” who is probably the Admor Rabbi YehezkelHaKohen Rabinowitz of Radomsk, the Knesset Yehezkel. Son of the Admor Rabbi Avraham Issachar Beer of Radomsk (the ChesedL’Avraham), father of the Admorim Rabbi Elimelech Aryeh of Sidlov, Rabbi ShlomoChanoch of Radomsk. Was famous for his fervent prayer and known for his proficiency in the revealed and hidden Torah. After his father’s death on 13th of Elul 1892 he was crowned by the chassidim as the third Admor of Radomsk, and thousands of chassidim followed him. In 1911 he passed away. | Listing of ownership, front binding disconnected. Stains from tears. Moth holes. | 97 pages, 21cm. Generally ok to good condition.
Item sold at $100 Starting at $100
LOT: 106

Levush HaOra, copy of the Admor of Skierniewice.

Commentary on Rashi by Rabbi Mordechai Yafeh HaLevushim. Koenigsberg 1860. Missing the name of the printer. On the page before the cover is a dedication “This book I got from the Admor, I gave to my brother Gedalya to celebrate his wedding…Zeev Simcha Beinam Herz.” The Gaon Rabbi Gedalya Herz (died in 1878) was head of the Chiddushei HaRim yeshiva, father of the Grim Herz (rabbi of Chabad in London), and father-in-law of the Gri Silman. In his youth he was a follower of the Rahak of Sakrenvitz. | The Admor Rabbi Mendele of Sakrenvitz (died in 1929) was the grandson of Rabbi Mendele of Worka (the Tzaddik HaShotek), and the great-grandson of Rabbi Yitzhak of Worka. He was the rabbi of thousands of chassidim in Poland. In his youth he would disguise himself as a merchant, he collected a great deal of money, and gave it out to the poor. After his father’s death he was appointed in his father’s place as Admor, and managed his community devotedly. | Binding is missing, last page is disconnected. [1], 64 pages. 30cm. Generally good condition.
Starting at $70
LOT: 107

Sefer Yalkut Chadash. The Copie of the Rebbe from Radomishl-Malin

1.Sefer Yalkut Chadash. By Rabbi Shimon Leiter. New York, 1956. With ownership stamp of: “Rabbi Chanoch Henich Twersky, Radomishl-Maliner Rebbe”. | Rabbi Chanoch Henich Twersky [1886-1971], succeeded his father as Rebbe. In 1924 he emigrated from Radomishl to America, where he was known as Rebbe of Malin, and multitudes of people flocked to him. He immigrated to Israel in 1968, and established the ‘Lev Sameach’ study hall.
Starting at $50
LOT: 108

Chumash BaMidbar with scribal corrections—Lemberg 1812. With signatures of the printers.

Large format, with Targum Onkelos, and commentaries of Rashi, Mizrahi, Maharal. Printed by Aharon the Printer. Back of the cover has the signatures of those who brought it to publication, Rabbi Alexander Sender and Rabbi Eliezer Ze’ev. Page before the cover has an important, lengthy note on Rashi’s words in ParshatNaso, ancient handwriting. | Stamps and listings of ownership. Moth holes. Stains. | 100 pages. 37cm. Generally good condition.
Starting at $100
LOT: 109

The Book Chayei Aryeh – The Copy of Rabbi Yitzchak Leib Sofer of Drohobych, Son of the Ktav Sofer

The book Chayei Aryeh – responsa, two parts, a separate title page for each part. By Rabbi Chaim Aryeh Leibush Ish Horowtiz, Av Beit Din of Zolkiew and Krakow. In the Fischer Printing Press, Krakow, 1890. On the title page is an ownership stamp "Yitzchak Leib Sofer son of ASB"S Drohobych". | Rabbi Yitzchak Leib Sofer – the fourth son of the 'Ktav Sofer'. Served as president of the 'Machzikei HaDat' organization in Galicia, and president of the Kollel Chibat Yerushalayim. | Front and back cover and title page are detached. | [2], 91; [1], 36 leaves. 32 cm. Overall condition: Fair – Good.
Item sold at $80 Starting at $80
LOT: 110

Menachem Shlomo. Statin. 1860. With evidence of a dedication by the author.

On masechetKritut and commentary on the Tosefta by Rav Menachem ShlomoGardin of Minsk. Inscription on the cover “given by the author.” [1] 52 columns, 37 pages. Moth holes. Generally good condition.
Starting at $60
LOT: 111

Shadai Chemed—Warsaw 1891. Copy of Rabbi Yitzhak Auerbach, rabbi of Luntchitz, father of the Imrei Bina.

Among the most popular stories in Torah literature. Sections 2 and 3, separate covers. Name of the book resulted in a controversy since it includes one of the names of God which cannot be erased. As a result, at the end of the book the author wrote a special pamphlet called “Be’erBeShadai,” in which he proves lengthily that when the word is not used with the kavana of describing God there is no fear. But many still preferred not to write the name of the book, and chose instead Sadei Chemed. By the Gaon Rabbi Haim ChizkiyahuMedini (1833-1905), rabbi of Hevron. A great posek of the last generation. On the cover is evidence of a gift “belonging to Yitzhak Isaac Auerbach, given by MochShlita when he was here in Jerusalem.” Second edition, Warsaw 1896. | Rabbi Yitzhak Isaac Auerbach was rabbi of Luntchitz, father of Rabbi Meir Auerbach, president of the Poland Kollel, leader of the Ashkenazi community in Jerusalem, author of Imrei Bina. | Half-leather, original binding. Moth holes. | 83, 35; 51, 36; 3-19 pages. 33cm. Good condition.
Starting at $100
LOT: 112

MiLevushei Yom Tov, first edition—Vilna 1881. Given by the author.

Shot and research on issues of the Even HaEzer and ChoshenMishpat. By Rabbi Yom Tov Lipman in Saliansky. Printed by Yehuda Leib Matz. Top of the cover says “sent by the author.” | Rabbi Yom Tov Lipman was known as Rabbi Lipa Mirer (1821-1893), Av Beit Din of Mir. Named after his book, the MiLevushei Yom Tov. The Chafetz Haim said he was more proficient than the Chafetz Haim, and could “go into the Beit HaMikdash and do the Avoda there with eyes shut.” | Page cutting at the end is not straight. New binding. | 103 pages. 32cm. Generally good condition.
Starting at $100
LOT: 113

ChiddusheiHaRashba, special copy with glosses handwritten by the Gaon Rabbi Haim Berlin and Rabbi Shlomo of Dovna.

On Gittin, Holin, and Bava Batra. Separate covers for each. Printed by Netanel Puah, Amsterdam 1715. Copy belonged to great sages of Israel, both of whom handwrote notes in the margins. Last page has the stamp of ownership of Rabbi Haim Berlin. Covers of Holin and Bava Batra have handwritten ownership notes by Rabbi Shlomo of Dovna. Glosses in Bava Batra, pages: 3(2), 4(1) by the latter. End of the volume, pamphlet Dina d’Gramei, pages: 52(1), 52(2), 53(1), 53(2), 54(1), 54(2) have glosses by Rabbi Haim Berlin, who served as Chief Rabbi of Moscow and for a short time as head of the Volozhin yeshiva. In 1906 he moved to Jersualem and after Rav Shmuel of Salant’s death was crowned the Rabbi of the Ashkenazi community of Jerusalem, despite refusing this title. Rabbi Shlomo of Dobna (1731-1813) was a student of Rabbi Shlomo of Chelm (the MarkevetHaMishnah), and received endorsements for his books by Rabbi Haim of Volozhin and his brother. Edited the “Biur” of Mendelsohn of Genesis, until he found out his true nature and quit. | Binding and first pages missing. Stains. Moth marks. | 62; 62; 54 pages. 25cm. Generally ok condition.
Item sold at $120 Starting at $120
LOT: 114

Lot, 3 books with glosses handwritten by Rabbi Haim Berlin.

1. ChiddusheiHalachot Maharam Ash, first edition, Zulzbach, 1729. Glosses handwritten. 2. Beit Yisrael, drash and commentary on Tur OrechHayyim printed by Rabbi Isaac Speyer, Berlin 1767. On the back of the cover is a long gloss of 5 lines handwritten. 3. Pirkeid’Rabbi Eliezer, printed by Zvi Yaakov Bamberg, Warsaw 1852. Many glosses handwritten. Various sizes and conditions, generally good.
Item sold at $350 Starting at $150
LOT: 115

Lot, 3 books signed/with glosses handwritten by Rabbi Haim Berlin.

1. ShalmeiNedava on the Shas, by Rabbi Michal Kitza. Printed by Anton Shamid, Pressburg 1843. First page has a long list of 21 maschetot and issues that the book covers, handwritten by Rav Berlin. Page 5(1) has an another handwritten gloss. Cover page and other pages have stamps by Rav Berlin. Cover missing. 2. Teshuva M’Ahava, Shot by Rabbi Elazar Palklas, printed by DisbachHava—Zamer France, Prague 1809. Glosses handwritten by Rav Berlin, pages 1(2) and 12(2) have especially long ones. Cover page and other pages have stamps of Rav Berlin. Cover page missing. 3. BrachaMeshuleshet—three books of Rishonim: TosafotHaRosh and Rabbi Yehuda HaChassid, and the ShitaMekubetzet. Printed by Alexander Ginz, Warsaw 1863. Top of the cover has a signature of ownership of Rav Berlin. Various sizes and conditions, generally good.
Item sold at $150 Starting at $150
LOT: 116

SeferHaYashar of Rabbeinu Tam—first edition, Vienna 1810. With handwriting of Rabbi Zundel of Salant.

Commentaries, chiddushim, piskei halacha, and glosses on the shas, by Rabbeinu Tam. Printed by the dayan Rabbi Daniel Prositz, with endorsements by Rabbi Mordechai Bennett and the ChatamSofer. First editin, printed by Georg Harshansky. Top of the cover has a long dedication handwritten by Rabbi Zundel of Salant (responsible for the library of the Beit Midrash of Menachem Zion): “for the Beit Midrash of Sha’arei Zion, critical that they do not let it leave the Beit Midrash except with permission of the mashgichim.” Rabbi Zundel (1786-1865) was the father-in-law of Rabbi Shmuel Salant and student of Rabbi Haim of Volozhin. Founded the mussar movement, and was rabbi of Rabbi Yisrael of Salant, who wrote about him. At the end of his life he served as a teacher for the Ashkenazi community in Jerusalem. | Dark paper, thick and high quality. Stamps and listings of ownership. Half-leather, original binding. Gloss on page 11(1). | 87 pages. 37cm. Generally good condition.
Item sold at $100 Starting at $100
LOT: 117

Lot, 2 books bound together with dedication of the grandson of the authors.

1. Et LeKolChefetz—songs and hymns for days throughout the year. By Rabbi Yaakov Even Zur, a rabbi, posek, kabbalist, darshan, and poet. Sage of Morocco in the 18th century. Printed by PeregHayim Mizrahi, Egypt, 1898. 2. TziltzeleiShma, songs and hmns. By Rabbi Moshe ben Zur, printed by PeregHayim Mizrahi, Alexandria 1892. | Page after cover has a long dedication handwritten and stamped by Rabbi Shlomo Even Zur, the son of Rabbi Refael Av Beit Din of Fez. Book disconnected in the middle. | 118, [1]; 74, [1] page. 22cm. Generally ok to good condition.
Item sold at $100 Starting at $100
LOT: 118

KapeiAharon—Jerusalem 1886. Dedication of the author to Rabbi Shmuel Salant.

Shot on the four sections of the Shulchan Aruch, by Rabbi AharonAzriel. Zuckerman printing. Cover page has a long dedication written by the author. Rabbi AharonAzriel was a great kabbalist of Jerusalem, and head of the Beit El beit midrash. As he writes in this dedication, the Rashash came to him in a dream and told him that if he prints this book he would be cured of his illnesses. | Front binding missing, pages disconnected, wear and tears. | Bound together with Bnei Yosef by Rabbi Yosef Yehoshua Kario. | [2], 171; 20 pages. 29cm. Generally ok condition.
Item sold at $120 Starting at $120
LOT: 119

Lot ChiddusheiHaRashba and Zera Yaakov bound together. Copy of Rabbi Moshe Grodzinsky, the Hevruta of the Chafetz Haim.

1. ChiddusheiRashba on MasechetBrachot. Light blue paper. Warsaw 1859. 2. Zera Yaakov on Song of Songs and Lamentations, separate covers. By Rabbi Yaakov Av Beit Din of Wistinitz. Alafin printing, Warsaw 1878. Top of the cover has the signature of ownership of Moshe Grodzinsky (1875-1929), who studied in a hevruta with the Chafetz Haim, and then was mashgiach of YeshivatTorat Haim in Warsaw. Movd to Israel and was killed in the 1929 Hevron riots. | Binding disconnected, repairs with tape. Last pages missing. | 46; 16; 24 pages. 20cm. Generally good condition.
Starting at $100
LOT: 120

Orchot Hayyim with exegeses. With dedication handwritten by the author, Rabbi Binyamin Zilber—Binyamin HaTzaddik.

With Hashem Orchotav and Mekor Haim. Printed 1957. Page before the cover has a long handwritten dedication by the author (1916-2008), a survivor of the Mussar movement, a posek halacha and member of the Council of Torah Sages. Never held an official paid Torah position. Dedicated his time to studying Torah and authored dozens of books, most on issues of halacha and mussar. Every year he would refrain from talking for 40 days, from Rosh Chodesh Elul to Yom Kippur. It is said that his nickname, Binyamin HaTzaddik, was given to him by the Chazon Ish. [4], 3-63 pages. 25cm. Generally good condition.
Starting at $100
LOT: 121

Gevurat Ari. Dedicated by the publisher, Maran Chafetz Haim, includes glosses.

On MasechetYoma, bound together with MasechetMakot, by Rabbi Aryeh Leib of Mitz, the Hasha’agat Aryeh. The book was produced by the Chafetz Haim. Pietrekov 1907. “Given by the publisher to the yeshiva Or Chadash at Strauss.” Page 4 of Makot has a number of handwritten glosses (not checked thoroughly). Binding falling apart. Generally good condition.
Item sold at $140 Starting at $120
LOT: 122

A Collection of 2 Books with a Dedication, and a Letter from Rabbi Moshe Malka Rabbi of Petach Tikva to Rabbi Goren

1. Nitfei Chaim – Sermons from Rabbi Moshe Malka. In HaMa'arav Printing Press, Jerusalem, 1973. With a dedication in his handwriting: "To the great Gaon Rabbi Shlomo Goren the Chief Rabbi of the State of Israel". | 2. Mikveh HaMayim – Responsa, by Rabbi Moshe Malka. Published by Haktav Institute, Jerusalem, 1984. With a dedication in his handwriting and his signature. 3. A letter on official letterhead in the handwriting and with the signature of Rabbi Moshe Malka, dated: 5th Tammuz 1985, to Rabbi Goren. Rabbi Moshe Malka [1911-1997], rabbi of the communities of Larache, Ksar el-Kbir and Arcila in Northern Morocco. After immigrating to Israel he served as the Sephardi chief rabbi of Petach Tikva and as a member of the Council of the Chief Rabbinate. | Rabbi Shlomo Goren [1917-1994], the Chief Rabbi of the IDF and subsequently the Chief Rabbi of Israel. | Sizes and conditions vary. Overall condition: Good.
Item sold at $90 Starting at $50
LOT: 123

BneiShlomo, first edition—Livorno 1822. Signatures of the Rishon LeZiyyon, Rabbi Avraham Ashkenazi. And more.

Drashot by Rabbi Haim David ShlomoZorava, student of HaHida, rabbi, dayan in Algeria.PeitroMeucci, first edition, Livorno printing. Page 1(1) has signatures of Rabbi Yosef Nehemias, a rabbi of Morocco and author of the books Yosef Hen, MorehTzedek, and more. Rabbi Avraham Ashkenazi, the Rishon LeZiyyon and ChachamBashi, and Shmuel Ashkenazi. | Tear with missing bit in the lower part of the cover page. Moth holes. Stains. New binding. | [2], 138 pages. 30cm. Generally good condition.
Item sold at $120 Starting at $120
LOT: 124

YisaBracha, only edition, with dedication of the author. Livorno 1822.

On halachot of kiddushin from the book RabbeinuYerucham. Pritned by Yaakov Tuvyana. Margins of the cover has a long dedication (11 lines), somewhat faded, handwritten by the author, Gaon Rabbi Yehuda Shlomo Ashkenazi. Signed. He lived from 1780-1849, and was a sage of Tiberias. Some believe that he died in Izmir. Eulogized by Rabbi Haim Palagi. HaHida says it has been accepted that no commentaries should be written on his books, since all of the commentaries written on them were lost and their authors suffered damage or were killed early in their lives. In the endorsement for the book before us, this fact is hinted at, and the author wishes himself long life. | New binding, handsome. Light repairs to the cover page and the following page. Stains. | [3], 211 pages. 30cm. Generally good condition.
Item sold at $120 Starting at $100
LOT: 125

Early Edition of Reishit Chochma – the Copy of Rabbi Yaacov Bokai

The book Reishit Chochma, one of the most well-known books of Mussar and Kabbalah. By Rabbi Eliyahu de Vidas, a disciple of the Ramak. [Apparently Amsterdam, 1708]. The edition before us is one the most important and precise. | The book before us was passed down through the Bokai family from father to son, and contains signatures and stamps of members of the family over 150 years. On page 4a is an ownership stamp on the page: "The young one Yaacov Bokai". On the last page: "I took this book as an inheritance from my father Rabbi Yaacov Bokai". On page [305a]: "This book was an inheritance from my uncle Lati, he was childless and was one of the friends of Yaacov Bokai…". And several more signatures and stamps of members of the Bokai family. | Rabbi Yaacov Bokai [died in 1900], a native of Damascus, Rabbi and Dayan in Beirut. Signed on the approbation of the book "Knesiya L'Shem Shamayim" by Rabbi Moshe Sithon. (Appears in the book Damesek V'Chachameiha page 102-103]. | Original binding, covered in cloth. Worming holes. Wear. The title page and leaves 1-3 are missing. |
Item sold at $50 Starting at $50