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LOT: 035

Lot of 6 books printed in Furth, 18th century. Some with signatures

1. Minchat Yaakov, first section on the book Torat Hatat by the Rama, with commentary Minchat Yaakov, by Rabbi Yaakov Reisher, second section (Sefer Torat HaShlemim), with separate cover, and then the book Solet L’Mincha and Shemen L’Mincha—second edition, printed by Haim the Printer, 1763. Page numbering is messed up. [2], 45, [2], 46-58, [1], 62-65, [7], 87-108 [supposed to be 109]; 39 pages. Moth damage and stains. Binding detached and worn, no spine. Generally ok condition. Signatures of ownership, not checked. 2. Shnei Shot by the Mahari of Trani—second edition, Furth 1768. [1], 145, [2] pages. Moth damage, binding and pages disconnected. Worn binding, no spine. Ok condition. Listed that it belongs to “Rabbi Gavriel Kohen.” 3. Yam shel Shlomo, Masechet Hulin, by Rabbeinu Shlomo Luria (the Maharshal)—1766. Stains and defects. Generally good condition. Stamp of “Yom Tov Lipman HaKohen, Av Beit Din of Mir”. 4. Knesset HaGedolah, Choshen Mishpat. 1692. 196 pages. Moth damage, detached binding and pages. Stains and defects, generally ok to good condition. Signatures of ownership, not checked. 5. Ha Lachem Zera L’Tzedakaha, psaks and shot, 1766. Stains and a little moth damage, generally good condition. Worn binding. 6. Shot Tzemach Tzedek, by Rabbi Menachem Mendel Krochmal of Nicklasbourg, from Furth (listed Amsterdam on cover) 1766. Old signature on cover, not identified. Much moth damage, detached and worn binding. Generally bad to ok condition.
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