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LOT: 010

Lot of 4 books from Calcutta-India.

1. YoruMishpatayichL’Yaakov—mussar, practical halacha, parables, and prayers. By Rabbi Yaakov Sukari. At the end of the book are the holidays, a prayer for TikkunChatzot, and a prayer for the sick. Printed yb Eliyahu Moshe DavichHaKohen, Calcutta, 1882. | Slightly missing in the corner of the binding. Folds in the lower corner. | [2], 9, 143 pages. 18cm. Good condition. 2. 3 books bound together. Yamin Moshe—commentary on the halachot of shechita by Rabbi Hayyim Moshe Karigal. (2) ZikaronL’BneiYisrael—abbreviated halachot of shechita and trefiut by Rabbi Avraham Mizrahi. (3) SeferShochateiHaYeladim—laws of shechita with rhymes. By Rabbi Yisrael Nagara. Listing of ownership. Glosses. Thick grey and light green paper. | 115 [1]; [15]; [5]page. 15cm. Generally good condition.
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