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LOT: 024

2 books bound together. Ma’aseh Chachamim. Vienna 1805. B’veit Rabbi. 1840.

By Moshe ben Menachem Mendel Kunitz [a drama in six acts]. First book: Beit Rabbi. Includes: history of Rabbi Yehuda HaNassi. His writings, his sons, his students and his descendants, in Hebrew. 79 page. 8. Beit Rabbi, Toldot Rashi, Rabbeinu ShlomoYitzhaki, his history and list of books and commentaries. Parents and teachers. Descendants and students. Written in Ashkenaz by Rav Yom Tov Lifman. Known as Dr. Tzuntz from Berlin, copied into Hebrew with notes and corrections by Shimshon Blach HaLevi. Lemberg, 1840. [8], 50. Page. Size: 17cm. Good condition.
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