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LOT: 049

Lot of 2 books. Yemen, old leather bindings. First editions, with the book "Hemdat Yamim" of Rabbi Shalom Shabazi.

1. "Mekor Haim," halachot of shechita and trefut by Rav Yehiya ben Rabbi Yaakov Tzalach, with a long exegesis called "Korban Todah" by Gaon Rabbi Shalom Khabshush, Aden 1893. Rare book, bound with "Petach HaOhel" laws of Gittin, by Rav Yehiya ben Yosef Amud, with halachot of Kiddushin and Ketubot from the book "Shoshanat HaMelech" of Rav Shalom Habshush of Sana'a. Aden 1894. Rare. Attached is a handwritten letter in Yemenite handwriting with a looping signature. 2. "Midrash Hemdat Yamim" chiddushim through Kabbalah on quotes from the Torah. 2 sections, by Rav Kabbalist Ma'ari Salam Shabazi (Rabbi Shalom Shabazi). With additions by Rav Shmuel Dayan, from the Aden community, Jerusalem 1883. Printed by Yoel Moshe Salaman. First edition. At the end of the book is a handwritten page with riddles in Yemenite handwriting. Generally good condition, defects on the first and last pages. Different sizes, 2 books with old leather binding in a Yemenite style.
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