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LOT: 063

Lot of 7 books of the Chafetz Haim. First and early editions. With “Moga” in the handwriting of the Chafetz Haim.

1. “Likutei Halachot” a summary of issues on Seder Kedoshim with regards to halacha according to the Rambam, with exegeses, Masechet Zevachim, Warsaw 1899—first edition. With “Likutei Halachot” masechet Menuchot, Warsaw 1903. On the page before the cover page is listed “Moga” in the holy handwriting of the Chafetz Haim (pencil). Excellent condition, not bound 2. “Mishnah Brura” section 1, Warsaw 1884. On page 49 there are 2 halachic glosses handwritten. Excellent condition. 3. “Mishnah Brura” sections 2-5, Warsaw-Pietrekov 1904, good condition. In sections 3 and 5 is the stamp of ownership of the Beit Midrash Etz Haim, Ashkenazi, in Amsterdam. Defects in the first pages, excellent condition. 4. “Chesed L’Avraham,” strengthening Torah and religion, belief. By Rav Aharon HaKohen Chatan the Chafetz Haim, Jerusalem 1920, first edition. 60 pages, additional dust jacket. Ok to good condition, pages are loose. In total, 7 volumes from the books of the Chafetz Haim and his son-in-law.
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