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LOT: 052

7 miniature books, important, from Amsterdam and Italy. Different periods. Rare set.

1. “HaMaggid” the first prophets, Rashi’s commentary and Ashkenazi translation by ‘Agudat Shmuel’, Amsterdam 1699, without a title page, thick tome, pages 2-549, moth damage, leather binding (the back side is disconnected), 11cm in size. 2. “HaMaggid” (same as above), Ezra and Teri Asher. Amsterdam 1699. (1) 2-346 (2) page. Excellent condition, old leather binding. At the end, ‘Slicha’ and lament of the destruction of the Beit HaMikdash. Size 11cm. 3. Siddur and Machzor for the whole year, Venice 1640s (missing the title page), at the end is written by Yitzhak Luzzatto, from page 3-208. Generally good condition, new leather binding with a nice metal clip to close. Size 8.4cm. 4. “Tikunei Shabbat” from the Ariza”l, Livorno 1784, printed by Daniel and Shmuel Saadon, 128 page (missing the last page). Old leather binding, size 8.7cm. Good condition, light defect in the title page without damage to the text. 5. Psalms, Livorno 1919, with instructions for use and prayers at the end. Title page and pages 5-6 are damaged and missing, the rest is in good condition, pages are gilded and decorated on the back, nice red binding, size 8.6cm. 6. Siddur “Beit Tfila” Livorno 1850, prayers for weekdays, Shabbat, and chag, good condition, light defect on the title page, loose binding. 7. Siddur “Beit Tfila” (same as above), Livorno 1859, generally good condition, a bit of wear on the pages, original leather binding, size 9cm. Important and rare lot.
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