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LOT: 068

Lot of 4 books from Va’ad Hatzala. Munich-Augsberg. 1946-9.

1. Pirkei Avot with commentaries, Mishlei Avot, Emunat Avot, and Ma’aseh Avot, Munich 1947. By the Committee for Book Publishing at the Rescue Committee. [1], 29-96 (starts from 29, not missing any subsequently), 22cm. Binding disconnected. Generally good condition. 2. Machzor for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, according to the Sefardi minhag, every piyyut in order…with Likkutei Zvi, and mishnayot with commentary…for the refugees in Germany, by the “Religious Committee” of the Joint Committee, Munich 1949. Inside the binding: “The generation of the binding is that which will be renewed and succeed in being redeemed.” By the Religious Office of the Joint Committee, which, through its humble and quiet work, helped them build a temporary life in the Diaspora of Germany on the basis of religious and their forefathers’ traditions. Soft binding. Good condition. 250 pages. 21cm. 3. Kitvei Kodesh Twenty-Four, Kings 1 and 2, published by the Rescue Committee, Munich 1948. Generally good condition. 4. Survivors’ Siddur, Nusach Sfard including prayers for the whole year. Augsburg, 1946. Generally good condition.
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