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LOT: 002

Likkutei Amarim, Tanya. Vienna [Warsaw 1856], with handwritten notes

Sefer HaTanya “First section called Sefer shel Beinonim, second section called Chinuch Katan” with the Igrat HaTshuva and Igrat Kodesh. The title page lists the printing location as Vienna, as appears in the “Printings of the Tanya #26, but according to the National Library and the Bibliographic Mifal, it was printed in Warsaw (H. Liberman writes that “for a few reasons Warsaw printers would often tend to omit the name Warsaw on the title pages and put a city outside Poland, such as Vienna…but those familiar with Warsaw printings would know them by sight”) but the two sources disagree regarding the year of printing. The Mifal has it as 1856, but the National Library lists 1860. [1], 2-24, 18-21, 29-44 leaves. The pagination: the shape of the page is different from the standard in the Tanya, each page has two columns. Worn binding matches the period of printing, spine and corners are made of leather. Overall good condition. The body of the work has many handwritten notes in the margins, plus there are notes on the back of the binding.
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