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LOT: 038

Lot of 4 books from Zulzbach, first editions, some with notes and interesting signatures

1. Atzei Almogim, on laws of netilat yadayim and laws of eiruvei chatzerot and more, by Rabbi Haim Zvi Hirsch Berlin—partially missing copy, first edition. 1779. [2], 226 [original: 254] page. Tape on the cover, page 3 is torn and partially missing, stains on page 2. Other than that, generally very good condition. New binding. 2. Sha’ar Ephraim, Shot by Rabbi Ephraim HaKohen of Vilna—first edition, 1688. Torn cover with tape, moth holes, tears and various stains. Generally ok condition. New binding with light defects. 3. Masechet Shabbat and Eiruvin from the Babylonian Talmud, printed by Meshulam Zalman ben Aharon, 1755. [2], 190, 130 pages. Moth damage, stains, defects, generally ok to good condition. Old notes of ownership, appear to be from the period of the book’s printing, with notes and glosses on the blank cover page, opposite the cover of Eiruvin, which testify to the writer’s knowledge of Torah. A few other small notes throughout the book, not checked thoroughly, original binding is worn, covered in cloth. 4. One volume with Sefer She’elot Tshuvot, 3rd section, from the book Panim Me’irot by Rabbi Meir Eisenstatt—first edition, 1738. [2], 61 pages. Bound with Chiddushei Halachot from Bava Kama, 4th section from Panim Me’irot by the Maharam Esh—first edition 1729. [3], 51 pages. Lots of moth damage, defects and stains, generally ok to good condition. Binding detached, no spine. Signatures of ownership on the cover, not checked.
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