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LOT: 162

Lot of 5 old Psalms books with various commentaries.

1. Divided into the days of the week. Vilna 1927. Pritned by Rosencrantz and Shriptetzer. Generally good condition. 2. Psalms with additions. Livorno 1937. Printed by Shlomo Bilforti. Generally good condition. 3. Frankfurt (Redelheim) Psalms. With vowels, edited according to tradition by Dr. Yitzhak ben Aryeh Yosef Dov. Re-edited by Dr. Shlomo Menachem HaLevi Bamberger. On each page there is Hebrew with German translation on the facing page. Generally ok to good condition. Original binding. Stains, tape. 4. With exegesis “Kefalim L’Toshiya” on the abstractions, recommendations, and repetitions of the articles in the Book of Psalms. With the exegesis Mateh Leshem on Kedushat Hashem according to the Mikra, and “Meshel uMeltza” on the words in Psalms, by Rav HaMaggid, Rabbi Yitzhak Eliyahu Landau of Dovna and Vilna. With Mishpat Tzedek by Rav Moshe of Zalshin, with Shoshanei Leket by Rav Yisrael Zeev of Zalshin. Includes the letter of the Gra “Alim L’Terufa,” an abbreviation of the Sefer Charedim and Seder Simchat Beit HaSho’eva. Vilna 1885. Generally ok to good condition, moth damage. 5. Psalms with commentary of Rashar Hirsch, first and second section, with translation and exegesis in German. Frankfurt 1924. Hermon publishing. Generally good condition, binding disconnected.
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