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LOT: 004

Lot of 2 chumashim printed by the Shapira brothers. Zhitomir, 1849 and 1860. Copies partially missing.

1. Vayikra (Leviticus), at the end are prayers for Shabbat. 1849. Missing the cover page and first page. At the end is a separate cover page for the prayers for Shabbat, ending with shacharit of Shabbat, missing mussaf—only one page is there, torn and partially missing. Wear and stains from moisture, bad to ok condition. 2. Chumash, Numbers with the Haftarot. Rashi commentary and IvreiTeitish. Missing the title page and 8 first pages. Last page is disconnected and torn with damage to text. 4 first pages are glued and restored—not professionally—with light damage to text. Margins are cut in a number of pages. Seems to be Zhitomir 1860. Bad to ok condition.
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