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LOT: 022

Lot of 2 Shot books printed in Salonika, first editions: Berech Yitzhak (1803) and Ashdot HaPisgah (1790)

1. Berech Yitzhak, Questions and Answers in Halacha by Rabbi Yitzchak Ben Rabbi Moshe Di Fas, deals with diverse questions in all parts of the shulchan aruch, introduction by the author. [4], 70 pages. New cover. Restored title page. Stains at edges. Good general condition. Signature of ownership of "Aaron Hayyim [?]". 2. Ashdot HaPisgah, by Yosef Nahmuli, and at the end, some notes on complex issues in the Shas. In addition, there are a number of exegeses on difficult ideas in Maimonides, in addition to an essay on several chapters of the Baba Metziya tractate. At the end of the book there is a new numbering that begins from the letter zayin (7), and it seems that begins with the middle of the subject and henceforth some issues from the Maharcha [probably Rabbi Chaim ben Rabbi David Abulafia], including an interesting pamphlet called Midot HaMizbe’ach, on simanim of the Seder and on the Passover Haggadah - [4] 152 page. 24 pages [starts on page 7 as above]. Handwritten glosses, several interesting signatures, not examined. Very good overall condition.
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