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LOT: 019

Lot of 7 interesting books printed in Jerusalem

1. Sefer Sanegoriya, 1940. Book on the virtue of the study of sanegoriya (legal defense) of Israel and various tikkunim according to the Kabbalah, by Rabbi Shimon Horwitz, who was one of the founders of the kabbalist yeshivat Sha’ar HaShamayim in Jerusalem, along with Rabbi Hayil Auerbach. On the first page is a dedication by the author to “Maho Yitzhak Zultzberg.” Bound together with it is the book Sod HaKafot Yehoshua and HaSegulot HaNifla’ot, on kabbalistic issues, by the same author—printed by Zalman Gorssman 1937. Pages disconnected, various tears, generally ok condition. 2. Kol Zimra, 1901. Songs and hymns by Rabbi Yehuda Castel. Second edition, binding is worn, tears with damage to text, generally bad condition. 3. Table for setting the years until the end of the 6th millennia, published by Shlomo Mosayov, Jerusalem 1893. Light tears, generally good condition. 4. Kedushat HaAretz—printed by Yitzhak ben Zvi Gashtzinni, 1885. Regarding the link between the Jewish people and the Land of Israel, by Rabbi Moshe Wertman. Moth damage, tears and various defects, generally ok to good condition. 5. Chinuch LaNoar, 1910. On droshei tefillin, written mostly in Persian. Copy is partially missing, many stains, various tears, generally ok condition. 6. Q&A of the Radal, 1898. The end has the pamphlet Evel Moshe—eulogy on the Maharil Diskin, who died the same year in Jerusalem. Various tears and stains, wear. The dust jacket is glued onto the binding, torn and a little missing. Generally ok condition. 7. Magen Ba’adi—first edition 1913. First section belongs to the book Meginei Aretz, a halakhic book by Rabbi Yehiya Moshe Avodi. Nice engraving of the Menatze’ach in the shape of a menorah. Generally good condition.
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