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LOT: 020

Lot of 4 books. Amsterdam, 1727-1864.

1. Machzor Seder HaMoadim for the Three Regalim, with Dutch translation (on facing pages). Translated by Shmuel Molder. Printed in Amserdam by J.B. Mesquita, 1864. [6], 234, [2] pages. 22cm. 2. Seder Kriyah and Tikkun for the nights of Shavuot and Hoshana Raba. Original, pretty leather binding with golden engravings. Printed by Leib Zussmans, Amsterdam, 1767. 47, [1] page. 18cm. 3. Haftarot of the year according to the Sefardi and Ashkenazi customs. Bound together with the five megillot, at the front of the book. Two covers. Printed by Rabbi Moshe Frankfurt, Amsterdam, 1727. [1], 329-367, [1]; [1], 118, [3] page. 16cm. 4. Halachot Shechita u’Bdikot” from the R”I Weil, with additional exegesis and laws of Nikur in Dutch. Printed by Joachimsthal, Amsterdam, 1812. Binding and pages disconnected. [2], 48 pages. 20cm.
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