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LOT: 172

Lot of 2 volumes bound together, with stamp of ownership of the Ridbaz and glosses.

1. KeLeilat HaMenorah, on the Shas. By Rabbi Moshe Natan HaLevi Rubinstein, Ra’avad of Dubna and known as the Elef HaMagen. Printed by Haim Yaakov Sheptil, Berdichov, 1892. 2. Noam Achim, on the Shas. By the brothers Rabbi Mordechai HaLevi, Av Beit Din of Klovaria, and Rabbi Binyamin HaLevi of Alastavka. Printed by Yehuda Leib Lipman, Vilna 1883. The book has the stamp of Rabbi Yaakov David Ridbaz Vilavsky of Slotzk. And a number of handwritten glosses (KeLeilat HaMenorah pages 34a and 39b). | The Ridbaz (1845-1913) was Chief Rabbi of Slotzk and Tzfat, and the author of Migad David, Nimukei HaRidbaz, a known commentary on the Yerushalmi, and more. Wear on the spine. [2] 54; [1], 74 pages. 27cm. Generally good condition.
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