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. Illustrated, handwritten Megillat Esther on klaf parchment. 50 colors. 24 karat gold. A masterpiece of Jewish creation (the motto “Pe’er HaYetzirah HaYehudit”). Designed by the legendary artist and painter Yoel Waxberger—Malchut Waxberger.

8 illustrations, 50 colors, 24 karat gold. Work that took 2 years(!) resulted in the most beautiful megillah ever made. The megillah was written by an expert sofer using the Beit Yosef script—wonderful, accurate Ashkenazi handwriting. Throughout the megillah are illustrations according to Chazal’s stories, designed by the legendary artist and painter Yoel Waxberger. Design of the Megillah: a journey through the palace in Shushan. The wonder. The various rooms. The beautiful pillars, and more. Some of the figures jump out from the frames and create a wonderful 3D effect! Height: 52.2cm. Length: 620cm. 21 lines per column. 8 pieces of parchment. The megillah is kosher and has undergone computer proofing. Also attached is a valuation by a professional appraiser. Rav Yoel Waxberger is from Bnei Brak, and is the man behind the Malchut Waxberger brand. He is part of a Judaica revolution that permeates all sectors of the world. With his ten quick fingers, the smiling Hasid has succeeded in dressing up Judaism with colors and decorations that make every prayer an experience, and every reading a living, vibrant thing. Excellent condition.
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