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LOT: 151

Volume of Torah, Samaritan nusach. Scientific edition, Leipzig 1918.

Thick tome, Der Hebraische Pentateuch der Samaritaner, scientific edition containing only the Chumash—the other parts of the Tanach are not considered holy by the Samaritans. According to the Samaritan tradition, Ezra the Scribe changed some of the original text, resulting in different wordings of Torat Moshe. Original binding, generally very good condition.
Starting at $50
LOT: 152

Lot of 4 Karaite prayer books.

1. First section, Vilna 1890 2. Second section. Egypt (Cairo), 1935 3. Second section, Cairo. 1935 4. Third section, printed by Bank Metzer. Cairo. 1960. All in ok condition.
Item sold at $130 Starting at $80
LOT: 153

Lot of five Karaite books and booklets.

1. Second section, Karaite prayer book. Cairo 1935 2. Third section, Karaite prayer book. Cairo 1948 3. Fourth section, Karaite prayer book. Cairo 1948 4. Pesach Haggadah, published by the Hevrat HaHatzlacha for the Bnei Mikrah in Israel, 1961. Thin binding, disconnected. First cover torn and missing. 5. Shechita for Karaites. 1958. 16 pages. Good condition.
Item sold at $100 Starting at $100
LOT: 154

Etim LeBina—first edition including the three charts. Warsaw 1886.

All legal things related to the year, the calculations for setting years, new moons, different periods, constellations. By Rabbi Yosef ben Moshe Aharon Ginzburg of Chovas. At the end are three illustrated charts with a wheel of the astrological signs and more explanations on setting the year. Not bound. Pages disconnected. Moth damage, generally ok condition. [2] page, 3-432, 3 charts.
Item sold at $50 Starting at $50
LOT: 155

Lot of various journals and stories for children from the 19th century.

1. Small volume including a number of booklets: Pri HaAretz, a book for everyone, first section. Continuation with a separate cover, Rosh HaShana L’Ilanot, from sites in Israel—a story by Zeev Yaavetz, a citizen of Jerusalem. Warsaw 11892. Bound together with Hanukkah by Y. Garzbasky—Odessa 1893. She’erit Yaakov Davar Ba’ato by A.Y.N. Wirsailes, 1891. HaSharon stories for children, Warsaw 1891. 2. Collection: chapters of Chronicles and scientific articles and articles of criticisms and visionary articles and a song published by L. Rabinowitz, editor of HaMelitz—St. Petersburg, 1902. 3. Volume with a collection of 10 booklets from the journal Beit Talmud. Vienna 1882-3. Various conditions, bindings disconnected, generally ok to good condition.
Starting at $50
LOT: 156

Last Prophets, with commentary in Ladino. And the book of Ketuvim, with commentary in Ladino as well. One volume. Livorno 1805.

Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekeil, Twelve Prophets. Ketuvim: Psalms, Proverbs, Job, Daniel, Ezra, Nehemiah, Chronicles. With nice illustrations. Generally good condition. Two last pages defective.
Item sold at $700 Starting at $50
LOT: 157

Siddur tefillat Kol Pe with Ladino translation. Vienna 1891.

Sefardi minhag with translation Libero di Tefila con Ladino, printed by Yosef Schlesinger in Vienna 1891. Printed in Hebrew with Ladino on facing pages. [2], 214, 62 pages. Generally good condition, stains and small tears, no moth marks.
Starting at $50
LOT: 158

Rare booklet, Zacha prayer with corrections and an introduction by Rav Bengis—Jerusalem 1942.

8 pages, a prayer said by Ashkenaz and Chassidic communities at the beginning of Yom Kippur, authored by Rabbi Avraham Danzig, the Chayyei Adam. Introduction written by Rabbi Zelig Reuvan Bengis, Ra’avad of Jerusalem. Published by the grandson of the Sha’arei Tzion, rabbi Binyamin Sternfeld, printed by Shraga Weinfeld, Jerusalem. Signature of ownership of Rabbi Yehoshua Meir Rosenthal, the rabbi of Sha’arei Chesed (also known as the Mei HaBe’er). Moth damage, stains. Generally ok condition.
Starting at $50
LOT: 159

Siddur HaShalom, printed behind the Iron Curtain during the Communist Era.

Prayers for throughout the year, including for peace, with an alphabet chart and vowels, with lettering in Russian to teach children how to read, a chart for dates in the Russian calendar to celebrate Jewish holidays, prayers for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur and other holidays, with explanations in Hebrew on the holidays and the Pesach Haggadah. Edited by Rabbi of Moscow, Rabbi Yehuda Leib Levin, published by the religious community of Moscow, 1968. 478 pages (missing the last page, which had a printed kaddish in Cyrillic letters). 23.5cm. Original binding, green in color. Good condition.
Item sold at $50 Starting at $50
LOT: 160

Psalms, Livorno, with two pages written by hand. 1847?

With a prayer for parnasa, and the seder pidyon nefesh by HaHida. Probably the 1847 edition printed by Toviana in Livorno. At the beginning are 2 pages written in Sefardi handwriting, probably from the time that the Pidyon Nefesh of the Rambam was copied. No cover page. Pages 2-119. Probably missing one last page. Number of pages torn with damage to text, old worn binding, leather spine. Ok to good condition.
Item sold at $50 Starting at $50
LOT: 161

Lot of 2 books of Psalms—various inscriptions, interesting.

1. Published by the Ram widow and brothers, Vilna 1927. On the binding, front blank page, and psalms pages are many penciled inscriptions, various signatures, not checked thoroughly. 2. Psalms with Ashkenazi translation, not checked. 128 pages. Signs of great use, oil damage, generally ok to good condition.
Starting at $50
LOT: 162

Lot of 5 old Psalms books with various commentaries.

1. Divided into the days of the week. Vilna 1927. Pritned by Rosencrantz and Shriptetzer. Generally good condition. 2. Psalms with additions. Livorno 1937. Printed by Shlomo Bilforti. Generally good condition. 3. Frankfurt (Redelheim) Psalms. With vowels, edited according to tradition by Dr. Yitzhak ben Aryeh Yosef Dov. Re-edited by Dr. Shlomo Menachem HaLevi Bamberger. On each page there is Hebrew with German translation on the facing page. Generally ok to good condition. Original binding. Stains, tape. 4. With exegesis “Kefalim L’Toshiya” on the abstractions, recommendations, and repetitions of the articles in the Book of Psalms. With the exegesis Mateh Leshem on Kedushat Hashem according to the Mikra, and “Meshel uMeltza” on the words in Psalms, by Rav HaMaggid, Rabbi Yitzhak Eliyahu Landau of Dovna and Vilna. With Mishpat Tzedek by Rav Moshe of Zalshin, with Shoshanei Leket by Rav Yisrael Zeev of Zalshin. Includes the letter of the Gra “Alim L’Terufa,” an abbreviation of the Sefer Charedim and Seder Simchat Beit HaSho’eva. Vilna 1885. Generally ok to good condition, moth damage. 5. Psalms with commentary of Rashar Hirsch, first and second section, with translation and exegesis in German. Frankfurt 1924. Hermon publishing. Generally good condition, binding disconnected.
Starting at $50
LOT: 163

Book of Psalms with dedication handwritten and signed by S. L .Gordon. Tel Aviv, Warsaw 1928.

First edition Tel Aviv-Warsaw. With dedication and signature from Tel Aviv, 29th of Kislev 1930.
Starting at $50
LOT: 164

Pesach Haggadah Or Yisrael—Susa, Tunisia, 1935.

With translation and instructions in Judeo-Arabic and French. Printed by Machluf Nagar Susa, Tunis, 1935. Disconnected cover, generally ok to good condition. Tape on the cover. Binding disconnected with small tears, no missing text. Signature of ownership not checked.
Starting at $50
LOT: 165

Ben Biti, on Genesis, by Admor Rabbi Eliezer Zvi of Komarna, Przemysl, 1900.

Only Genesis was ever printed. [3], 131 pages. 22cm. Cover page is defective and taped with some missing text. Stains from moisture. Generally good condition.
Item sold at $70 Starting at $50
LOT: 166

Zohar Chadash is accompanied by Imrei Noam to the Rabbi of Kamarna. Warsaw

With commentaries by Rabbi Menachem di Lonzano, the Gaon of Vilna, Bound together with the book "Imrei Noam" on Pirkei Avot, by the Admor Rabbi Yehudah Yitzchak Isaac Sprin of Kamarna, Warsaw 1895 | 1895, first edition as a separate book, on title page: second edition [printed for the first time in Mishnayos by Admor of Kamarna]. Few stains. Very good general condition. Ownership signatures of Meir Ehrlich and Yitzhak Ehrlich of Warsaw. good condition.
Item sold at $50 Starting at $50
LOT: 167

Collection of 4 booklets with the nusach of Chassidic hakafot.

1. Korbanot and Ushpizin and hakafot, nusach Sanz-Munkatch 1896. Separate pages, moth damage and wear, generally ok condition. 2. Nusach of the Beit Midrash of Rabbi Elimelech of Luzhansk, Kloizenburg 1923. Printed cover torn. Generally good condition. 3. Nusach of Rabbi Naftali of Rupshitz—Vienna (no year of printing noted). Generally very good condition. 4. Beit Midrash of Admor of Sighet—Israel 1961. Generally very good condition.
Item sold at $80 Starting at $80
LOT: 168

Tiferet Shlomo (Radomask)—Pietrekov 1890—stamp of his son, Rabbi Zvi Meir Rabinowitz.

On the Torah, first edition printed with collections from the Admor Rabbi Shlomo HaKohen Rabinowitz of Radomask. On the cover is the stamp of Rabbi Zvi Meir HaKohen Rabinowitz, who succeeded his father (the Tiferet Shlomo) as rabbi of the city after his death. On the back of the cover is a warning that the book needs to be with stamps of one of the grandsons of the author, but the copy before us only has the stamp of his son and not his grandson. Tears professionally repaired, new binding with gold inscription on the spine. 4, 372 pages. Generally very good condition.
Item sold at $280 Starting at $50
LOT: 169

Mishnayot K.B. v’Naki, with addition according to the minhag of Admor Rabbi Shalom of Belz. Unknown edition bibliographically, not found in the National Library. Lemberg 1894. Extremely rare.

With Bartenura commentary and Yiddish translation, additional prayer when the soul leaves the body from the book Chayyei Olam. Generally ok to good condition, binding disconnected.
Item sold at $80 Starting at $80
LOT: 170

Da’at Kedoshim, Botchatch – first edition, Lviv 1871. Copy of Rabbi Haim Berlin.

On the Shulchan Aruch Yoreh De’ah, halachot of shechita and treif, by the Gaon Rabbi Avraham David, Av Beit Din of Botchatch (1771-1841), the “Botchatcher Rav,” a student of Rabbi Levi Yitzhak of Berdichov and Rabbi Moshe Leib of Sasov. Was a gaon of his generation, a great posek. | Stamp of ownership of Rabbi Haim Berlin (1832-1913), Av Beit Din and Ram of Volozhin, rabbi of Moscow and Jerusalem. Son of the Natziv of Volozhin. | [2], 33, 20, 34-146, 31 pages. 38cm. Good condition.
Starting at $50
LOT: 171

Arugat HaBosem, second section—Khust, 1913. First edition.

On the Torah: Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy, and corrections from the first volume. By Rabbi Moshe Greenwald, Rabbi of Khust and one of the great rabbis of Hungary. Printed by Moshe Haim Weinstein. First pages have the introduction of the author’s son, Rabbi Yekutiel Yehuda Greenwald. Rabbi Moshe Greenwald (1853-1910) was named after this book. He was the forefather of Aphtha dynasty, a student of the Katav Sofer, and friend of Rabbi Yosef Haim Zonenfeld. Served as Rabbi of Khust and head of the yeshiva there, and many Hungarian rabbis were his students. | Colorful page cutting, listing of ownership, original binding disconnected. 9, 184 pages. 24cm. Generally good condition.
Item sold at $50 Starting at $50
LOT: 172

Divrei Haim of Sanz, third edition, published by his son, Rabbi Shalom Eliezer Halberstam of Ratzport, hy”d.

First and second sections, published by his son in Swaliwe, 1912. Original binding a little worn, signatures of Yaakov Herbst Hadinanash. Generally good condition.
Item sold at $80 Starting at $50
LOT: 173

Sha’arit HaPlita (survivors of the Shoah edition)—Keter Shem Tov of the Ba’al Shem Tov, according to the edition printed in Slavita. Munich? 1946?

Printed by the Va’ad Hatzala of the Shoah Survivors probably in Munich. On the cover is printed that it is according to the Slavita edition. Dust jacket binding, with an interesting stamp “whomever wants to get this book should contact Yitzhak Isaac Shonberger Fernwald.” 36 pages. Generally excellent condition, small tears on the cover and pages after it, a number of pages disconnected.
Starting at $50
LOT: 174

Noam Elimelech, special edition. Tarna. 1904. With “HaKochavim.”

By Rabbi Elimelech of Luzhansk. Rare edition, printed with the stars with which the first edition was printed. As is known, the greatest chassids attributed secret and great kavanot to these stars. There are those who say that wherever there is a star Rabbi Elimelech had an aliyat neshama. This Tarna edition is the first publication printed with the stars since the first printing. With an endorsement by Rabbi Yehezkel Shraga Halberstam of Shinova, who notes that the book was printed according to the first edition.
Starting at $50
LOT: 175

Commentary on the Torah of the HaTurim. Copy signed by Rabbi Yehuda Greenwald, Av Beit Din of Satmar. Zolkva, 1806.

By Rabbi Yaakov ben Kavod Marna v’Rabana (Rabbeinu HaRosh), signature of ownership of Rav Yehuda Greenwald—the Av Beit Din and Rosh Yeshivat Satmar (1858-1920), a great sage and yeshiva head in Hungary. Additional stamp of Rabbi Avraham Chanoch of Satmar (Friedman), grandson of the Chatam Sofer, who lived 1866 until his death in the Shoah, student of his uncle Rabbi Yehuda Greenwald, edited and published his uncle’s book (also married his daughter), as well as those of his grandfather the Chatam Sofer. [1], 125, [1] pages. 21cm. Moth damage, ok condition.
Starting at $50