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LOT: 009

Lot of 2 books from Salonika, 1843-1877.

1. Raziel HaMalach, a segula book given by Raziel HaMalach to Adam, the First Man. Printed ybSa’adi, Salonika 1843. 2. Sha’ar Asher, section 2—ChoshenMishpat, Shot (Q&A) by Rabbi Refael Asher Kubo, a rabbi of Salonika. Dedication and signature by Rabbi RefaelAharon ben Shimon (1848-1928), a chief rabbi of Cairo and head of the Rabbinical Beit Din in the city for around 30 years, author of Nahar Mitzrayim, Tov Mitzrayim, and more.
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