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LOT: 016

5 books, Jerusalem printing, on Kabbalah and the pshat.

1. “Shofriya d’Yaakov,” drashot on the simple reading of the Torah, on the Kabbalah, by the Gaon Kabbalist Rabbi Yaakov Chai Zrihan—one of the rabbis of Tiberias, Jerusalem 1911. Excellent condition. 2. “HaKonters HaYehieli” divided into three sections, “Beit HaShem,” “Beit Olamim,” “Beit HaAdam.” By the Kabbalist HaRav Yitzhak Alfiya, one of the rabbis and kabbalists of Jerusalem, who renewed the “Ta’anit HaDibur” during the time of the Shovavim, Jerusalem 1928, important and rare book, excellent condition. 3. “Kesef Tzaruf” drashot on the Torah, by HaRav Sa’adiya ben Yosef Tzapira—one of the rabbis of Yemen, with the book “Me’ein Ganim” on the Song of Solomon with Kabbalah, Jerusalem 1931. Good condition. 4. “Tzdaka v’Rahamim” midrash on the five megillot, by HaRav Rahamim Melamed Cohen, Jerusalem 1926, excellent condition. 5. Sefer of questions and answers “Beit Avraham” by HaRav Avraham Avar Hershowitz, answers that he was given by the sages of the generation, such as HaRav Shmuel of Salant and HaRav Yitzhak Elhanan Spector, HaRav Kook, and more, Jerusalem 1923. Excellent condition. Different sizes. Important and rare set.
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