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LOT: 517

Lot of 5 letters from rabbis of Israel, handwritten and signed.

1. Handwritten and signed letter by Rav Haim Zevulun Harlap, rabbi and Av Beit Din of Rishon LeZiyyon and the surrounding area. Written on official letterhead from 1951, to the Kashrut department of the Chief Rabbinate. Filing marks. 2. Partnership agreement written (it seems) entirely by hand and signed by the Av Beit Din of Haifa, the Gaon Rabbi Baruch Markus, student of the Saba of Kelem, good condition. 3. Handwritten and signed letter by the Gaon Rabbi Mordechai Zvi Auerbach, Av Beit Din of Amon. Letter from 1926, to “My Lord, my teacher, the great beloved and respected rabbi whose name has gone forth into the world” but it is not clear to whom it was sent. The letter begins “within your hundreds of students…” good condition. 4. Letter handwritten and signed by Rav Shabbtai Burnstein, Jerusalem 1934, on the subject of the printing of the Shas Talmud Bavli. Good condition. 5. Letter written and signed by Rav Avraham Yohanan Blumenthal, founder and administrator of the Zion Orphanage. Jerusalem 1944. Letter sent to Rav Zeev Zvi HaKohen Klein, on the subject of donations for the orphanage. Good condition. In total, 5 letters from important rabbis.
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