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LOT: 007

Set of 3 Masechtot printed by Rav Moshe Shapira of Slavita

1. Masechet Brachot, 1818, the copy in front of us is missing pages 27-137. Defects and moth damage. Pages are green/blue. 2. Mishnayot Seder Zra’im, 1818. Copy is missing the end, before us we have the title page until p. 65. Defects and moth damage, ok condition. 3. Masechet Gitin, 1818, copy is missing the beginning, before us is p. 65-111. With additions from the Maharsha, complete, from p. 1-22. Additions from Rav Elphas, complete, from p. 144-207. Moth damage, ok condition.
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