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LOT: 052

Wonderful micrograph written and illustrated by hand. Portrait of Rabbi Mordechai Bennett, beginning of the 19th century. Rare.

At the bottom is the signature of the artist, “David Katz of Nadash, made and completed on Tuesday, Parshat Chukat, year 836 [1836?].” The text is most likely hilchot pesach. Below the portrait is a wonderful inscription in the local tongue, below which is an inscription in Hebrew: “the shape of the Rav Gaon Mordechai Bennett, author of the Biyur Mordechai.” Rabbi Mordechai Bennett (1753-1829) was among the greatest sages of his generation, a posek, close to the monarchy, rabbi in Londenburg, Shosburg, rabbi of the state of Nicklasburg. Participated in the delegation to the Czar with Rabbi Kopel Teben on the issue of the draft order to the army. Light tears that underwent professional repair. 21.5x30cm. Generally good condition.
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