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LOT: 026

3 books from Amsterdam.

1. “Ateret Zkenim,” a research exegesis in 25 chapters on the verse “Here I send an angel before you.” With the pamphlet “Tzurat HaYesodot,” on the foundations, by the Minister Don Yitzhak Abarbanel. Amsterdam 1739, printed by the orphans of Rav Shlomo Propus. (4) 56 page. (missing the last page of the pamphlet). Good condition, title page is stained. 2. “Shmuel,” with commentary “Ayala Shlucha” with additional commentaries, Amsterdam 1797, Porpus printing, good condition, at the end of the volume is the flag of the printers, the Propus family. 3. “Shulchan HaTahor,” by Rabbi David Pardo, Amsterdam edition, missing the cover page and a number of pages at the end. Stamp of ownership of “Tzvi Hirsch Levin, Rabbi in Manchester.”
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