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LOT: 085

Lag B’Omer coin, given by the holy hands of the Rebbe in 1990—40th anniversary of his Admorut.

Coin (silver? 28g approximately) of 4cm approximate diameter, with special inscriptions. On one side is an illustration of 770 Eastern Parkway with the inscription “World Chabad Center” in English, with the verse “Hineh Ma Tov u’Ma Na’im, Shevet Achim Gam Yachad’ as well as “Forty Years – A Year of Miracles”. On the reverse is a bonfire with the inscription “Lag B’Omer 1990” in Hebrew and English and “Yom Hilula d’Rashbi”. This coin was given to the recipient who is putting this up for auction from the Rebbe himself. That year around 2,670 coins were given out in the last parade in which the Rebbe participated at the front of 770. A few days before Lag B’Omer the Rebbe ordered a coin be minted as a special souvenir for the year’s parade. The Rebbe gave out the coins himself with the help of ushers. This parade was the last one with the Rebbe and estimates place around 35,000 people there.
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