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LOT: 014

Lot of 9 books from Jerusalem.

1. Tza’akatBneiYisrael, various prayers. Jerusalem 1924. On the cover is a handwritten dedication for the synagogue in KfarHaShiloach. Printer: Shmuel HaLevi Zuckerman. 60 pages. 21cm. 2. Kol Yaakov (MegalehKolSatum), by Rav Yaakov Haim Sofer, the KafHaHayyim, on halachot Stam. Jerusalem 1904. 69, (2) pages. 21cm. Missing the last page. Bad condition, no binding, moth damage. 3. ToldotGedoleiYisrael, by RavMeshulamZisha Rosenblatt. Jerusalem 1941. Printer: Pinchas Even. With endorsements of the MaharitzDushinsky, the GarzarBengis, and the Graz Meltzer. Missing 2 last pages. Generally good condition. 4. Ben Yechabed Av, first section. By Rav Ben Zion Yadler, on adventures of his father, Rav Yitzhak ZeevYadler. Jerusalem 1948. Printer: Horev. 28 pages. 20cm. Generally good condition 5. HaYomamb’KadurHaAretz, on astronomy and the timeline of RavYehiel Michal Tukochinsky. Including a map of the world at the end of the book. Jerusalem 1943. Salomon printing. [4], 4, 92, [3] pages. Good condition. 6. DivreiHizkiyahu, second section, and ZikaronLaTzaddikim, by RavHezekaya Shabtai Yehoshua, with his dedication on the cover. Jerusalem 1952. Opens with a story of the author’s history, and the first teshuva deals with an interesting topic, converts in Argentina. Generally ok to good condition. 7. Mashbi’ach on the Yerushalmi, by Rabbi Moshe Shimon Zevitz, rabbi of Pittsburgh. Jerusalem 1929. Printer: Y. A. Weiss. [13] pages. 336, [2] pages, 29cm. Generally good condition. 8. Shot Ro’eeYisrael by the Aleppo Sages, Rabbi Yehuda Katzin, Rabbi RefaelShlomoLaniado, Rabbi Ephraim Laniado. Jerusalem 1904. Brought to printing by Rabbi ShlomoHadaya, the publisher RavGavrielFriegShama, and the editor RavShaulKatzin. [2], 2, 2, [1], 3-27, 20 pages. 31cm. Renewed binding, generally very good condition. 9. ToratHaAretz, first section, by Rabbi Moshe Klires, on mitzvot that depend on being in Israel, with a final pamphlet. Jerusalem, 1925-1928.
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