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LOT: 076

Megillat Esther ‘HaMelech” illustrated by hand by an artist in a variety of wonderful colors – one of the finest Megillot around

A special artistic creation – Megillat Esther HaMelech, ink on parchment, handwritten in beautiful sofer handwriting. Illustrated throughout by an artist with wonderful illustrations. Above the pages are illustrated scenes from the story taking place (in tandem with the text). Each page has a written column between two illustrated columns, like a gate, decorated with flowers intended to instill wonder. The tops of the columns have an arch, and their bottoms have marble. The illustrations are in living colors, rich and vibrant, and the dominant color is gold. The illustrations provide exciting and deep meaning to the events in the text. At the top of the megillah is a large illustration of Mordechai wearing kingly robes. | The megillah is composed of 6 pieces of parchment. 20 columns, 21 lines per column. Height: 40cm. Every page opens with the word “HaMelech.” | Attached is a summary of a computer editing test done by the Edah Hareidit. Included is an original case of the megillah made of carved wood with motifs of Purim. Generally very good condition.
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