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LOT: 204

Lot of 3 receipts signed by the Holy Sandler with his picture (Rabbi Moshe Yaakov Revikov)

3 receipts from the Tel Aviv Municipality signed by the Holy Sandler, with a picture printed after his death. Rabbi Moshe Yaakov Revikov (1873-1966) was a kabbalist and mystic who lived in Yafo. He was born in Jeziory, Belarus, to Rabbi Yosef and Miriam Revikov. He studied in his youth under Rabbi Shlomo Elyashiv (the Leshem). In 1913 he moved to Israel and settled in Kfar Uriya. Rav Kook, who was then Rabbi of Yafo and the Moshavot, convinced him to move to Yafo, where he opened a shoe shop. He began to become famous wen Rav Kook claimed that he was one of the 36 hidden tzaddikim. Jews began visiting his home asking for a blessing, mainly for medical reasons, barren women, and shidduchs. He joined a group of kabbalists who studied together in the 1960s and became nicknamed for his profession. Many famous rabbis visited his home. It is said that he forecast the Sinai War of 1956 before it broke out and said that the Jews would win. Before his death he left a closed bottle of wine and ordered it to be opened only after the victory over Gamal Abdul Nasser. Six months after his death, the Six-Day War broke out, followed by the opening of the bottle of wine, a taste from which was considered a segula.
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