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LOT: 070

Lot of 20 books of various communities.

1. On the Kotzk community in Yiddish, Buenos Aires 1949. 2. Ozerkov, by Yehuda Leib Levin, Jerusalem 1967. 3. Ostraha, Jerusalem 1966. 4. Bratislava (Pressburg), published by the Mossad HaRav Kook, 1960 5. Yizkor Barnov (Barniv), edited by N. Blumenthal. Published by Yad Vashem 1964. 6. “To Awaken Yizkor” in Yiddish. 7. Memory book for the community of Ohanov and the surrounding area. Tel Aviv 1981. 8. Wolkovisk, Tel Aviv 1988. 9. Hordonka, edited by Shimshon Meltzer. 1964. 10. Booklet on Ostraha, edited by Ben Zion H. Ilon—Baranik. Tel Aviv 1960. 11. Klosova, edited by Haim Dan. Published by the Kibbutz HaMeyuchad. 1978. 12. Booklet on the four lands by Yisrael Halperin. Jerusalem 1945. 13. Memory Book for the Torka community, edited by Yitzhak Zigelman. Haifa 1966. 14. Yizkor for the Chechnov community, edited by A. Wolf Yasni. Tel Aviv, 1962. 15. Krakow, published by the Mossad Rav Kook. 16. Karvakin, a Yizkor book. Tel Aviv-New York-Paris, 1972. 17. Encyclopedia of Diasporas, first volume of Warsaw, edited by Yitzhak Greenbaum. Jerusalem-Tel Aviv 1953. 18. Radam, in Yiddish, Tel Aviv 1961. 19. Radam, in Hebrew, Tel Aviv 1961. 20. Booklet on Bedzin, published by the Organization of Former Residents of Bedzin, Tel Aviv 1959. Different conditions, generally good.
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