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LOT: 011

Megillat Esther written and illustrated on parchment. Alsace-France. End of the 18th century.

Written and illustrated by hand. Above and below the inscription are multicolored illustrations of fruit and flowers. Between the columns are illustrations of a male/female pair who are intertwined like a snake. In the section of the 10 names of the sons of Hamman, there is an illustration of Haman hanging from the tree, above are three figures of men dancing to the sounds of a pair of music players. Probably from Alsace, France, end of the 18th century, beginning of the 20th. Height of the parchment: 16cm. 19 lines per column. Given in an etzhayim made of bone with gemstones. The first illustration of the megillah before the beginning is cut and missing. Writing is faded. Generally good condition, not sold as kosher.
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