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LOT: 071

Lot of 7 different books. Bad to ok condition. The books are designed for supplements.

1. Seder Tikun Hatzot used throughout the Holy Land. Venice, printed by Gad Puah 1794. Defect on the title page and the last pages only 2. Sefer HaZikaron, a long exegesis on Rashi in his commentary on the Torah. By Rav Avraham HaLevi Bakrat, Livorno 1845, only edition. Bad to ok condition. 3. “Tor” on Even HaEzer, with Beit Chadash, Mezivoz 1821, bad to ok condition. 4. “Mayan Ganim,” on the Shulchan Aruch, by Gaon Rabbi Eliezer di Avila. Livorno 1806, first edition, rare book. Most of the pages are in ok condition, the rest awful. 5. “Da’at Zkeinim,” by the Tosafos, first edition, with the book “Efer Yaakov,” with commentary of Rashi by Rabbi Yaakov Nunis Weiss, Livorno 1783, awful condition. 6. “Knafei Yona” by the Rama of Pano, the kavana of prayers and kabbalah according to the writings of the Ari. Karetz 1786. First edition. Very rare. Missing the title page. Very bad to bad condition. 7. “Shoshanat HaAmakim,” exegesis on the Song of Songs by Maharam Alsheech. Offenbach 1717. Very bad to bad condition. Different sizes, the books are designed for supplementing other works.
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