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LOT: 126

Illustrated ketubah, written by hand on parchment. Israel, 2017.

Names of the bride and groom, various colors, floral decorations and the Seven Species, some gilded. No signatures of witnesses or groom. Size 60x60cm. Good condition.
Item sold at $60 Starting at $50
LOT: 127

Lot of 2 unique, colorful paper certificates. Beginning of the 20th century.

1. With pictures of holy places, a tombstone in memory of a deceased person for the organization Chesed L’Avraham in Jerusalem. With inscriptions in Hebrew, English, and Yiddish. 46.5x33cm. Generally good condition. Signs of folding, tears in the margins. 2. Articles of incorporation, huge, colorful, pretty, for the organization Yeshivat Ohel Moshe in Jerusalem headed by Rav Diskin. With his pictures and the picture of Rav Haim Berlin and the Temple Mount at the top of the page, and a picture of the holy places. And the picture of the yeshiva at the bottom, under which is the yeshiva’s constitution in Yiddish. 48x65cm. Signs of folding, tears in the margins. Good condition.
Starting at $50
LOT: 128

Illustrated poser, “L’Shana Tova,” lithograph printing—Jerusalem, beginning of the 20th century.

With the 12 tribes, Jerusalem, Rachel’s Tomb, the Kotel. Beneath which is a basket of fruits from Israel, and an inscription. At the bottom is the picture of the Tel Aviv port and Jews turning to Zion, above which is an angel and a verse. Printed by Moshe Efkowitz Achva, Jerusalem. Signs of folding in the middle. Generally good condition. 25x34cm.
Item sold at $50 Starting at $50
LOT: 129

Decoration for a Sukkah—20th century.

Colorful decoration for a sukkah on Bristol paper. With the “Yehi Ratzon” prayer for inviting the Ushpizin, names of the seven Ushpiizim, above them an eagle spreading its wings, and below it the verse “as an eagle enlightens his nest.” Around it are illustrations of plants, gates, and geometric shapes, in which are seven circles representing the Ushpizin, each of which has a verse relating to one of them, with matching illustrations. Folding and light tears in the white margins, no damage to text. | 17x25cm. Generally good condition.
Starting at $50
LOT: 130

A Mizrach poster on parchment with a printing of the Kotel in Jerusalem, 1936.

With illustrations of the Temple Mount, the Kotel, the Binding of Isaac, Rachel’s Tomb, and other tombs of tzaddikim, framed with a defective frame. Moshe ben Yitzhak Mizrahi—Jerusalem 1936. 29x36cm. Generally good condition.
Item sold at $550 Starting at $50
LOT: 131

Poster for learning the alphabet, and more, with instructions in Yiddish. Framed. Europe, beginning of the 20th century.

Alphabet and syllables of Hebrew, and blessings and various prayers, with instructions. Professionally restored. Framed. Generally good condition.
Item sold at $120 Starting at $50
LOT: 132

Lot of 3 pashkvilim, rare, on issues of modesty and kashrut. In Hebrew, Yiddish, and English. Jerusalem.

One of them is on Haim Shif, the owner of hotels like HaNasi, Or Gil, and the founder and owner of a swimming pool in the city. All in good condition.
Starting at $50
LOT: 133

Letter typewritten from the United American Support Committee for Jews affected by the war, to Rav Kook with interesting content. Jerusalem 1920.

Some handwritten corrections. A few tears in the margins. Generally good condition.
Starting at $50
LOT: 134

Rare! Lone page, HaShkava L’Ish and HaShkava L’Isha, printed by by Shaheen Tehran, 1950s.

A single page worded how to put a man to bed and how to put a woman to bed, printed in Iran in the 1950s. No mention of this has been made in any catalogue or in the National Library. Special, rare item, good condition except for light tears and a small hole with missing text, stamped by the 23rd Zionist Congress, mail stamp 1951.
Starting at $50
LOT: 135

Kinot by Yemenite sages on the destruction of the religion by the government in the Holy Land—Jerusalem 1951.

Small booklet of 10 pages, a copy of a Yemenite manuscript of kinot “the Yemenite Diaspora wails the bad situation from a religious perspective of those who left Yemen and came to Israel…” on the cover is written “Kinot by the elder sages of Yemen for the destruction of the religion,” Tisha B’Av of 1951. Pritned by Horev Jerusalem, republished by the Va’ad Bnei Yeshivot HaOlami. Generally very good condition.
Starting at $50
LOT: 136

Printed page: “Letter awakening our brothers Bnei Yisrael who believe in God” with a letter by Rabbi Menachem Mendel of Rimnov.

On women’s modesty, with a quote from the will of the Chatam Sofer. No additional identifying marks. Stains, professionally repaired.
Starting at $50
LOT: 137

Prayer page for peace from Rabbi Natan of Breslev, with a letter to the soldiers of the IDF—Israel, 20th century.

Rare! Lone page, on one side is a prayer from the collection of Rabbi Natan of Breslev, the student and follower of Rabbi Nachman of Breslev, printed by the Printing and Distribution Fund—Breslev institutes of Bnei Brak. On the other side is a letter to soldiers “for your eternal benefit.” Interesting, unique item. Some tears, generally good condition.
Starting at $50
LOT: 138

Page with kabbalistic prayer for putting a curse on the leader of Egypt, Gamal Abdel Nasser—1970.

Lone page with a prayer against Gamal Abdel Nassar and King Hussein ibn Talal (King of Jordan). Printed, various stains, generally good condition. About ten years ago, there was controversy in Egypt when Rabbi Benayahu Shmueli discovered that in 1970, a few years before the death of President Nasser, three kabbalistic sages of Jerusalem, Rav Shaul David Hai Mualem (of Yeshivat Porat Yosef), Rabbi Yosef Sharok, and Rabbi Yitzhak Khadouri, undertook a mystical-magical ceremony, “because Nasser had thought of causing troubles, they decided to eliminate him,” Rav Shmueli said. The printed page before us is the nusach of the prayer that they said.
Starting at $50
LOT: 139

Tanach with a dedication to an injured IDF combat soldier, given by Ephraim Katzir, 4th president of Israel.

Yediot Achronot edition 1972, printed for soldiers with an opening letter by Colonel Rav Mordechai Piron, the Chief Rabbi of Israel. On the cover is a dedication of Pres. Ephraim Katzir, when he served as president. “Dear IDF soldier! Referencing Refael, with great appreciation and wishes for a fast recovery. May God bless you from Zion—peace upon Israel. Ephraim Katzir, Tishrei 1973.” Generally good condition.
Starting at $50
LOT: 140

Booklet in honor of the 25th jubilee of the Poalei Agudat Yisrael movement “Illustrated Pa”I Almanac”. Munich 1947.

Edited by David Adler, published for the Poalei Agudat Yisrael in Germany. Many rare pictures of sages and businessmen and founders of Agudat Yisrael, and of activists and various institutions founded by the organization in Israel and Germany. There are many short articles in Hebrew and Yiddish. Printer: Linder. 60 pages. Printed dust jacket with tears. Colorful cover reinforced with tape. Small tears at the edges, some of the pages, no damage to text. Stains. Some pages disconnected. Generally good condition.
Item sold at $50 Starting at $50
LOT: 141

Lot of 10 JNF tzedakah boxes. 2001.

Identical. One is missing the cover. Generally good condition.
Item sold at $70 Starting at $50
LOT: 142

Sheet of uncut bills with rambam, one shekel value.

Bad condition.
Starting at $50
LOT: 143

Probably anti-Semitic nutcracker. Europe, 20th century.

Interesting, unique item made of wood in the shape of a man with a tail. By pulling the tail his mouth opens to put nuts inside. Probably Europe. Height: 22cm. Good condition.
Starting at $50
LOT: 144

Lot of 2 books from Jewish communities.

1. Booklet of Ostraha, with a picture of the Maharsha. 2. Memory book for the Lomja community, edited by Yom Tov Levinsky.
Starting at $50
LOT: 145

Lot of issues of the journal on chassidut, “Reshafim—BaDerech HaGeula HaShlema”—Rav Adin Steinsaltz.

2 volumes with a collection of issues from the rare journal published in Jerusalem from 1956 onwards, printed in stencil form, by the Shalhevet Y-a organization. Articles on geula and Chassidut. By a small organization of revolutionary youth operating in Israel in the 1950s and beginning of the sixties. Their goal was to create a deep religious renaissance,which would bring about a modern and Israeli continuation to the Chassidut revolution of the Ba’al Shem Tov. Most of the content was written by Rav Adin Steinsaltz (Even Yisrael) and anonymously to highlight the brotherhood in the organization, which faded after a number of years.
Item sold at $50 Starting at $50
LOT: 146

Tevona monthly journal. Jerusalem 1943-1947

Booklet from issues of the monthly journal on issues of Torah and mussar, published by Rabbi Yisrael Zissel Paltin. Printed in Jerusalem. Signature of ownership of Rav David Zvi Zilberstein (1897-1978), a rabbi, educator, and public figure in the Haredi world in Poland and then in Israel, where he served as secretary at the Torah Education Center in Israel and a rabbi of Tel Aviv.
Starting at $50
LOT: 147

Pesach Haggadah, Kibbutz Afikim, with illustrations. 20th century.

Not traditional, with illustrations, songs, year unknown. Missing the dust jacket (and maybe also the first page. Before us are 11 pages, size 22cm.
Starting at $50
LOT: 148

Pesach Haggadah, Kibbutz Afikim, with illustrations. 20th century.

Not traditional, with illustrations, songs, year unknown. Missing the dust jacket (and maybe also the first page. Before us are 11 pages, size 22cm.
Starting at $50
LOT: 149

Malchin L’Beit Gur—Tel Aviv 1964—numbered edition.

Special album-edition book, “A Composer for Gur” on Rav Yaakov Talmud. Numbered 60/300 printed. Edited by his son, Mr. Haim Talmud, with articles in memory of him, newspaper clippings, many facsimiles from Chassidut Gur, sheet music, and more. 32x23cm. Original cloth binding with inscription in brown. Generally good condition.
Starting at $100
LOT: 150

Masechet Prohibition, New York 1929. First edition. Parody on the dry period in the United States in the 1920s.

By Gershon Kish. Although it was allowed to sell wine for religious purposes, only four rabbinical organizations were to be approved for it, which caused competition for these approvals, since getting control of such approvals meant money that could be used to support religious organizations. Many took advantage of the situation for bad purposes, and illegal agents used loopholes to create and sell wine. The combination of persecution and difficult living conditions together with Talmudic minds resulted in, for hundreds of years, an ironic sense of humor and even satirical. Many times, these articles illustrate the periods in which they were written with secret references to issues of the day. 40 pages, 22cm. Generally very good condition. Includes the original outside binding, torn at the edges and disconnected.
Item sold at $110 Starting at $80