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LOT: 002

Lot of 3 books, Shapira printing, Zhitomir. Also a polemic on chassidut, “Divrei Noam.” Bound together, rare.

1. Kohelet Moshe, chiddushim and pilpulim by Rabbi Moshe bar Avraham HaKohen from Chodnow, next to Berdichov. Printed by the Shapira brothers, grandchildren of the SlavitaRav, 1849. 2. SeferHaYashar by Rabbeinu Tam ba’alHaTosafot, a book of mussar. 1847. 3.. Alfa Beta—by the Admor Rabbi Zvi Hirsch of Nadvorna. 1848. 4. Imrei Noam, with an argument between the Admor Rabbi Yaakov Shimshon of Spitovka and Rabbi Yehezkel Landau of Prague (the NodahB’Yehuda) (with the addition of a pamphlet “Ma’asehYeshurun”). Printed by Rabbi Meir Yehiel Halter, Warsaw 1892. Has signatures of ownership and many notes that were not checked. On the last page is a handdrawn illustration. Very good condition.
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