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LOT: 109

Lot 6 Rambam's books

Lot 6 Rambam's books: 1. Book More Nevochim in two parts with means Perush Shem Tov, Pressburg Trt"o. 2. Book Musar Heskel Maimonides opinions and answer intelligent interpretation of Lashon Chachamim and Lashom HaZahav, Rabbi Yechezkel Faivel, the famous preacher in all ends of the earth, Dyhernfurth Tk"n, signature exchange. 3. Book eight chapters Maimonides, Ashkenazi translation, and Wayne in 1798, signing the exchange. 4. Book 'Milot Hahigayon', Jerusalem Trtz"h. 5. Book eight chapters, Warsaw Trf"h. 6. Book Commandments of Ramb"m, Tel Aviv Trtz"h. Good conditions - medium. Total of 6 books.
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