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LOT: 051

Lot 7 books of Djerba

Lot 7 books of Djerba. 1. Pele Yoetz, Rabbi Eliezer Papo, Arabic language, Trtz"b. 2. Book Arvei Nachal alphabetically ,on the matters of mind and body guard duty, Trz"t. 3. "Cheshek Shlomo", innovations on the Bible and articles of the Rz'l, Ts"b. 4. Bnei Yaakov, practical and affordable complementary,Trz"d. 5. Book Keren Ledavid, novella on the Torah and wonderful stories, Ts"h. 6. Book Sefer Yakar, Tanac"h innovations on the order of A, B, T"s. 7. Midrash Shlomo and practical sermons, Ts"h . Total of 7 books, good condition, original bindings, signatures.
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