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Megaleh Amukot. First printing. Lemberg 1795.

An ancient work of kabbalah. Two sections, each has a separate cover page. The book has 252 commentaries using kabbalah in the prayer of Moshe Rabbeinu in parshat Ve’etchanan (Deuteronomy). By Rabbi Natan Neta Shapira (1585-1633), known by the name of this book. An Ashkenazi Kabbalist sage, one of the greatest sages of his generation, the head of the yeshiva in Krakow and also managed to be very rich. The book was printed with some of the most important endorsements, on thick, beautiful paper. The page cutting isn’t straight. Bound in new, handsome leather binding. [4], 86, [1], 102 pages. 24cm. Generally very good condition.
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