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LOT: 102

The last Haggadah printed in Eastern Europe after the Nazi occupation of Hungary—Ma’aseh b’Rabbi Eliezer. Grosvardin, 1944

Pesach Haggadah with the commentary called “Ma’aseh b’Rabbi Eliezer,” commentaries and wonderful drashot on the Haggadah by Rabbi Eliezer Pleklas, the Sifrei Shot Tshuva M’Ahava, Olat Chodesh, Melekhet HaKodesh and more. [1], 43 pages. Ya’ari 2308, Otzr HaHaggadot 3918. Original inscribed binding, stains and light defects in the binding, binding and first pages disconnected partially. Many wine stains, light tearing. Generally ok to good condition, signature of ownership on the cover of “Zvi Pali”—Gahatz Rabbi Hirsch Plai, son and successor of Rabbi Avraham Noach Plai, a mashgiach of Yeshivat Hevron. This Haggadah was printed in Hungary immediately after the Nazi forces entered the country and conquered it during the Shoah. The Haggadah was printed for the last Passover holiday, immediately after the Nazis sent Hungary's Jews to extermination camps, where over half a million Jews were murdered within a few weeks, especially the Gaon Rabbi Shlomo Zalman Ehrenreich, Av Beit Din of Amaluya who gave his endorsement to this book and was immediately deported after Shavuot of that year with members of his congregation to the Auschwitz extermination camp, after which they were murdered. On the last page, there are commemorations for the victims of the Shoah until the month of Adar, which confirms the fact that this last Haggadah was printed during the horror era in Eastern Europe.
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