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21.12.2016 - Auction No. 12

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LOT: 026

Pri Chadash—Yoreh De’ah. Amsterdam 1692.

Cover with a handsome engraving. New binding with glossy paper. Light restoration to the cover page. Generally very good condition.
Item sold at $250 Starting at $250
LOT: 027

Emtachat Binyamin, Wilhermdorf, 1716. Only edition.

Prayers, medicines, and segulot according to the kabbalah, by Rabbi Binyamin Beinush bar Yehuda Leib HaKohen from Krotoshin. [2] 5-38 page. 20cm. Wear to the binding. Light moth damage, generally good condition.
Item sold at $240 Starting at $150
LOT: 028

Kos Yeshu’ot, Frankfurt-am-Mein. 1711.

By the Rashash, Rav Shmuel ben Yosef Shtein, chiddushim and pilpulim on Masechtot Sanhedrin, Makot, Shavuot and Avodah Zara. First edition, [2] 159 page. Not bound, light moth damage. Generally good condition.
Starting at $120
LOT: 029

Mikra’ei Kodesh, first edition, Izmir, 1729.

On halachot of Yom Tov, by Rabbi Haim Abulafya. On page 151 there is a handwritten gloss from an unidentified period (some pages have sections of the text omitted from printing, pages 97 2nd, 98 1st, 99 2nd, 100 1st). Cover with a cut engraving (above and below), tear on the last page. Not bound, generally good condition.
Item sold at $220 Starting at $150
LOT: 030

Shomer Emunim—Mevoh Petachim. Amsterdam 1736.

By the kabbalist Rabbi Yosef Irgas. [2] 80 pages, including the cover to Mevoh Petachim. In the cover before us, it is missing the first cover to Shomer Emunim. Not bound. Restoration done to the first two pages. Generally good condition.
Item sold at $150 Starting at $150
LOT: 031

Bigdei Aharon, Frankfurt-am-Mein, 1710. Only edition.

Drashot on the five books of Torah by Rabbi Aharon Teumim, Av Beit Din of Warmeiza and Krakow. With endorsements of Rabbi Naftali Katz and Rabbi David Oppenheim. Illustrated cover. (2), 40, 21, 20, 15, 11 (120:18) page. 28.5cm. Spine is defective, moth damage with light damage to text, stains from moisture, lone cut pages on the border of the text, generally ok to good condition.
Starting at $200
LOT: 032

Petach HaSha’ar, Shemen Zayit Zach, only edition. Salonika 1779, rare book

By the kabbalist Rabbi Shlomo Molcho, exegeses on the book Rechovot HaNahar—Nahar Shalom by the kabbalist Rabbi Shalom Sharabi, the Rashaash. Rare book. [5], 154, [1] page. 22cm. Moth damage, stains from moisture and wear over time. Generally good condition.
Starting at $400
LOT: 033

Toldot Adam v’Chava by Rabbeinu Yerucham, first section, and the book Meisharim—Kapost 1808, with endorsements of Rabbi Levi Yitzhak of Berdichov and Rabbi Haim of Volozhin.

“Composition of Rabbeinu Yerucham bar Rabbi Meshulam from Provincia.” Together with the book Meisharim [third section from the book Toldot Adam v’Chava]. Important halachik work by the Mahariv (1290-1350), one of the great Rishonim. 188; 82 page. 33cm. With many endorsements. Various signatures of ownership. Moth damage, printed partially on blue pages. Stains and various wear from time, generally good condition. Bound with new ringed binding.
Item sold at $280 Starting at $240
LOT: 034

Katzot HaChoshen Rishon, first edition—Lviv [Lemberg] 1788.

Chiddushim on the Shulchan Aruch Choshen Mishpat by Rabbi Aryeh Leib ben Rabbi Yosef HaKohen Heller (1745-1812), which was printed during the author’s lifetime. [2], 129, 15 page. 33cm. Tears mainly in the corners of the pages, tape, stains, new imprinted binding. Signatures of ownership: “Yoel ben David Avdak Hertz” and “Naftali and Natan David Friedman.” Generally good condition.
Item sold at $650 Starting at $300
LOT: 035

Nechmad v’Na’im, only edition—Yasnitz 1743, including pages in Latin at the end.

On astronomy, blessing of the new month, and khochmat tatechuna, composed by Rabbi David Genez (1541-1613), a sage of Prague, student of the Rama and Maharal of Prague. Great knowledge of astronomy, mathematics, and geography. One of the first Jewish scientists of the modern period. Astronomical charts in the book. Bound with leathe, a little worn, spine is missing. Various signatures of ownership, 20 pages in Latin, 82 pages in Hebrew. 21cm. Generally excellent condition.
Item sold at $300 Starting at $300
LOT: 036

Seder HaDorot, first edition—Karlsruhe, 1769

History of the world with dates of important people and events since the Creation and until the generation of the author; the order of Tana’im and Amora’im; names of books and their authors. By Rabbi Yehiel Halprin, Av Beit Din of Minsk. First edition. [13], 180 page. 34cm. Light moth damage, a few tears. Generally good condition. New leather binding, handsome, stamped. Signature of ownership, person not identified, on the cover.
Item sold at $325 Starting at $325
LOT: 037

Questions and Answers, Or Yisrael, Kliva, 1770s. Especially rare copy, includes all of the answers without erasures.

By Rabbi Yisrael Lifshitz, printed at the new printer of Kliva. The background to the writing and printing of this book is the “Get of Kliva” controversy, following the get organized by the Gaon Rabbi Yisrael Lifshitz, rabbi of the city and grandfather of the Tiferet Yisrael, to a couple from the city of Bonn. The husband was a little mentally unstable, he fled Germany for England for fear of death, and on the way divorced his wife in Kliva (also in Germany). The sages of Frankfurt and Mannheim overruled the get with the claim that the husband was not fit to divorce (“get sota”), and there were harsh exclamations broadcast against the Rav of Kliva. Despite them, sages of the generation: the Sha’agat Aryeh, Rabbi Yitzhak of Hamburg; Rabbi Shaul of Amsterdam, and his uncle, Rabbi Yaakov Amdin, the “Noda MiYehuda,” and more, ruled in accordance with Rav Lifshitz, that the husband was considered a person capable of divorcing. The book mostly deals with this controversy and its aftermath; in the introduction, Rabbi Yisrael Lifshitz describes in depth the war that was declared against him by those who opposed the get, and the book weighs all aspects of the case that were used to approve the get and the various answers to the issue. On pages 31-32 are printed answers by Rabbi Aryeh Leib, Av Beit Din of Hannover, Rabbi Yitzhak of Hamburg, and a report with harsh exclamations against the sages of Frankfurt. Most extant copies of this text have these pages omitted since they are extremely harsh, or at least partially printed with changes to one page, but in this rare copy the pages are without excision. This is the only Hebrew book printed in Kliva, since all of the printers in Ashkenaz refused to print it so as not to take a side on the issue. On the rear binding is glued an alternate page 32, to show the censored copy, it would seem they prepared the page to exchange with the original but that it was never done. 66, 69-120 page. 20cm. No anterior binding nor spine, the rear binding and a number of pages are disconnected, stains, generally very good condition.
Starting at $1200
LOT: 038

Ani BaLev Yam, Furth, 1766. Only edition.

2 sections, on the 13 Attributes that the Torah requires, and the 13 articles of faith, by Rabbi Boaz Refael Rot Shilat (Rothschild) from Ettingen. (2) 4, 79 page. 20cm. Old leather binding, moth damage with light damage to text on a few words, stains from moistures, generally good condition.
Item sold at $150 Starting at $100
LOT: 039

Beit Meir with Tzala’ot HaBayit, Frankfurt-am-Oder, 1787. First edition.

On the Shulchan Aruch Even HaEzer, by Rabbi Meir Posner. Together with the book Tzala’ot HaBayit, disagreements with the Even HaEzer, with a separate cover page. With signature of ownership. (1) 150, (1) 20 page. 33cm. Defective binding, moth damage with light damage to the text in lone words, generally good condition.
Starting at $250
LOT: 040

Shnot Eliyahu. Lemberg 1799

On Seder Zra’im by the Gra, first edition. On the cover are stamps from the Beit Midrash HaGadol of Maastricht, including the inscription “given by Rabbani Zeev Wolf to Rav Gaon Ephraim Eliezer Tzvi Harlap.” The Gaon Rabbi Ephraim Eliezer Zvi Harlap was the Av Beit Din of Maastricht, in Poland, compiler of Hod Tehila, Magdanot Eliezer, Ateret Zvi, was close to the Rabbi of Przysucha and the Hozeh of Lublin. He dedicates the book to his eldest son Rabbi Ze’ev Wolf, who moved to Israel. New binding with glossy paper. Light moth damage, generally good condition.
Starting at $350
LOT: 041

Set of Chumashim HaHatzer HaHadasha, illustrated cover—Amsterdam 1768.

Five books of Torah, tikkun sofrim with Rashi’s commentary and Abarbanel and chiddushim by Rabbi Shaul, Av Beit Din of Amsterdam. Before the cover is an illustration of Bereishit, with illustrations of a synagogue and verses hinting at the names of the printers. 5 volumes-Genesis: [3], 165, 5, [1] page. Exodus: 140, 8 page. Leviticus: 77, 5 page. Numbers: 79, 4, [1] page. Deuteronomy: [1], 131, 6 page. 25cm. Bound with new leather binding, handsome, engraved. Lists of ownerships. Light moth damage, stains and light wear from time. Generally very good condition.
Item sold at $500 Starting at $500
LOT: 042

Mikdash Melech—Zolkwa 1793-4

4 volumes (1. Genesis, 2. Exodus, 3. Leviticus, 4. Numbers and Deuteronomy), commentary on the Zohar by the kabbalist Rabbi Shalom ben Moshe Buzaglo. There are a number of missing pages filled in by hand by the kabbalist Rabbi Shimon Englander (1874-1950), a descendent of Rabbi Naftali Katz, the “Smichat Khachamim,” who moved to Israel in 1933 from Nowy Targ in Galicia. Famous for his exegesis Sha’ar Shimon, on the kabbalistic text Brit Kehunat Olam. Binding is missing and partially disconnected in parts, damage over time from moths and signs of water, pages disconnected, pages missing filling in by hand, generally ok condition.
Item sold at $260 Starting at $200
LOT: 043

Yesod HaTshuva/unknown author—Lviv [Lemberg] 1792.

An important work of mussar whose author is unknown; in his endorsement, Rabbi Yosef of Zamosj writes “I never saw the name of the author but his words are words of wisdom and knowledge…” Moth damage, binding worn, signatures of ownership. Generally ok condition.
Starting at $300
LOT: 044

Hora’at Sha’ah—Salonika 1818

Exegeses on Sefer Sha’ar, directions of the Arizal that were compiled by the Kabbalist Rabbi Shlomo ben Yehuda HaKohen (end of the 18th century), who wrote: “Yafeh Sha’ah,” “Mazal Sha’ah,” “Sha’at Ratzon,” and more. On the cover the compiler notes “I called it Hora’at Sha’ah for the value of my name [in Gematrya it = Shlomo]. Moth marks, water stains, not bound. Generally ok to good condition.
Starting at $200
LOT: 045

Zohar Chadash, Zolkva 1803

“Printed for the second time by Rabbi Yaakov Naftali Hirtz of Brad, with the good addition of glosses to correct mistakes that happened during the original printing in Amsterdam.” Printed by Avraham Yehuda Leib Meir Hapir of Zolkva, 1804. Signatures of ownership: “Yosef David Ernitz.” Disconnected binding, moth damage and wear over time. Generally good condition.
Starting at $350
LOT: 046

First edition, rare—Menachem Zion, by Rabbi Menachem Mendel of Shklov, with Chassidic endorsements. Premyslan 1885

First section, commentary HaAdra Zuta, second section commentary on Megillat Ruth and articles of the Zohar using mysticism. The book is Mayim Adirim by Rabbi Menachem Mendel of Shklov, student of the Vilna Gaon, which was printed in Warsaw in 1886 around a year after this with glosses Beer Yitzhak by Rabbi Yitzhak Issac Hever. The copy before us is the first edition printed in Premyslan, and on the back of the book it is noted that the book was written by “The Holy Rabbi Menachem Mendel who is buried in Tiberias.” Accidentally the book was attributed to Rabbi Menachem Mendel of Vitebsk, and it also says that on the cover “this book was very important to the Admor of Sanz [Rabbi Haim Halberstam, the Divrei Haim], almost every day that he would learn this book he would not leave his chair or his table.” On the book are a number of endorsements from the sons of the Divrei Haim, Rabbi Tzadok HaKohen of Lublin, Rabbi Avraham Iger, Rabbi Shlomo Halberstam the first of Babov, and more. Bound together with it is the only edition of the books Birkat HaNefesh, and Matok LaNEfesh, and the pamphlet Sha’arei Mada—commentary on Barchi Nafshi and 15 Shirei Ma’a lot and drashot and notes on the Yoreh De’ah by Rabbi Gershon Stern (1861-1936), the Yalkut HaGershoni. Printed in Paksh, 1911. Moth damage, first cover disconnected, stains and wear, generally good condition.
Item sold at $200 Starting at $120
LOT: 047

Shir HaShirim with exegesis of the Gr”a and Gan beShamayim—Pietrekov 1901.

Exegesis by the Gr”a on the Song of Songs, by Rabbi Shlomo Yanavitzky of Zelva. With translation into Yiddish, important endorsements. Stamp of ownership: Yosef HaLevi Pastag of Warsaw. Water stains, generally good condition.
Starting at $150
LOT: 048

Toldot Adam, Vilna 1928.

History of Rabbi Shlomo Zalman bar Yitzhak of Volozhin (1756-1788), brother of Rabbi Haim of Volozhin and student of the Vilna Gaon. Addition of chiddushim on the Tanach and Shas by Rabbi Zalmanaleh and the mesader Rabbi Yehezkel Feival of Vilna. Vilna 1884. 60, 32 page, 17cm. First cover page missing.
Starting at $150
LOT: 049

Lot of works by the Vilna Gaon.

1. Se’arat Eliyahu—eulogies on the Gaon of Vilna, by his son Rabbi Avraham. Vilna 1894. 2. Aderet Eliyahu, commentary on the Torah by the Gr”a, Warsaw 1888. 3. Mishlei (Proverbs) with exegesis of the Gr”a. Vilna 1925. 4. Kol Eliyahu, commentary on the Torah by the Gaon of Vilna. Pietrekov 1904. 5. Yad Eliyahu, chiddushim on Masechet Brachot by the Vilna Gaon, Warsaw 1882. Various conditions, stains from time and moth damage, bindings are missing and disconnected.
Item sold at $120 Starting at $120
LOT: 050

Tikkunei HaZohar with exegesis of the Gr”a—Vilna 1867.

With tikkunim from Zohar Chadash, with exegesis of the Gra; two covers. Two sections in one volumes. Moth damage, stains from water, wear over time. A few pages disconnected.
Item sold at $120 Starting at $120