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LOT: 105

Book of Esther with Emphases of Holy Names.Europe, 19th Century, Extremely Rare

Scribal handwriting on parchment. In a large format, used by Rebbes and cantors. The Megillah beforeus is unique as the hints to Gods name which appear in the Megillah are emphasized. God’s explicit name does not appear in the Megillah, but is hinted to in several places, in the first and last letters of words. It is explained in the writings of the Ari that one should have special kavanot when they hear these names. For example, the first letters of the words of the verse “The King and Haman will come today” form the explicit name of God. The great Rebbes would read these verses in a special tune when reading the Megillah. In the Megillah before us, the letters of God’s name in each such combination of letters are in large script, to help the one reading to have the correct kavanot. Parchment height: 40cm. 4 sheets. 13 columns. Kosher megillah. Several corrections. Overall condition: Fair-Good.
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