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LOT: 032

Lot of 3 books from first editions printed in Prague in the 18-19th century

1. Yavin Shmu’a, drashot organized by parshah by Rabbi Elazar the “Shemen Rokach” and more books—first edition, Prague 1814. [4], 95 (supposed to be 93), [1] page. Old interesting signature on the cover, with additional notes handwritten on the last page (not checked thoroughly). Moth damage at the end of the book. Simple binding, generally good condition. 2. Sha’arei Chochmah and Sha’arei Yireh, guidelines on the Talmud by Rabbi Elazar the “Shemen Rokach” and more books, first edition Prague 1807. Tears with missing bits on the cover, tape, moth damage and light stains. Generally good condition. Old, worn binding. 3. Sha’ar HaMizrach, Sefer HaMizrachi, and Sefer Ma’aravi, kitzur HaMizrachi on Rashi and Tosefet Yishuv Kushiyotav of the Ram on Rashi, by Rabbi Avraham Stern of Plezen—first edition, 1793. [2], 143 pages. Tears and light stains, generally good condition.
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