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LOT: 131

Lot of 3 amulets. One in the style of the Admorim of Ruzhin.

1. Four lines, the first line of which is “Yaleshet Ba’asher Boliv,” the known wording of amulets from Rav Yeshayle of Krestir. In this line is interspersed the acronym of the verse (Psalms 122:7) with Psalms 91:10. Second line has the wording “Yoa’achtzatzbiron,” which together make up one of the holy names. These two lines together is a known amulet pattern of the Admor of Sadigura and Premyslan, Rav Mordechai Shalom Yosef Friedman, the Knesset Mordechai, written generally by his scribe Rav Moshe Shpond, according to the tradition of the Ohev Yisrael of Aphta, which was passed down from generation to generation orally only. 9.5x4cm. Generally good condition. 2. Old amulet with a holy name. 6.5x2cm. Good condition. 3. Amulet with two lines, holy name and kavanot of vowels. 3.5x3cm. Good condition.
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